On-Site Accommodation at Skydive Ramblers

Ramblers Has Something for Everyone!

Skydive Ramblers offers a a variety of on-site accommodation options to suit everyone, including a bunk house with a kitchen and lounge room, 3 days free camping, powered camp sites, caravans, and self-contained motel-style rooms with ensuites.

Check-In Procedures

  • Short Stay Visitors (1-3 Nights) – Upon arrival, please check in with Manifest. If you are a jumper camping and staying on the DZ overnight, camping is free. If you are a jumper camping on site for more than 3 nights, the cost is at least $7 per day.
  • Long Stay Visitors (4-7 Nights) -Upon arrival, please check in with Manifest.
    If you are a jumper camping and staying on the DZ longer than 3 nights, you are required to pay $7 a day after your first 3 nights. Please pay at Manifest upon arrival.

Housekeeping Notes

  • You MUST register at the Manifest Office and pay your due fees.
  • Please keep the Drop Zone clean!
  • RUBBISH: If you carried it in, then you can carry it out.
    You MUST take whatever rubbish you bring to the DZ away with you.
  • If you are staying more than 3 nights, and you have paid the appropriate fees,
    PLEASE use our refuse containers as directed.
  • ALL RUBBISH must be secured and bagged.
  • NO DOGS allowed on the Drop Zone.
  • The Drop Zone showers are coin operated and cost $2 for 6 minutes ($2 coins only).
  • The laundry has a coin operated washer (4x $1 coins), and drier (3x $1 coins).
  • Our Drop Zone uses septic sewerage system. Do not flush wipes down the toilet.
  • LADIES please NOTE: Do not flush Sanitary items down the toilet, use bins provided.
  • Ramblers Drop Zone is a NON-SMOKING Drop Zone.
    Smoking is prohibited anywhere in the general DZ activities area, even at the fire 24/7.
  • Our Drop Zone has a LICENCED BAR
    Liquor Licensing Laws
    for our licence STIPULATES:

    • NO GLASS in the POOL area
    • NO GLASS away from the immediate BAR area
    • ALCOHOL is NOT permitted to be brought on to the Drop Zone licensed area.
  • PLEASE ensure you comply with these requirements.


Reservations are essential for on-site accommodation. Please review the available accommodation options below and contact us to make a reservation.

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Skydive Ramblers offers a variety of on-site accommodation at the dropzone to suit everyone. Click here for more info.

Option Cost
Camp-Site - First 3 Days Free!
Guests may use available campsites for free for 3 days. After 3 days guests will be asked to pay a daily rate of $7.
Powered Camp Site $12.00
Bunkhouse - Per Night $10.00
CARAVANS Cost Per Night 3 Nights Per Week
Caravan #1 - Single/Double
2x single beds.
$44.00 / $55.00 $99.00 / $125.00 $160.00
Caravan #3 or #4 - Double bed / twin share, nice kitchenette, small van. Caravan 4: separate bedroom $44.00 $99.00 $160.00
Caravan #5 - 1x double bed, plus 2x single beds. Large caravan, big kitchenette.
1-4 Pax; Twin share. Prices shown are for 1-2 people staying. 3rd and 4th person $11.00 each extra per night.
$55.00 $125.00 $160.00
Caravan #8, #9 or #10 - Double bed, twin share. Big lounge & kitchenette. $55.00 $125.00 $160.00
Caravan #12 or #13 - Air conditioned - Double bed, twin share. Big lounge & kitchenette.
Caravan #12 is a large van with veranda.
$65.00 $135.00 $175.00
Caravan #14 - Air conditioned - Single bed. Very neat, small van.
$55.00 $125.00 $175.00
Caravan #15 - Air conditioned - Double bed, twin share. Big lounge & kitchenette. $55.00 $125.00 $160.00

With ENSUITE, shared lounge and kitchen

Motels 1 & 2 Cost Per Night 3 Nights Per Week
Motel 1 & 2 - Twin share $66.00 $135.00 $250.00
Motel 1 & 2 - 3 people $81.00 $160.00 $300.00
Motel 1 & 2 - 4 people $96.00 $185.00 $350.00

With ENSUITE, air conditioned, veranda, big screen TV

Cabins 8 & 9 Cost Per Night 3 Nights Per Week
Cabin / Unit 8 - Queen bed, twin share, microwave $88.00 $190.00 $330.00
Cabin / Unit 9 - Queen bed, twin share, microwave; separate bedroom $88.00 $190.00 $330.00

With ENSUITE, airconditioned, big screen TV, fridge.

Atco's - Mini Motel units Cost per night 3 Nights Per Week
Atco's (#21 - #28) - Mini Motel units, one king single bed.
price per unit. (+$44 for 2nd night. +$33 for 4,5, or 6th night.)
$77.00 $165.00 $275.00

This is the place for your AFF Skydive Course! It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life and in no small part due to the great people at the Toogoolawah dropzone. I highly recommend this place for those considering learning how to throw themselves out of a perfectly good airplane. You won't regret your decision.

Sean B.

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