Australia’s largest international Freefall & Music Festival

Next Date: October 20 - 27, 2018

The Equinox Boogie, held every two years in October, is like no other skydiving Boogie in Australia – it’s a Skydiving and Music Festival.
The Boogie sees all forms of skydiving and parachuting take place, as well as Night Skydiving and this year high altitude jumps. It’s also a music festival. We have live bands and music every night, plus fantastic Evening Entertainment.

  • 3 Turbines, one of them a Super Caravan
  • 18’000 foot jumps available, 2 jump tickets
  • Top level coaches & load organisers, all loads videoed
  • Nightly Day Tapes on the big screen
  • Awesome Raffles
  • fantastic nightly Entertainment
  • famous Equinox Talent Quest
  • Night jumps
  • Cocktails at the Calypso Bar around the Pool with Live Music!
  • Big bonfire every night

All this and more at the Ramblers Skydiving Resort, created by Skydivers, for Skydivers.

Join the Equinox event on Facebookwww.facebook.com/events/782880561888620


Full rego (8 days) is $250 (or $50/day). Or get the Package deal with 15 jump tickets, plus Boogie T-shirt for $925. Nox Jump tickets are $45 each.

The APF Fi Fund is proudly supporting this event.

Early Birds – If you have paid for full registration by the 30th September you will receive a free Equinox jump ticket. You will also go in a raffle draw for 5 jump tickets.

If you did take up the Early Bird Registration 15 jump Package you not only will get a free jump ticket and entry into the first 5 jump raffle, you will also get a free Equinox T-shirt and go in a second raffle for an extra 5 jump tickets. (The winner could end up with a free T-shirt and 11 free jump tickets).

New this year!


3 Turbines! One of them a Super Caravan with 18’000 foot jumps on the agenda! SYDNEY SKYDIVERS will have their Super Caravan at the Equinox. This three aircraft capability will provide virtually unlimited lift capacity so there won’t be anybody waiting for loads. It also means bigger Bigways if we are up for it?


Relative Work

Paul Osborne will be organizing Star Crest loads with Marco flying camera and he intends getting people up to a good RW level to feed new Star Cresters to Ben Nordkamp’s Bigway groups. The BIG NEWS is that experienced RW jumpers filling the base for the Star Cresters (and do a good job), will get a $15 refund voucher from Paul so their jumps will end up $30 each. Thanks to the SQPC and the APF, and Paul.


Scott Paterson and Woody Smart, with Chris Byrnes and Luke Rogers will handle all the Wingsuitingrecords please!!


Mason Corby heads up a contingent of keen, experienced Freefly coaches who will be attending to every discipline, level and form of Freefly skydiving, including Vince Cotte, Tayne Farrant, and – NEWS FLASH! coach & Freefly photographer Sebastien Chambet!

Plus, Sunpath Products will be on site with a stall and Rob Kendall is available for coaching jumps.

See all coaches profiles and photos here.

Get Current Camp

Prior to the start of Equinox early arrivals will be catered for. The drop zone will be having a Get Current Learning Curve Camp the full week beforehand (15-19 Oct.). Our regular Ramblers coaches will be here to assist. All landings filmed, plenty of seminars. There are no rego fees, just normal dz rates and activities. Everybody is welcome to come along and warm up for the Nox. You can join the Pre-Nox LCC event on Facebook.


We will have a professional catering team! Brendan Saunders will be in charge of the kitchen. Full catering service including Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner by the professional team. You can pre-purchase the Equinox Dinner Meal Deal and receive a discount if you purchase all your dinners at once. See Brendan’s catering information, including the menu on the official Equinox Boogie event page or join his Equinox Dinner Meal Deal Facebook event page.


2 Stages! 7 days of live music! The entertainment at ‘Nox this year is gonna be AWESOME!
Rock, Blues, punk, Electronic, Acoustic, Burlesque and Reggae! Don’t forget to get your act together now for the Talent Night on Fri 26. Skysounds line-up includes: Riff Raiders, KillPill, Skye Marsh, DJ Teags, Izania, The On Fires, Troy Troutman, Pepper Jane, Keith Gall, Bear, Gary Bradbury, Bertie Page Clinic, The Amanda Emblem Experiment! More info on the bands below.


