Air Staff

Ratings: F Licence, IA/Ci, AFF & Tandem Instructor, Star Crest, Freefly Crest, Display Pro, Packer B, Night Rated, Freefly Coach, IAD and Static Line rated.

Jumps: 6000+


  • jumping since September 1997 (20+ years)
  • Worked in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Ireland and Sweden
  • Ran DZ’s in USA, New Zealand and Australia
  • Camera Flyer
  • Australian Team Canopy Piloting at 1st World Championships in Vienna 2006
  • Highly experienced at Parachutes displays with many into Cowboys NRL Stadium

Contact Darren on Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/darren.doyle.161

As an experienced skydiver, I took my whole family to Ramblers to introduce each of them to a tandem jump. Ramblers is an awesome experience for tandems and for fun jumpers.

Erin Gillespie

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