Toogs DZ e-News #346 (3-9 Sept. 2018)

Tuesday, September 11, 2018


Zak Tilling – A Licence
Cameron Luck – A Licence
Corey Symes – B & C Licence
Olli Morris – 100 Jumps, C Licence and a Happy Birthday
Lee Smith – 500 Jumps & E Licence

On Monday 3rd Riley Parkyn did a Tandem for his upcoming 18th. Zak Tilling continued thru his A Licence.

Riley tandem exit
Riley rockin’ freefall
Riley under canopy – Photos by Adrian

Tuesday 4th  was overcast so on Wednesday 5th new student David Thomas did Stage 1 of his AFF Course, and Wind Tunnel students Robert Lehmann, Karlten Wolsey and Simon Gibbs did Stages 1 & 2 of their Wind Tunnel Skydive Courses with Karlten and Robert also doing their Stage 3.

David TAF Stage 1 – Photo Sara
Karlten TAF1 with Adrian – Photo Shelby
Rob TAF Stage 1
Rob AFF Stage 2
Rob AFF Stage 3 – Photos by Doyley
Jason B-Rel 4 – Photo Olli

On Thursday 6th David Thomas did Stages 2 & 3 of his Intro Package, and Karlten and Robert did Stages 4 & 5. Costa also held a Canopy Course.

David AFF Stage 2 – Photo Adrian
David AFF Stage 3 – Photo Olli

Rob AFF Stage 4

Rob AFF Stage 5 – Photos by Doyley

Tandems Friday 7th were Bronte Vellacott and Brendan La Cava. Student Andrew Petrussma did Stage 2 of his AFF Course, Cameron Luck did Stage 4 Brel and Robert Lehmann did Stage 6.

Brendan’s B-day Tandem

Bronte’s Tandem
Bronte and Brendan with their certificates – Photos by Karen
Cameron B-Rel 1 & 2
Olli Head Down coaching with Maddog – Photos by Olli

Saturday 8th was blown out. Only 1 Hop n Pop load.

Tandems Sunday 9th were Mitchell and Roderick Hickey, John and Karen Richards, Melinda Evans, Sasha Vaughan and Khristopher Haines.  Student Georgina Johnston did Stages 1, 2 & 3 of her AFF Course and Andrew Petrussma did Stage 4.

John in Tandem with Adrian, in freefall
John under canopy – Photos by Adrian
Melinda loving her Tandem jump with Sara
Sasha’s tandem – Photos by Sara
Khristof tandem exit
Khristof under canopy
Roderick tandem exit
Rod tandem canopy – Photos by Adrian
Georgie AFF Stage 2 practice pull – Photo Jesse
Georgie AFF Stage 2 – Photo Olli
Georgie AFF Stage 3 – Photo Sara
Andrew AFF Stage 3 alticheck – Photo Jesse
Andrew AFF Stage 4
Corey B-Rel 7 Block
Corey B-Rel 8 Star
Corey Wagonwheel – Photo by Jesse
B-Rel 3-way Star
Sam AKA “Beardy McBeard Face” Revaluation – Photos by Tish

Next week is looking like great weather all week, come on out!

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See ya!

Macca & Team Ramblers.

Visitor Book Comments

Riley Parkyn – AMAZING! Will be back soon.  Adrian did good.

Bronte Vellacott & Brendan La Cava – Such a great experience!  Thanks Adrian & Darren.

Melinda Evans – Thank you for an incredible experience.  Very relaxed and caring environment.

Upcoming events

23 September – Star Crest Saturday
28 September – 6 October – Aussie Bigways Premier Event 2018 with Larry Henderson

8 October – DZ closed (no jumping)
15-19 October – Pre Nox Get Current Learning Curve Camp
20-28 October – EQUINOX BOOGIE 2018 – Freefall & Music Festival 
29 October – DZ closed (no jumping)

3 November – Star Crest Saturday

17-21 December – Learning Curve Camp

Massive Drop Zone. Best place for training by far. Food and accommodation onsite for extended adventures!

Daniel Peberdy

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