Equinox Boogie

Famous For Fun!

The Equinox Boogie, held every two years in October, is like no other skydiving Boogie in Australia – it’s a Skydiving and Music Festival.
The Boogie sees all forms of skydiving and parachuting take place, as well as Night Skydiving and this year high altitude jumps. It’s also a music festival. We have live bands and music every night, plus fantastic Evening Entertainment.

  • 3 Turbines, one of them a Super Caravan
  • 18’000 foot jumps available, 2 jump tickets
  • Top level coaches & load organisers, all loads videoed
  • Nightly Day Tapes on the big screen
  • Awesome Raffles
  • fantastic nightly Entertainment
  • famous Equinox Talent Quest
  • Night jumps
  • Cocktails at the Calypso Bar around the Pool with Live Music!
  • Big bonfire every night

All this and more at the Ramblers Skydiving Resort, created by Skydivers, for Skydivers.

For all information about Coaches, Skysounds Bands, Catering and Sponsors, please visit the official Equinox Boogie 2018 listing in our calendar of events.

Join the Equinox event on Facebookwww.facebook.com/events/782880561888620


Full rego (8 days) is $250 (or $50/day). Or get the Lob Yer Nox off Package deal with 15 jump tickets, plus Boogie T-shirt for $925. Nox event jump tickets are $45 each.

The APF Fi Fund is proudly supporting this event.

New this year!


3 Turbines! One of them a Super Caravan with 18’000 foot jumps on the agenda! SYDNEY SKYDIVERS will have their Super Caravan at the Equinox. This three aircraft capability will provide virtually unlimited lift capacity so there won’t be anybody waiting for loads. It also means bigger Bigways if we are up for it?.


Relative Work

Paul Osborne will be organizing Star Crest loads with Marco flying camera and he intends getting people up to a good RW level to feed new Star Cresters to Ben Nordkamp’s Bigway groups. The BIG NEWS is that experienced RW jumpers filling the base for the Star Cresters (and do a good job), will get a $15 refund voucher from Paul so their jumps will end up $30 each. Thanks to the SQPC and the APF, and Paul.


Scott Paterson and Woody Smart, with Chris Byrnes and Luke Rogers will handle all the Wingsuitingrecords please!!


Mason Corby heads up a contingent of keen, experienced Freefly coaches who will be attending to every discipline, level and form of Freefly skydiving, including Vince Cotte, Tayne Farrant, and – NEWS FLASH! coach & Freefly photographer Sebastien Chambet!

Plus, Sunpath Products will be on site with a stall and Rob Kendall is available for coaching jumps.

See all coaches profiles and photos here

Get Current Camp

Prior to the start of Equinox early arrivals will be catered for. The drop zone will be having a Get Current Learning Curve Camp the full week beforehand (15-19 Oct.). Our regular Ramblers coaches will be here to assist. All landings filmed, plenty of seminars. There are no rego fees, just normal dz rates and activities. Everybody is welcome to come along and warm up for the Nox. You can join the Pre-Nox LCC event on Facebook.


We will have a professional catering team! Brendan Saunders will be in charge of the kitchen. Full catering service including Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner by the professional team. You can pre-purchase the Equinox Dinner Meal Deal and receive a discount if you purchase all your dinners at once. See Brendan’s catering information, including the menu on the official Equinox Boogie event page or join his Equinox Dinner Meal Deal Facebook event page.


2 Stages! 7 days of live music! The entertainment at ‘Nox this year is gonna be AWESOME!
Rock, Blues, punk, Electronic, Acoustic, Burlesque and Reggae! Don’t forget to get your act together now for the Talent Night on Fri 26. Skysounds line-up includes: Riff Raiders, KillPill, Skye Marsh, DJ Teags, Izania, The On Fires, Troy Troutman, Pepper Jane, Keith Gall, Bear, Gary Bradbury, Bertie Page Clinic, The Amanda Emblem Experiment! More info on the bands below.

My experience of a tandem skydive was for my 40th Birthday. I could not imagine possibly enjoying myself any more than what I did today. Thank you to my tandem guide Belgy and the video guys Sam & Alex.


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