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Wednesday, September 19, 2018


Robert Lehman –  A Licence
Paul Stokan – A Licence
Tim Allonby – D Licence & Head-Up Freefly Crest
Kerry Hook – D & E Licence
Olli Dixon – E Licence

Kevin Young – Star Crest
Andrew Fraser-Scott – 100 Jumps
Darren Hoenhe – 100 Jumps
Laura Fitzpatrick – 200 Jumps
Kristina Hicks – 1st Wingsuit Jump

On Monday 10th & Tuesday 11th  Rob Lehmann and Matteo came back for more B-Rels.

Rob B-Rel 3 – Photo Sara
Matteo B-Rel 4 – Photo Adrian
Matteo landing
Adrian landing
Kurt landing – Photos by Sara
Sara landing – Photo Olli

Tandems Wednesday 12th were John Creighton, Grant Ronnie & Cameron Gerrard.  Student David Thomas did Stages 4, 5 & 6 of his AFF Course.

John tandem exit
John loving freefall
John under canopy – Photos by Adrian
Grant tandem exit
Grant in freefall
Darren and Cameron about to exit  – Photos by Sara
Cameron’s tandem – Photo Doyley
Cameron, John and Grant after their jump – Photo Karen
Rob B-Rel 4
Rob B-Rel 5 with Shelby – Photos by Olli

The Tandem Thursday 13th was Jordan Natt, and student David Thomas did Stages 7 & 8 of his AFF Course.

Jordan tandem exit
Jordan in freefall – Photos by Adrian
Jordan with his certificate and Natt – Photo Karen
David AFF Stage 7 – Photo Doyley
David AFF Stage 8 – Photo Olli

Friday 14th was pretty quiet.

Olli Head Down jump with Jessie – Photo Jessie

The Tandem Saturday 15th was Travis Michel. Student Georgina Johnson did Stages 4, 5 & 6 of her AFF Course and Matthew Etherington did a Refresher jump after not jumping for 20yrs, welcome back.

Travis tandem exit
Travis in freefall – Photos by Adrian
Travis after his jump – Photo Karen
Georgie AFF Stage 5 all smiles
Georgie AFF Stage 5 – deploying – Photos by Jessie
Matt 20 year refresher jump – Photo Sara
Head Up for Days with Smithy, Flossy and Tim – Photo Adrian

John’s Invitationals – 15th September

Good days jumping on Saturday, weather was great, we did our usual 4 jumps and welcomed Karen McEvoy back into the rel workers fold. Check out the vid’s and photo’s. Was a bit of a blast for me as Karen was one of my instructors back in the day and so has witnessed me being a turkey on multiple occasions so I was amused to see her suffering a bit of performance anxiety, did well though, maybe a couple of grip changes but I won’t tell anybody. Big smiles from everybody and that’s what it’s all about.

Dave did his usual great job on video even though Frank tried to take him out on one of the jumps. Next jump for me will be the C17, have 14 confirmed names on the list so if you want to play please let me know so we can plan the event.
Hope you all have fun in the upcoming boogies, don’t forget I’ll be sitting in the back yard watching chanting “chop chop chop” as I watch you all open.

Stay safe


Photos by David Brown:

(Click on the image to find John’s Invitationals Facebook album by David Brown)

Video by David Brown:

Tandems Sunday 16th were Carolyn Thornton and Colby Mayberry.  Georgina Johnston did Stage 7 of her AFF Course.

Carolyn’s Jump with TM Sara and Millie – Photos by Sara
Legs up for landing…
Carolyn after her Tandem – Photos by Sara
Carolyn with her Certificate, with Millie and TM Sara – Photo Karen
Colby about to exit with Adrian and Darren – Photo Sara
Colby’s exit

Colby’s tandem – Photos by Doyley
Colby with his Certifcate – Photo Karen
Georgie AFF Stage 7 – Photo Ollie

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See ya!
Macca & Team Ramblers.


John Creighton – Adrian was Awesome.

Grant Norris – Second time flying.  Just as amazing.  Sara was awesome

Cameron Gerrard – Awesome Experience.  Thanks to the crew & Darren for getting me to the ground.

Jordan Naff – Thanks to Adrian for a great time.  Made me feel at ease the whole time! TRAVIS – THANK YOU.  AWESOME.

Kirky (Carolyn) – Awesome!  Sara is unbelievable!

Colby Mayberry – Crazy amounts of Fun.  Adrian was the man!  THANKS all for getting it on film too!!

Upcoming events

23 September – Star Crest Saturday
28 September – 6 October – Aussie Bigways Premier Event 2018 with Larry Henderson

8 October – DZ closed (no jumping)
15-19 October – Pre Nox Get Current Learning Curve Camp
20-28 October – EQUINOX BOOGIE 2018 – Freefall & Music Festival 
29 October – DZ closed (no jumping)

3 November – Star Crest Saturday

17-21 December – Learning Curve Camp

Such a good experience, they made it feel like coffee with an old friend!

Abigael Ellen

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