Ratings: Chief Instructor

Jumps: 10,000+

Phone: 07 5423 1159

Email: dave@ramblers.com.au


Dave “Macca” McEvoy has been skydiving since 1967. He is well known throughout the skydiving world for the amazing skydiving center he’s built. Dave has been awarded the Master of Sport Parachuting Award, the Australian Parachute Federations highest award. He is one of only 5 parachutists to receive this honour. Some of his other accomplishments include:

  • Over 50 years skydiving and still very active
  • Over 10,000 jumps
  • Silver Medal at 1988 World Championships, 8-way Canopy Formation
  • Bronze Medal 1986, World Championships 8-way Canopy Formation
  • World Record holder, 21-way Canopy Formation Stack, 1984
  • Australian Gold Medallist in 10-way Speed Stars
  • Australia’s largest freefall formation record – 81-way participant
  • Largest Skydivers Over Sixty Freefall Formation 17 way, set on August 2nd 2013.
  • APF Master of Sport Parachuting Award

Recommended Reading:

Skydive Mag Article: “Catching up with Dave McEvoy” (28th February 2018) – lots more info about Macca and some pretty historic photos!

Photo by Steve Fitchett – Fitchimages.com

They helped me overcome all my fears! It was INCREDIBLE!

So last week I did a tandem jump!!!!! Was such a mad time! 🤯🤪🤩😮🤗 I've never wanted to skydive before but was asked to do it for work, so I really quite nervous. But the team at Ramblers Toogoolawah were so professional and cool that they made it such an undeniably EPIC and INCREDIBLE experience! Would even do it again! Highly recommend jumping there.

Briana Goodchild – Channel 9 Today Show

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