Air Staff


E Licence | Instructor B | Display Pro | Camera Flyer | Night Jump Rated | Tandem Endorsement | AFF Endorsement | Static Line Endorsement | IAD Instructor | RW Coach


  • Approx. 100 display jumps
    (Brisbane/Toowoomba and the Lockyer valley area)
  • Display jump into Amberley Airforce base
    (100,000+ spectators)
  • 50way flatfly training at Perris Valley, California, USA
  • One of only a few female Tandem Masters in Australia
Sara with Siti in Freefall – check out that cloud – photo by Darren.


I'm a new jumper and it was heaven on earth for me! 
You always get to $14000 feet and you are surrounded by fun jumpers with crazy skill keen to teach. 
If you haven't been go!! To say I love it is an understatement. I'll be back very soon!!

Ande Rogers

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