Students Action @ Toogs DZ (August 2018)

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Exits, Practice Pulls, Alti checks, Leg signs, Arches, Turns, Smiles, Wiggles, Beards, Views for dayzzz, Back-loops, Tracks, Stage 9 Hop ’n’ Pops, and sweet Landings. Welcome to the Ramblers skies!

Congratulations to all our new skydivers: Aaron, Charles, Clarence, Josh, Kyal, Mahmoud, Mark, Val, and Zak. Thanks to all our instructors!

Music: The On Fires – Coming Home

Thanks to Adrian Seemann for another great video compilation!

As an experienced skydiver, I took my whole family to Ramblers to introduce each of them to a tandem jump. Ramblers is an awesome experience for tandems and for fun jumpers.

Erin Gillespie

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