On-Site Accommodation at Skydive Ramblers

Ramblers Has Something For Every Skydiver!

Skydive Ramblers offers a a variety of on-site accommodation options to suit everyone, including a bunk house with a kitchen and lounge room, 3 days free camping, powered camp sites, caravans, and self-contained motel-style rooms with ensuites.

Check-In Procedures

  • Short Stay Visitors (1-3 Nights) – Upon arrival, please check in with Manifest. If you are a jumper camping and staying on the DZ overnight, camping is free. If you are a jumper camping on site for more than 3 nights, check the daily fee in the price list below.
  • Long Stay Visitors (4-7 Nights) -Upon arrival, please check in with Manifest.
    If you are a jumper camping and staying on the DZ longer than 3 nights, you are required to pay after your first 3 nights. Please pay at Manifest upon arrival. Check the price list below.

Housekeeping Notes

  • You MUST register at the Manifest Office and pay your due fees.
  • Please keep the Drop Zone clean!
  • RUBBISH: If you carried it in, then you can carry it out.
    You MUST take whatever rubbish you bring to the DZ away with you.
  • If you are staying more than 3 nights, and you have paid the appropriate fees,
    PLEASE use our refuse containers as directed.
  • ALL RUBBISH must be secured and bagged.
  • NO DOGS allowed on the Drop Zone.
  • The Drop Zone showers are coin operated and cost $2 for 6 minutes ($2 coins only).
  • The laundry has a coin operated washer, and a drier (both use $1 coins).
  • Our Drop Zone uses septic sewerage system. Do not flush wipes down the toilet.
  • LADIES please NOTE: Do not flush Sanitary items down the toilet, use bins provided.
  • Ramblers Drop Zone is a NON-SMOKING Drop Zone.
    Smoking is prohibited anywhere in the general DZ activities area, even at the fire 24/7.
  • Our Drop Zone has a LICENCED BAR
    Liquor Licensing Laws
    for our licence STIPULATES:

    • NO GLASS in the POOL area
    • NO GLASS away from the immediate BAR area
    • ALCOHOL is NOT permitted to be brought on to the Drop Zone licensed area.
  • PLEASE ensure you comply with these requirements.


Reservations are essential for on-site accommodation. Please review the available accommodation options below and contact us to make a reservation.

Accommodation Photo Gallery

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Skydive Ramblers offers a variety of on-site accommodation at the dropzone to suit everyone. Click here for more info.

Option Cost
Camp-Site - First 3 Days Free!
Guests may use available campsites for free for 3 days. After 3 days guests will be asked to pay a daily rate of $7.
Powered Camp Site $12.00
Bunkhouse - Per Night $10.00
CARAVANS Cost Per Night 3 Nights Per Week
Caravan #1 - Single/Double
2x single beds.
$44.00 / $55.00 $99.00 / $125.00 $160.00
Caravan #3 or #4 - Double bed / twin share, nice kitchenette, small van. Caravan 4: separate bedroom $44.00 $99.00 $160.00
Caravan #5 - 1x double bed, plus 2x single beds. Large caravan, big kitchenette.
1-4 Pax; Twin share. Prices shown are for 1-2 people staying. 3rd and 4th person $11.00 each extra per night.
$55.00 $125.00 $160.00
Caravan #8, #9 or #10 - Double bed, twin share. Big lounge & kitchenette. $55.00 $125.00 $160.00
Caravan #12 or #13 - Air conditioned - Double bed, twin share. Big lounge & kitchenette.
Caravan #12 is a large van with veranda.
$65.00 $135.00 $175.00
Caravan #14 - Air conditioned - Single bed. Very neat, small van.
$55.00 $125.00 $175.00
Caravan #15 - Air conditioned - Double bed, twin share. Big lounge & kitchenette. $55.00 $125.00 $160.00

With ENSUITE, shared lounge and kitchen

Motels 1 & 2 Cost Per Night 3 Nights Per Week
Motel 1 & 2 - Twin share $66.00 $135.00 $250.00
Motel 1 & 2 - 3 people $81.00 $160.00 $300.00
Motel 1 & 2 - 4 people $96.00 $185.00 $350.00

With ENSUITE, air conditioned, veranda, big screen TV

Cabins 8 & 9 Cost Per Night 3 Nights Per Week
Cabin / Unit 8 - Queen bed, twin share, microwave $88.00 $190.00 $330.00
Cabin / Unit 9 - Queen bed, twin share, microwave; separate bedroom $88.00 $190.00 $330.00

With ENSUITE, airconditioned, big screen TV, fridge.

Atco's - Mini Motel units Cost per night 3 Nights Per Week
Atco's (#21 - #28) - Mini Motel units, one king single bed.
price per unit. (+$44 for 2nd night. +$33 for 4,5, or 6th night.)
$77.00 $165.00 $280.00

These guys are a well oiled machine, what an amazing experience and such awesome people and facilities! A MUST for all!

Danielle Richter

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