Air Staff

APF Ratings

  • E-Certificate
  • Star Crest
  • Night Star Crest
  • Packer B
  • AFF Instructor
  • Tandem Master
  • Course Trainer
Dropzone Safety Officer


  • 2200 jumps total (since 2018)
  • 1000 instructional jumps
  • 400 tandems
  • 200 dedicated camera jumps


  • Gold Medalist Australian Skydiving State Championships, AA Category 4 Way  (Camera) – 14/09/19
  • Gold Medalist Australian Skydiving National Championships, Blast 4 Way (Camera) – 11/03/20
  • Winner of 2019/20 Australian Skydiving Camera Development Prize.

Hey guys,
Thanks for running the Learning Curve Camp last week! It was run to your usual high standard and was a very beneficial experience, especially given my lack of currency after the main COVID closures. I thoroughly enjoy attending these weeks and really appreciate the time dedicated by the whole team at Ramblers, including the instructors, manifest, cafe team, aviation crew/pilots, and support staff. You are all legends and I look forward to coming out again in the near future. 
Cheers, Adam.

Adam Parker

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