For the latest updates, read our 3rd Equinox information bulletin (19th September 2018):


Mason Corby – Freefly & Angles

Founder at Downunder Dynamics


Tayne Farrant – Freefly


We are excited to announce that Aussie Dynamic Champion Tayne Farrant will be joining the coaching line up for Equinox Boogie 2018. Tayne started his Skydiving journey at Ramblers several years ago and his since travelled the globe competing and participating in some of the highest level events in the world including two Indoor Skydiving World Championships, Coaching at top European Boogies and will also be a part of this years Head down world record in Chicago.

With a deep understanding of flying he loves getting creative in the sky and sharing a laugh on the ground.


Sébastien Chambet – Freefly photographer, Freestyle & Artistics

Sébastien was member of 2 national artistic french teams: Akrostyle (freestyle) and Good Vibes (freefly). He is twice World Champion as the Cameraflyer. He is team manager, team trainer, and cameraflyer instructor for the french Federation. He is a Freefly instructor, Load Organiser, Tandem cameraflyer, Windtunnel coach, and professional photographer. Seb also is twice Freestyle World Champion – 2010 (Russia) and 2012 (Dubai).


Read about Sébastien’s achievements and experience and check out some of his photography: Présentation Seb Chambet

Visit his website:  www.scphotographie.com

Vincent Cotte – Freefly & Wingsuit

Skydiving: 13 years in the sport, 5000 jumps, freefly coach, wingsuit coach;
First place at the Freefly World Cup and European championship 2017;
Vice World Champion of Freefly in Chicago 2016.
European head down record holder.
Freefly organiser of event until 2010 in Europe.

Wingsuit: 800 jumps: jumping with all kind of wings, team member of Squirrel;
Load organiser in Vector Festival 2016 in Wingsuit.
Winner of the Wings For Love 2017 In China, Red Bull Aces 2014.

Base Jumping: 1100 jumps from cliffs, opening jumps, freefly base etc…

Scotty & Woody’s School of Wingsuit

Michael Smart & Scott Paterson are confirmed to coach during the Equinox Boogie, don’t miss out and learn from Scotty & Woody’s School of Wingsuit! From first flights to XRW they are dynamic with an extensive range of experience and skill.

Chris Byrnes – Wingsuiting

Wingsuit Pilot at Elevon Wingsuit Team.

Australian Wingsuit Performance Champion 2017 – fastest speed!

“We are made of stardust… It’s in our nature to shine.”

Byrnesy will be fresh back from 4 months in Europe doing BASE and skydiving competitions finishing with the wingsuit World Champs in the Czech Republic at the end of August.

He’ll be sharing his 4 years of International wingsuit performance flying competition experience, helping you fly faster and further. As well as intermediate flocking, wingsuit rodeos and plenty of fun!

Luke Rogers – Wingsuiting

Australian Wingsuit Performance Champion 2018 – greatest distance & fastest time!


Ben Nordkamp – Big Ways


Ben started Skydiving in 1984 – over 34 years in the sport with 11,500+ jumps. Since 1988 he is part of the Ramblers Team.

He holds a bunch of ratings: Senior Instructor endorsed with: Course Trainer, DZSO, AFF, SFF in SL & IAD, Rigger & Examiner, Packer A, Tandem Instructor, Wingsuit Instructor & Display Pro.

He is a highly experienced Video & Stills Camera Flyer, with a list of achievements in CRW (Canopy Relative Work): Current Australian 44-Way Record, and Current World 100-Way Record, as well as in RW (Relative Work): Australian Record 119-Way; 3 Point 217-Way Record; 2 Pint 219-Way Record, Current World Night 64-Way Record; and State of California USA 200-way Record.

Ben is the South Queensland Mentor for Aussie Bigways.

Email: qldmentor@aussiebigways.com

Paul Osborne – Star Crests & 8-ways


Rob Kendall – RW Load Organizer

Rob Kendall from Sun Path Products is joining us for Nox!  He is a highly experienced RW jumper and happy to fill in where needed. Full aircraft load RW jumps is where he feels at home, or anything bigger than a 7-8 way RW. Rob is happy to feed jumpers through to Ben when they are able to move up to bigger formations, but he also will look after younger jumpers that want to learn more about bigger formation flying.

Watch this space, more coaches to be confirmed!

Skysounds – Equinox Rocks!

Nox Rocks! There ain’t no Equinox Boogie without cool music! 8 days of Skydiving and live music in the afternoons and evenings. Come play and stay a few days!

