Rigging Loft

Rigging Loft

Need Rigging Work? No Problem!

Skydive Ramblers offers a fully operational on-site Rigging Loft to assist you with your canopy repairs, maintenance and packing requirements. The loft is equipped to carry out all operations for the maintenance of skydive equipment.

To enquire about rigging work, contact Rob Ellery from Second Chance Rigging directly or stop by the Rigging Loft at the DZ.

Second Chance Rigging

Rigger, Rob Ellery (#131), Gliding Federation Member(#M-5559)

  • Reserve Re Packs
  • Cypres services
  • Relines
  • Kill Line Replacement
  • New Break Lines
  • Canopy Repairs
  • Chest & Leg Straps Mods
  • Bridles & B.O.C.”s
  • Container Cleaning
  • Repairs on B.A.S.E. Equipment.


Phone: 0414 227 685

Email: rbellerytiny@bigpond.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SecondChanceRigging


Jump Suit hire and Altimeter hire are available at manifest for $5 each per jump.

Option Cost Book Online
Gear Hire - Per Jump
Gear Hire includes hire of Parachute System with main & reserve Parachutes, Cypres AAD, plus altimeter, helmet, goggles, jumpsuit and main parachute repack.
$50.00 Book Now

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