Toogs DZ e-News #402 (30 Sept. – 6 Oct. 2019)

Tuesday, October 8, 2019


John Hamilton – 1st AFF Jump & Visa
Regan McDonald – Head Up Crest
Q – 100th Jump
Nellie Moody – 200th Jump
Silas – 1st Jump on Own Rig
Shai – Landed on pit
Ian Walker – 1st Canopy Course
Ryan – 1st H&P 182

Monday 30th  – The week started out with a couple of loads out of the 182. Things picked up on  Tuesday 1st  of October. Ronald Leung and Ivan Wang got their Stage 1 done. The 182 was kept busy with Costa’s canopy handling course. Caravan got going. There were 8 loads and 10 jumpers.

Ivan and Ronald – Photo Karen

Ronald and Ivan kept going on Wednesday and did AFF Stages 2, 3 & 4.  Both aircraft shared the sorties. There were 5 loads and 11 jumpers filled them.

Ivan AFF Stage 2 with Johnny
Ivan AFF Stage 4 – Photos by Sara
Ronald AFF Stage 3 – Photo OliM

More fun jumping skydivers arrived Thursday. Ronald powered on with Stages 5, 6 and 7. Ivan Wang did Stage 5.  Kenny Zhang and “EPulin Cui were next to do Stage 1 AFF.  There were 4 Caravan loads done for the day by 14 jumpers.

Ronald AFF Stage 5
Ronald AFF Stage 6 – Photos by Adrian
Ivan AFF Stage 5 – Photo Doyley
E TAFF Stage 1 – Photo Adrian
Marc, “E” Pulin Cui, Adrian, AFF Stage 2
Darren, Kenny, Robin, AFF Stage 2
Kenny, “E” – Photos by Karen

More keen Tandems arrived today, and Funtastic Friday also arrived, along with 23 jumpers. Our first time skydivers today were Steven Hawkins, Reeves Bristowe, Anna Ni and Amanda Davenport.  Ivan and Ronald kept at their AFF. The fun jumpers did the rest.

Reeves tandem freefall – Photo Shelby

Anna tandem freefall – Photos by Adrian
Amanda and Anna – Photo Karen
Nick coach jump – Photo Robin
Sit train – Photo Doyley

Saturday was a beauty. There were 50 jumpers here and we did 11 loads. Tandems took to the skies, Sushant Patil, Lynn Shorter and Kaitlyn Lansbury all went up. (And down a 180 km/hr!).  Shuyi Shirley Zheng did Stage 1 of her AFF Course. Kenny Zheng and Pulin Cui did Stage 2. Brad Fitzwater did Stages 2 & 3. Phillip Garlick was back for a refresher. It was a great day to kick off the long weekend. Lots of B-Rels were happening. The flatties were getting organised by Kristina, wingsuiters were around and other fun jumpers were all trying a bit of everything from solos to angles to horny gorillas!

Sushant tandem freefall – Photo OliM
Lynn tandem
Kaitlyn tandem – Photos by Andy
Kenny AFF Stage 2
Brad delta AFF Stage 2 – Photos by Robin
Brad AFF Stage 3 – Photo Doyley
Laura B-Rel Stage 4 – Photo OliM
David B-Rel 6.1
David and Laurence B-Rel 6.2 – Photos by Drewey
Laura Johansson – Photo Karen

Sunday was just as good as yesterday. We did 12 loads and 48 jumpers did them, including three more Tandems. Guy Gobourn, Joshua Ehrlich and Mark Loborec all took to the sky. Shirley Zheng continued with AFF Stages 2, 3 & 4 and Brad Fitzwater did Stages 4, 5 and 6 of his AFF Course. Again there was a lot of everything happening. And after jumping finished it was off to the pub to watch the footy Grand Final. Monday is a public holiday and the start of another Learning Curve camp. What a week.

Guy tandem exit
Guy tandem freefall – Photos by Adrian
Josh tandem – Photo Scotty
Mark tandem canopy – Photo  Adrian
Shirley AFF Stage 3
Shirley AFF Stage 4 – Photos by OliM
Brad AFF Stage 5
Brad AFF Stage 6 – Photos by Doyley
David B-Rel 6 – Photo OliM

Canopy course (5-6 Oct)

Another awesome weekend running a basic canopy course. Was great to see some new faces on the course. By the end of the courses everyone had really improved on all aspects of flying there wing, from spotting, exits, canopy exercises, flight plans, accuracy and most importantly their landings. If you missed out on this course there will be another one before the end of the year, so stay tuned.

Canopy Course

See ya!

Macca and all the Team at Ramblers.

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Reeves Bristowe – ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Thanks Darren (& Adrian)
Anna Ni – AMAZING!!!  Thanks Adrian! ♥


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Was anxious-as coming in to start my AFF course, but these guys truly put me at ease. Felt more like joining a members club than just buying a commercial course. Great atmosphere - encouraging staff - awesome experience.....Now I just gotta get back and complete the course!

Gordon Price

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