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Tuesday, October 9, 2018


Skye Marsh – Completed AFF
Cody Richardson – Certificate B
Chris “Byrnesy” Byrnes – World Speed Record – in China.

Australian Record – 45-way 2 Point Sequential Skydive (click for video & photos):

It’s Newsletter time again from Monday 1st October, and what a week it was with the Aussie BigWays crew here plus international teams here training for the World Parachute Championships. We fitted in a few loads between the above mentioned. Timur Kapea, Dhana Stokes, Tamika Jane Holstan, Leonardo Vasquez and Iraman Gonzalez all did a Tandem jump with us. And Andrew Petrusma did Stage 5 of his AFF Course.

Timur’s tandem exit
Dhana’s tandem exit
Dhana under canopy – Photos by Adrian

Tamika – Photos by Darren
Leonardo loving the freefall – Photo by Shelby
Iraman in tandem with Adrian – Photo by Oli M.
Andrew AFF5 – Photo by Adrian

On Tuesday we had some more Tandems. Debbie McCarthy and Jake Howes got their jumps in. It was a busy day again.

Jake’s tandem – Photo by Olli
Debbie in Freefall – Photo by Shelby

Wednesday was spectacular.  We had a New Australian “BigWay” Record – a 45-way 2 Point Sequential skydive above us which the participants succeeded in completing it back-to-back three times.

Click here to read the full article including video by David Brown and photos by Steve Fitchett!

Video by David Brown

Fitchimages Photography

Group 1
Group 1 – 1st Point
Group 1 – 2nd Point

Group 2
Group 2 – 1st point
Group 2 – 2nd Point

Group 3
Group 3 – 1st Point
Group 3 – 2nd Point
Aussie Bigways –
Great way to end the day – Photos courtesy of Steve Fitchett –

For more Fitchimages of the Aussie Bigways Premier event with Larry Henderson, visit Steve Fitch’s Facebook page. Or check out David Brown’s Facebook page. Or go to the Aussie Bigways Sports Team Facebook page. 

For all the info about Aussie records, articles, upcoming events, skills development, pro tips, and resources, visit the website:

The one Tandem Thursday was Suzanne Pritchard.  She had a ball! Suzanne found us as she was cycling along the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail at Toogoolawah – she decided to take a look and “wella” into the Sky she jumped.

Suzanna in tandem with Adrian – Photo by Oli M.
Suzanne with her Skydive Certificate – Photo by Karen

The internationals were wandering off to the WPC site but the Aussie BigWays were still hard at it.

Lining up the caravans for a group photo
DZ group with four caravans – Photos by Alex
Ben Nordkamp, Tracey Basman, and Larry Henderson
“The Bigs” briefing
“The Bigs” dirt diving
Formation Loads – 3 Caravans
“The Bigs” coming in to land – Photos by Karen McEvoy

By Friday weather wasn’t looking to great, low clouds and drizzle. A few loads were still done but then the BigWays camp started packing up  and it was all over, back to normal!

Saturday 6th. Weather is looking better today, 3 Tandems joined us for a skydive. Congrats to Elijah Unterburger, Brian O’Brien and Chris Judson for taking the leap with us.  Skye Marsh did Stage 9 of her AFF, congratulations!

The BigWays crew arrived overhead above the clouds for their WPC Opening Ceremony practice jump out of the C17. A 45-way appeared through the cloud, spectacular! Then things started slowing with the weather getting worse.

Elijah tandem – Photo by Doyley
Brian in tandem with Sara, Brendon on video – Photo by Sara
Chris’s first tandem under canopy – Photo by Adrian
Skye AFF Stage 9 – Photo by Olli
..and then it rained…

Sunday started cloudy but then cleared up. We only got two loads in before it turned bad again. We had two Tandems and three observers.  The observers were Chris Judson, Wendy Bush and Leeanne Mitchell and the Tandem passengers were Chris Judson (again) and Leeanne Mitchell.

Leanne’s tandem with Sara – Photo by Sara
Kelly Head Up
Kelly Head Down
Doyley and Kelly Head Up – Photos by Doyley

Statistics for the week

  • Slots/Jumps – 2908
  • Jumpers – 223
  • Loads – 193
  • Malfunctions – 8
  • Cartons – 110
  • Fun Times – 100%

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See ya!
Macca & Team Ramblers.


Ira and Leo –  Amazing experience!  “Best job ever…”  “Darren, Andrew, Shelby and Moustache guy”.  The best crew…  THANK YOU!!!

Debbie McCarthy – Brilliant Experience.  Adrian was GREAT!!!  THANK YOU!!!!

Jake Howes –  There is nothing else that compares to this experience. 10/10.

Suzanne Pritchard – A great and welcoming adventure that made me feel relaxed & awestruck.  Thank you.

Elijah Unterburger – Bloody awesome.

Brian O’Brien – Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! What an experience.  Thanks Sara – felt very safe in your capable hands!

Leeanne Mitchell – It was EPIC!  Did my first tandem surrounded by my hubby and good friends.  Sara was the BEST!  So good.  There are not the words to describe it.

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29 October – DZ closed (no jumping)

3 November – Star Crest Saturday

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