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Learn to skydive solo with the skydiving professionals at Skydive Ramblers at Toogoolawah. Become a certified skydiver – obtain your ‘A-Certificate’ accredited by the Australian Parachute Federation (APF). The AFF (Accelerated Freefall) system is a 9 jump skydiving course.

Beginners can do up to 3-4 training jumps a day.

The AFF course teaches students the skills needed to skydive safely and to earn their skydiving certificate from the Australian Parachute Federation.

Students can pay for their jumps as they go, or purchase a course package to receive a discounted rate. The bigger the package, the better the discount.

Ramblers is open seven days a week and training jumps happen daily, weather permitting. Your first step in the training is the one day, first jump course. For 1st Jump Course dates, please contact Skydive Ramblers.

Our Toogoolawah dropzone is just a short drive from Brisbane and offers a variety of on-site accommodation for students, who may wish to stay to complete courses and obtain their certificate quickly.

Note certain eligibility conditions apply to courses. Participants must be 16 years or older and have a maximum weight of 100kg. Please visit the Skydive Ramblers FAQ Page for more details about eligibility conditions.

Option Cost Book Online
First Jump Course - Tandem Stage 1 $485.00 Book Now
First Jump Course - Conventional Stage 1
To book, please click the link to contact us.
$520.00 Book Now
Deposit - for AFF Course $100 Book Now
PAY PER JUMP: Individual Jump Prices Cost Book Online
Stage 2 AFF $395.00 Book Now
Stage 3 or 4 AFF $375.00 Book Now
Stage 5, 6, 7, or 8 AFF $290.00 Book Now
Stage 9 $190.00 Book Now
PACKAGES: Buy a package and save! Cost Book Online
AFF 3 Jump Introduction Package - Package includes three AFF Course jumps plus free bunkhouse accommodation, a logbook, t-shirt and a membership to the Australian Parachute Federation. $1120.00 Book Now
AFF 10 Jump Completion Package - Package includes all 9 jumps of the AFF Course plus free bunkhouse accommodation, a logbook, t-shirt, PLUS a BONUS jump including equipment hire! $2790.00 Book Now
AFF 15 Jump 'Basic A Certificate' Package - Package includes 9 jumps of the AFF Course, plus 6 extra jumps, bunkhouse accommodation and the extras of logbook, t-shirt, and APF Membership. $3245.00 Book Now
AFF 20 Jump 'A' Certificate Addiction Package - Package includes all 9 AFF Course jumps, 11 extra skydives, video of all stages, gear hire membership, APF membership, logbook, goggles, t-shirt, A Certificate accreditation, and Caravan accommodation. $4790.00 Book Now
Deposit - for AFF Package $100.00 Book Now

NOTE: Prices are subject to change without notice. Please check with the drop zone for confirmation. All prices quoted are inclusive of GST and are for cash, cheque, and online payments. If paying by card please note there will be a surcharge calculated at the annual average ‘cost of acceptance’ of that card type.

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