Rambling On ⭐️ Newsletter #607 (15-21 April 2024)

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Achievements & Congratulations

Completed AFF: ⭐️ Mackenzie, 
⭐️ Nicholas , ⭐️ Glenn , ⭐️ Kevin, ⭐️ Peter, and ⭐️ Zhen

Milestone: ⭐️ Toddy – 1600th Jump

Drop Zone Action

A new week of skydiving thrills kicked off at Toogs, with high-flying excitement for our new and ongoing AFF students, who together with our Fun Jumpers kept the plane in the air all week. Here’s a round up of the adrenaline-pumping action:

Our newest AFF students were Mackenzie and Akalia both started their ground training on Monday.

Our on going students for the week were: Glenn, Peter, Adam, Mia, Damien, Nick and Finn, all continued through their AFF Course. Ramblers had 3 guest instructors come to play during the week Valerie, Nic and Nick dropped in during the week and helped out with some AFF jumps.

We welcomed our new Tandem skydivers: Eve, Nick and Jenny, big congratulations to all who took the leap.

Big high fives and congratulations to Mackenzie, Nick, Kevin, Peter, Zhen and Glenn who completed their AFF Course this week.

Some Ramblers Instructors participated in the Australian Canopy Piloting Nationals which were held in Sydney over the weekend. Well done to Adrian S., Ty, Aaron, and Adrian W. for competing.

See ya,

Macca and Team Ramblers.

Reviews & Visitor Book Comments

⭐️ Nick“Nothing Compares!”

⭐️ Jen – “Bloody Amazing!!”


Upcoming Events

DZ Flashback – Blast From The Past

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This was my first time, with Ty as my instructor.
It was totally amazing experience and Ty was impressive as an instructor. He checked in all the time from start to finish making you feel safe and reassured. Free falling was the best experience and highlight of the jump. Thank you to the whole team . Definitely will be back. Loved it.

“totally amazing” – by Pete Townsend (Tandem Skydive)

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