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Thank You for Choosing to Jump with Skydive Ramblers!

Thank You for Choosing to Jump with Skydive Ramblers!

The Ramblers Crew look forward to welcoming you to the skies! For general information on prices, go to our Info & Rates page and to find out about options of how to give the gift of a lifetime, visit our Gift Vouchers page.

To book online 24/7 with Skydive Ramblers secure online reservations system, please choose your desired product from the Quick Links below – Tandem Skydives, Learn to Skydive Courses, Gift Vouchers, or Jump Credits and Drop Zone Fees – click the “BOOK NOW” button below and follow the prompts. Ramblers will contact you shortly after you submit your Booking Form to double check details, confirm dates, times and payment.

  • Tandem Skydives from 14,000ft

    Tandem Skydiving is easy to describe but hard to forget! It is a positively thrilling experience that is awesome fun, it presents spectacular sights and exhilarating sensations. Pay a deposit, or book your Tandem (optional Video & Photos), or dare a Night Tandem Skydive! Group Discounts available for 5+ or 10+ people.

  • Learn To Skydive | AFF Course

    Learn to Skydive! Do the Accelerated Freefall Course. Start on the journey to become a qualified skydiver and enjoy a new life full of incredible fun, real adventure, new friends and freefall - yahoo! Start with your First Jump Course, or choose the Introduction - , Completion -, or 'A'-Certificate Package.

  • AFF Course – Pay per jump

    Accelerated Freefall Course - pay per jump. Options include: First Jump Course - 1 jump, Stage 2, Stage 3 or 4, Stages 5-8, or Stage 9.

  • Gift Vouchers

    Money falling from the sky?! Give that someone special a Gift Voucher of either a Tandem Skydive from 14'000 feet (optional HandyCam video & photos), or give a Gift Voucher of $100 for use towards Skydives - no matter if it goes towards a Tandem, a Learn to Skydive Course jump, or a jump ticket for experienced Skydivers.

  • Jump Credit (Fun Jumpers)

    Jump Slots or Coach Slots Credit - for licensed Skydivers at Toogoolawah up to 14'000 feet. Online jump credit purchase must be made 12 hours prior to using at manifest.

  • Drop Zone Fee (Fun Jumpers)

    Drop Zone Fees - for licensed skydivers. Options for 1 day or up to 1 year. Must be pre-purchased before the day required.


As a SCUBA Instructor, I'm watchful for safety and professionalism in other extreme sports and the staff, buildings, equipment, plane and even other customers at Ramblers all gave me a feeling of safety and comfort in addition to being genuinely welcoming as newcomer to their sport. If you haven't been and have been wanting to skydive - this is a GREAT place to start your newest addiction. : )

“genuinely welcoming” – by Mary Alice Miller

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