Skydiving Prices

Skydive Ramblers Price List

Skydive Ramblers Price List

At Skydive Ramblers, we strive to provide the best skydiving experience possible at a competitive price. Our skydiving prices are a reflection of the quality of our instructors, gear, aircraft, and facilities. The safety of our guests and students is always our number one priority and we take great care to ensure all equipment is meticulously maintained.

With our safety record, top-notch facilities, and over 40 years of teaching people to skydive safely, there is no better place for skydiving Brisbane and Queensland than Skydive Ramblers in Toogoolawah, QLD.

We invite you to view our pricing list below and contact us if you have any questions.

All our products are also available as Gift Vouchers!

Tandem Skydiving Prices
Option Cost Groups of 5+ Groups of 10+ Booking
Tandem Skydive - 14,000ft $299 $285 $275 Book!
Night Tandem Skydive - 12,000ft
Night Tandems are subject to availability.
$450 - - Book!
Deposit for a Tandem Skydive $100 - - Book!
Video Services

Let our professional videographers record your experience with video and high-res digital photos. Note that when making a Tandem booking, you can choose these options as extras.

Option 1: HANDYCAM Cost Booking
Digital Video - USB - 6 - 8 minute mini movie, digitally edited with modern effects and slow motion, dubbed to music. $109.00 Book Now
Digital Photos - USB - High quality digital photos. $109.00 Book Now
Digital Video and Photo Package - USB - A fully edited digital video with high quality still photos. $155.00 Book Now
Option 2: OUTSIDE CAMERA FLYER Cost Booking
Digital Video - USB $149.00 Book Now
Digital Photos - USB $149.00 Book Now
Digital Video & Photo Package - USB $170.00 Book Now
Tandem Skydiving Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of a lifetime! Skydive with friends and save! BOOK NOW!

Option Cost Groups of 4-9 Groups of 10+ Book Online
Tandem Gift Voucher - 14,000 feet $299 $285 $275 Book Now
Night Tandem Gift Voucher $450 - - Book Now
Option Cost Book Online
First Jump Course - Tandem Stage 1 $395.00 Book Now
First Jump Course - Conventional Stage 1
To book, please click the link to contact us.
$460.00 Book Now
Deposit - for AFF Course $100 Book Now
‘B’-Certificate Course Packages
Option Cost Bookings
50 Jump B-Certificate Package - 20 Jump AFF Addiction Package + 30 Jump B-Certificate Package $7200 Book Now
30 Jump B-Certificate Package - 30 jumps with all equipment hire, 8 of these with a Coach doing Certificate “B” training jumps, Parachute Pilot Training Course, packing course, 21 days free caravan accommodation $2980 Book Now
PAY PER JUMP: Individual Jump Prices Cost Book Online
Stage 2 AFF $345.00 Book Now
Stage 3-4 AFF $330.00 Book Now
Stage 5-8 AFF $260.00 Book Now
Stage 9 $160.00 Book Now
REPEAT Stage 2-4 AFF $251.00 each Book Now
REPEAT Stage 5-8 AFF $170.00 each Book Now
REPEAT Stage 9 AFF $120.00 Book Now
PACKAGES: Buy a package and save! Cost Book Online
AFF 3 Jump Introduction Package - Package includes three AFF Course jumps plus free bunkhouse accommodation, a logbook, t-shirt and a membership to the Australian Parachute Federation. $1035.00 Book Now
AFF 10 Jump Completion Package - Package includes all 9 jumps of the AFF Course plus free bunkhouse accommodation, a logbook, t-shirt, PLUS a BONUS jump including equipment hire! $2550.00 Book Now
AFF 15 Jump 'Basic A Certificate' Package - Package includes 9 jumps of the AFF Course, plus 6 extra jumps, bunkhouse accommodation and the extras of logbook, t-shirt, and APF Membership. $2975.00 Book Now
AFF 20 Jump 'A' Certificate Addiction Package - Package includes all 9 AFF Course jumps, 11 extra skydives, video of all stages, gear hire membership, APF membership, logbook, goggles, t-shirt, A Certificate accreditation, and Caravan accommodation. $4250.00 Book Now
Deposit - for AFF Package $100.00 Book Now
Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD) Parachute Course
Option Cost Groups of 3+ Book Online
IAD First Jump Course & Jump 1 - Includes First Jump Course, first parachute jump, logbook, t-shirt, and APF membership. $355.00 $330.00 Book Now
Deposit - for IAD Course $100 - Book Now
PAY PER JUMP: Individual Jump Prices Cost Groups of 3+ Book Online
IAD Jumps 2-4 - Solo Parachute Jumps $180.00 each $160.00 each Book Now
IAD Jump 5 - First Freefall $295.00 $275.00 Book Now
IAD Jumps 6-14 - Solo Skydiving Jumps $180.00 each $160.00 each Book Now
IAD Jump 15 - Check-Out Jump with Instructor $250.00 $230.00 Book Now
IAD PACKAGES: Buy a package and save! Cost Groups of 3+ Book Online
IAD Introduction 3 Jump Package $695.00 $635.00 Book Now
IAD First Freefall 5 Jump Package $1175.00 $1,050 each Book Now
IAD A-Certificate 15 Jump Package $2975.00 $2,745.00 each Book Now

Online special! PURCHASE JUMP TICKETS ONLINE with credit card.