Already confirmed: The Amanda Emblem Experiment, The On Fires, Kill Pill, Pepper Jane, The Smashed Crabs, StandUp Comedian Gary Bradbury, Riff RaidersSkye Marsh, and Bear + many more still to be announced! Put these dates in your diary for Australia’s Premiere Skydiving & Music Festival and stay tuned for artist announcements!

All the sounds, the live music & entertainment for the Equinox Boogie lives here!:


Like this page to be kept in the loop, share it with your mates and feel free to post any suggestions.

The Amanda Emblem Experiement

Find out more and listen to their songs on: www.amandaemblem.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/amandajuneemblem

Amanda Emblem and her Aussie Rock Band from Brisbane. New album Who Is Amanda Emblem” Out Now.

Biography: Amanda Emblem is a singer, guitarist, bassist and songwriter. She performs bluesy cruising tunes as a soloist with a stomp box or with a variety of guest musicians. Like Lady Gaga (without the paparazzi) Amanda’s music has been heard on Neighbours, Triple J and all over the world in her various guises.

Amanda June Emblem Solo is a combo of cool covers and some original tunes played on guitars, stomp box. Covers include The Rolling Stones, Stevie Nicks, Led Zeppelin, Chisel and heaps more (massive repertoire) Can also do requests.

The Amanda Emblem Experiment is the addition of saxophone and drums with Amanda on Bass Guitar which is very suave grooving alternative blues rock.

The On Fires

A blur of red hair, sweat and mayhem!

Genre: Electro Rock

Band Members: Marty & Max


OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.TheOnFires.com

YOUTUBE: www.youtube.com/TheOnFires

FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/TheOnFires

The On Fires @ Toogs DZ, Equinox 2010

Kill Pill

Kill Pill is the unlikely synergy of a Psychologist, a Jazz Drummer & a Punk. Born out of a Mexican stand-off, from between the gritted teeth and glaring eyes of suburban angst and an unrequited adoration for mayhem… Imagine the love-child of The Refused, Propagandhi and Bach… KillPill is its brutal estranged cousin.

  • Bud Beckett -“The Punk”
  • Eva Maria –“The Psychologist”
  • Charlie Belle- “The Jazz Drummer”

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/KillPillband

YouTube: Kill Pill Band Promo

Pepper Jane

Singer of songs.
Teller of truths.
Writer of wrongs.
Giver of goods.
Lover of life.
Hoper of height.
Maker of might.
Child of Christ.


Facebook page: www.facebook.com/pepperjanemusic

The Smashed Crabs

Originally started in 2007 on the Gold Coast as a cover band …

… we have taken a break from gigs and started writing our own originals.

We just recently completed our first EP with our new line up and can’t wait to start playing some local gigs around the Gold Coast to showcase our new material.

Keep an eye out for us supporting some of Triple J’s bands in the near future ………

Band Members
Shawn Cowely – Lead Guitar
Reuben – Drums
Terry Jinks – Bass
Kel Peterson – Vocals
Wing – Everything Else

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/The-Smashed-Crabs-87971938706

Gary Bradbury

StandUp Comedian

You’ve  seen  musical  comedy  before,  but  have  you  ever  heard  of  “Saxophone  comedy”?  It  is  Gary  Bradbury’s signature comedic brand, and it’s side-splitting funny! Gary boasts of being the world’s only saxophone playing standup comedian, and we don’t have a reason to doubt his claim. He’s been serenading comedy goers with his heartwarming melodies, and ticking their funny bones with his insane jokes since 1994. The twice-finalist of the Comic of the Year contest is arguably the funniest comedian the Australian comedy industry has produced.

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/gary.bradbury.98

Riff Raiders

“This is pure, modern edged rock and roll. Nonstop energetic and catchy riffs mixed with down to earth in your face lyrics.”
Cry of the Wolf Magazine UK

“With Live Like You Mean It, the Riff Raiders have delivered a stirring love letter to rock ’n’ roll, a fist-in-the-air anthem that’s alive on arrival. This line says it all: “If rock ’n’ roll is dead then why’s this song stuck in your head?””

