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The AFF (Accelerated Free Fall) Skydiving and Parachuting Course consists of a minimum of 9 formal training jumps. This is the modern method of learning to skydive. All training jumps are from 14,000′. Skydiving is introduced on your first jump. You freefall for a minute. Then there is a four minute parachute ride. Then the landing.

The AFF course is designed for beginners with no experience. All equipment is supplied. The course gives you the knowledge & skills necessary to become a qualified and certified skydiver, as laid down by the regulations of the Australian Parachute Federation. The course covers freefall skydiving and parachuting techniques with a particular emphasis on freefall sequences, body position, safety, parachute canopy flight, landings and FUN.

Ramblers offers student training seven days a week at their Toogoolawah drop zone in Queensland, weather permitting. Advanced booking is essential for those wishing to participate in an AFF course. Please contact Skydive Ramblers for details on booking an AFF course.

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AFF Packages

Students participating in an AFF course can either pay per jump as they go or purchase a course package. Skydive Ramblers offers several packages at different price points, all of which offer a discount off of the per jump price. Below you will find a summary of the different AFF course packages on offer at Skydive Ramblers.

If you committ to a package, we committ back to you at least 3 jumps a day, even if you are the only student. However, packages do not have to be done in a set time. The days indicated are the minimum number of days it will take you to complete the jumps in the package.

For prices, please see the pricing table at the bottom of the page.

Stage 1 and First Jump

First Jump Training Course – 1 Day

Complete a full day of theory and ground training. Make your skydive jump in the afternoon.

Introduction Package

3 jump package over 2 days
Complete Stages 1, 2 and 3 of the AFF Course over a 2 day period (weather permitting).

This is an ideal package for people who want to check it out without committing to the full course and for people and travellers with time and financial restraints. The AFF course with Ramblers is recognised worldwide allowing you to continue through the course at other Australian and some overseas drop zones.

The ‘Introduction Package’ includes three AFF Course jumps plus free overnight bunkhouse accommodation, a log book, T-shirt and membership to the Australian Parachute Federation.

Completion Package

Full Course 10 jump package takes 4 days
Complete all required nine jumps of the AFF course over a 4-5 day period (weather permitting), and get one jump FREE!

This package is ideal for travellers and local South Queenslanders alike. By completing the course in a short time frame you are creating the best learning environment possible and maximising your skills.

The ‘Completion Package’ includes all 9 formal jumps of the AFF Course plus free bunkhouse accommodation, a log book and T-shirt PLUS a BONUS jump including equipment hire.

Basic A Certificate Package

Full Course, ‘A’ Certificate, 15 jump package takes 5 days

This is a streamlined package designed to help you achieve your ‘A’ Certificate in as few jumps as possible.

The package includes the 9 formal jumps of the AFF Course, plus 6 extra jumps, bunkhouse accommodation, log book, and t-shirt.

Please note that this package does not guarantee your ‘A’ Certificate as this depends on your skills in the air and under canopy, plus being able to land your parachute accurately and consistently without assistance.

All the above packages are “bare bones” at minimal cost. All “rejumps” must be paid for.

A Certificate Addiction Package

‘A’ Certificate 20 jump Addiction package over 7-10 days
The ultimate skydiving holiday! This is the most adrenaline packed holiday you are ever likely to experience – spend a full week (or longer) skydiving and earn your ‘A’ Certificate – that’s your open licence to skydive anywhere! Yahoo! This package has a lot of “extras”!

The ‘A’ Certificate 20 jump Addiction Package includes all 9 formal jumps of the AFF course and 11 extra skydives. All stages of the course are videoed onto a USB. On completion of all AFF stages you go for a dedicated photo shoot jump with an instructor using an HD digital video and stills camera (value $145). All gear hire for the 20 jumps is included plus you will become a member of the Gear Hire Scheme (value $150) giving you cheaper gear hire for 12 months after the package is completed. Membership to the Australian Parachute Federation is included. You receive a log book, skydiving goggles and a T-shirt, and you will earn your APF ‘A’ Certificate (value $25), weather permitting. Caravan accommodation is included (value $160). This package gives you over $350 worth of extra value.

This package is not “bare bones”. There are lots of valuable extras. If needed any rejumps are included – value sky high!

Course Conditions

  1. Min. age 16
  2. Max. weight 110kg
  3. AFF Stage 2 needs to be completed within 2 months of the First Jump Course. If Stage 2 is not completed within this time frame, you will have to pay an extra $100 and repeat the First Jump Course.
  4. If there is a break of more than 6 months between jumps, you must pay an extra $100 and repeat the First Jump Course.
  5. If the ‘A’ Certificate is not completed and there is a break of more than a year since the last jump, you must pay an extra $100 and repeat the First Jump Course.

B-Rel Course Package

50 Jump ‘B’ Certificate Package

Package includes the 20 Jump AFF Addiction Package, all APF fees, and everything else associated with the 30 Jump ‘B’ Certificate Package (30 jumps with all equipment hire, 8 of these with a Coach doing Certificate “B” training jumps, Parachute Pilot Training Course, packing course), including free accommodation for the duration of the course up to 5 weeks.

Or Contact us to book either one of these packages.

Option Cost Book Online
First Jump Course - Tandem Stage 1 $395.00 Book Now
First Jump Course - Conventional Stage 1
To book, please click the link to contact us.
$460.00 Book Now
Deposit - for AFF Course $100 Book Now
PAY PER JUMP: Individual Jump Prices Cost Book Online
Stage 2 AFF $345.00 Book Now
Stage 3-4 AFF $330.00 Book Now
Stage 5-8 AFF $260.00 Book Now
Stage 9 $160.00 Book Now
REPEAT Stage 2-4 AFF $251.00 each Book Now
REPEAT Stage 5-8 AFF $170.00 each Book Now
REPEAT Stage 9 AFF $120.00 Book Now
PACKAGES: Buy a package and save! Cost Book Online
AFF 3 Jump Introduction Package - Package includes three AFF Course jumps plus free bunkhouse accommodation, a logbook, t-shirt and a membership to the Australian Parachute Federation. $1035.00 Book Now
AFF 10 Jump Completion Package - Package includes all 9 jumps of the AFF Course plus free bunkhouse accommodation, a logbook, t-shirt, PLUS a BONUS jump including equipment hire! $2550.00 Book Now
AFF 15 Jump 'Basic A Certificate' Package - Package includes 9 jumps of the AFF Course, plus 6 extra jumps, bunkhouse accommodation and the extras of logbook, t-shirt, and APF Membership. $2975.00 Book Now
AFF 20 Jump 'A' Certificate Addiction Package - Package includes all 9 AFF Course jumps, 11 extra skydives, video of all stages, gear hire membership, APF membership, logbook, goggles, t-shirt, A Certificate accreditation, and Caravan accommodation. $4250.00 Book Now
Deposit - for AFF Package $100.00 Book Now
‘B’-Certificate Course Package
Option Cost Bookings
50 Jump B-Certificate Package - 20 Jump AFF Addiction Package + 30 Jump B-Certificate Package $7200 Book Now

I'm a new jumper and it was heaven on earth for me! 
You always get to $14000 feet and you are surrounded by fun jumpers with crazy skill keen to teach. 
If you haven't been go!! To say I love it is an understatement. I'll be back very soon!!

Ande Rogers

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