When you buy 10 tickets or more online, you save $3 per jump ticket! Buy 50 tickets, save $150, plus get 1 bonus ticket for free! Pick up your tickets at the DZ manifest. Must order 24 hours prior to collection. (Refunds for any jump tickets attract a $5 fee. Jump tickets are valid for 12 months.)

Option Cost Book Online
Jump Ticket - 14,000 ft.
(online purchase: min. 3)
$45.00 Book Now
Event Jump Ticket - 14,000 feet $45.00 Book Now
Hop 'n' Pops Ticket - from 4,000 feet
(online purchase: min. 3)
$30.00 Book Now
10 Jump Tickets Pack - 14,000 feet; Paid Online; Buy 10 or more jump tickets online, and save $3 per jump ticket! $420.00 Book Now
51 Jump Tickets Pack - 14,000 feet; Save $150 and get 1 Bonus jump ticket! $2,100.00 Book Now
Coaching Tickets with Video - Coaching Tickets cover Coach & their slot, full brief and video debrief of jump, plus dub a copy of the jump of your video.
Coach tickets used for B-Rels, Canopy Handling Jumps, Freefly Coached jumps, Star Crests, and any one-on-one.
$81.00 Book Now
Fantastic Friday Jump Ticket - Come jump on Fridays and save! EVERY FRIDAY is a funtastic Friday, except during Boogies and Special Events.
Tickets useable only on Funtastic Fridays. Refund attract a $5 fee.
$39.00 Book Now
Night Jump - 12,000 feet
Note: 1st Night Jump Course must be completed prior to first Night Jump.
$50.00 Book Now
1st Night Jump Course + 1 Night Jump Ticket $80.00 Book Now

Jump Suit hire and Altimeter hire are available at manifest for $5 each per jump.

Option Cost Book Online
Gear Hire - Per Jump
Gear Hire includes hire of Parachute System with main & reserve Parachutes, Cypres AAD, plus altimeter, helmet, goggles, jumpsuit and main parachute repack.
$44.00 Book Now

TSC Club members receive a discount on singular jump tickets: $43 instead of $45.

Option Cost Book Online
TSC Yearly Membership - Paid at Manifest $45.00 Book Now
TSC Yearly Membership - Paid Online
To pay online, please visit:
$37.00 Book Now

Skydive Ramblers offers a variety of on-site accommodation at the dropzone to suit everyone. Click here for more info.

Option Cost
Camp-Site - First 3 Days Free!
Guests may use available campsites for free for 3 days. After 3 days guests will be asked to pay a daily rate of $7.
Powered Camp Site $12.00
Bunkhouse - Per Night $10.00
CARAVANS Cost Per Night 3 Nights Per Week
Caravan #1 - Single/Double
2x single beds.
$44.00 / $55.00 $99.00 / $125.00 $160.00
Caravan #3 or #4 - Double bed / twin share, nice kitchenette, small van. Caravan 4: separate bedroom $44.00 $99.00 $160.00
Caravan #5 - 1x double bed, plus 2x single beds. Large caravan, big kitchenette.
1-4 Pax; Twin share. Prices shown are for 1-2 people staying. 3rd and 4th person $11.00 each extra per night.
$55.00 $125.00 $160.00
Caravan #8, #9 or #10 - Double bed, twin share. Big lounge & kitchenette. $55.00 $125.00 $160.00
Caravan #12 or #13 - Air conditioned - Double bed, twin share. Big lounge & kitchenette.
Caravan #12 is a large van with veranda.
$65.00 $135.00 $175.00
Caravan #14 - Air conditioned - Single bed. Very neat, small van.
$55.00 $125.00 $175.00
Caravan #15 - Air conditioned - Double bed, twin share. Big lounge & kitchenette. $55.00 $125.00 $160.00

With ENSUITE, shared lounge and kitchen

Motels 1 & 2 Cost Per Night 3 Nights Per Week
Motel 1 & 2 - Twin share $66.00 $135.00 $250.00
Motel 1 & 2 - 3 people $81.00 $160.00 $300.00
Motel 1 & 2 - 4 people $96.00 $185.00 $350.00

With ENSUITE, air conditioned, veranda, big screen TV

Cabins 8 & 9 Cost Per Night 3 Nights Per Week
Cabin / Unit 8 - Queen bed, twin share, microwave $88.00 $190.00 $330.00
Cabin / Unit 9 - Queen bed, twin share, microwave; separate bedroom $88.00 $190.00 $330.00

With ENSUITE, airconditioned, big screen TV, fridge.

Atco's - Mini Motel units Cost per night 3 Nights Per Week
Atco's (#21 - #28) - Mini Motel units, one king single bed.
price per unit. (+$44 for 2nd night. +$33 for 4,5, or 6th night.)
$77.00 $165.00 $275.00

NOTE: Prices are subject to change without notice. Please check with the drop zone for confirmation. All prices quoted are inclusive of GST and are for cash, cheque, and online payments. If paying by card please note there will be a surcharge calculated at the annual average ‘cost of acceptance’ cost of that card type.

Did my first tandem jump at Ramblers and one week later was back starting my AFF course. Awesome place and excellent people :))


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