Jeff Jenkins, The Music/3RRR radio

Band Members
Jenni James – vocals
Marty Powell – guitar
Simon Gunn – bass
Chris Quinlan – drums

Website: www.riffraiders.com

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/theriffraiders

Skye marsh

Skye marsh had been involved in the Australian Music Industry since 1995, as a talented teenager, she was quickly noticed widely within the Sunshine Coast Music community.

Leaving behind equally talented sporting abilities within the local community, Skye embarked on developing her presence as a multi skilled instrumentalist, songwriter and vocalist, lending her skills to several local cover and original bands and artist groups,

Since then, she has continued to push through the sometimes difficult and challenging area’s of the music industry. Some of her greatest achievements have been as a backing vocalist in a multi million dollar, Pink Floyd Tribute show, Beyond the Darkside, being a part of a 5 piece chior for Ed Kueper for his Spiegal tent performane fror the Brisbane Festival, and working with Mark Shculman ( Pink’S Drummer) to name a few.

After an extended hiatus, due to hearing loss and having to re learn her musical identity, Skye is finally re joining our stages with her graceful, unique and enriching original material. Self confessing in a recent interview,  ” it’s in my blood. I can’t let it go. it is a part of me and was born to be” ” I may not be able to rock the drums like I used to in the past, but I will always have my voice and my 6 string!”

Currently working on an EP of original material, and working as a mentor and collaborator, we look forward to seeing and hearing her soulful voice and heartfelt stories on any stage. Watch this space, because this rockin chick has way more to give and she is so not done giving out her best!

Skye on Facebook: www.facebook.com/skye.marsh.90

Troy Troutman

Troy Troutman is a musician from Thallon SW Queensland, born into a musical family, performing was in his blood from day one. Playing drums as a kid in Backyards and Beer Gardens for Family and friends he began developing his style. Guitar is where he shines, he learnt tricks of the trade from masters of their craft, and was introduced to showmanship at an early age. Troy has the ability to tell the story of Australia with lyrics, this skill is matched by his outstanding ability on the guitar and this is the key to his storytelling.

Troy Troutman will be performing at Equinox from 4pm – 6pm on Thursday 25th.


by Brendan Saunders & team

We will have a professional catering team! Full catering service including Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner by the professional team, which you might know from Rel Week.

You can pre-purchase the Equinox Dinner Meal Deal and receive a discount if you purchase all your dinners at once.

Have you ever been to a Boogie and been disappointed with the catering service? Have you ever had to go else where to fill your stomach and missed out on the day tape or having a beer around the DZ bar with your mates? I’m here to ensure you don’t miss out on a thing once the jumping finishes! I am offering a fully catered Equinox Boogie. Did you know you can pre-purchase ALL YOUR DINNER MEAL TICKETS at once to ensure you don’t miss out! Myself and my professional catering team will be providing a take away service through the day with all the classic favourites and a full hot buffet style dinner service which you can pre-purchase your meals for, pay for your dinners in advance for the whole week and receive a discount. All meals will be served by catering staff.

I have been skydiving for 6 years but I have also been in the catering industry for 15 years doing buffet style catering. Myself and my catering team are highly experienced and guarantee a high standard of food service. If you have dined at the Rel Week kitchen the last two events you will know how well we do our job.

You can only PRE-PURCHASE DINNER as it will be a buffet style, this will be available for purchase up until the day before Equinox begins. Through the day there will be a takeaway menu to purchase from.

There are two pre -purchase offers:
  1. Nightly Boogie Dinner can be pre-purchased or paid on the night – $20 per person
  2. The Equinox Boogie Dinner Meal Deal $160 – Buy 8 meals get one free.
    For the length of the boogie being 20/10/18 – 28/10/18 you receive 9 dinners in total.

Dinners will be served to you by catering staff with the option of seconds if you desire and providing product is available.

To pre-purchase please pay into the below account details using your name as a reference and PM to get confirmation money has been received:

Brendan L Saunders

Please note, Once purchased, meals are not refundable or transferable.
These two pre -purchase offers are for DINNER ONLY, there will be hot food available for purchase through the day.

Join the “Equinox Dinner Meal Deal” Facebook event page.

Click on the image below to read the Nox Menu:

Sponsors & event supporters – Equinox 2018

The APF Fi Fund is proudly supporting this event.















Upcoming Dates

  • October 20 - 27, 2018

Did my first tandem jump at Ramblers and one week later was back starting my AFF course. Awesome place and excellent people :))


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