Air Staff


Senior Instructor endorsed with: Course Trainer, DZSO, AFF, SFF in SL & IAD, Rigger & Examiner, Packer A, Tandem Instructor, Wingsuit Instructor & Display Pro

Jumps: 11,500+



  • Highly experienced Video & Stills Camera Flyer
  • Display Pro
  • Started Skydiving in 1984 – over 34 years in the sport
  • Since 1988 part of the Ramblers Team
  • CRW (Canopy Relative Work):
    • Current Australian 44-Way Record
    • Current World 100-Way Record
  • RW (Relative Work):
    • Australian Record 119-Way
    • 3 Point 217-Way Record
    • 2 Point 219-Way Record
    • Current World Night 64-Way Record
  • State of California USA 200-way Record

Ben is the South Queensland Mentor for Aussie Bigways.


One of my all time favorite dropzones in all the world, which is saying something, because I have jumped at hundreds of dropzones. Wonderful people running the place, wonderful people jumping there. Safe operation in every way, and tons of fun!

Brian Germain

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