New Australian Record! 45-way 2 Point Sequential skydives

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Congratulations to all record holders for the 45-way 2 Point Sequential skydives! 🎉 We now have 3 new Australian 2-point 45-way records with 80 Aussie Bigwayers getting a new record. Ring that bell!! 🔔🔔 🔔  “Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi!”

Good on Aussie Bigways, thanks to Larry Henderson, big shout out to Tracey Basman and all coaches and organisers! ⭐

Thanks to the Australian Parachute Federation Fi Fund for their generous funding support of this event. Thank you also to the NSW Parachute Council, the Sth QLD Parachute Council, the Toogoolawah Skydivers Club, the WA Parachute Council, and the Nth QLD Parachute Council for their generous funding support of this event.🙏

Epic footaaaaage! 📷Cheers David Brown!

Video by David Brown

Stay tuned for the event video being produced by Kelly Brennan and Jason Lane.

Fitchimages Photography: 3 records

Also check out some brilliant photos of the Aussie BigWays Premier event with Larry Henderson by Steve Fitchett on his Facebook page, or watch this space for updates:

Jump Run – Formation Loads
Group 1
Group 1 – 1st Point
Group 1 – 2nd Point

Group 2
Group 2 – 1st point
Group 2 – 2nd Point

Group 3
Group 3 – 1st Point
Group 3 – 2nd Point
Great way to end the day – Photos courtesy of Steve Fitchett –

For more Fitchimages of the Aussie Bigways Premier event with Larry Henderson, visit Steve Fitch’s Facebook page. Or check out David Brown’s Facebook page. Or go to the Aussie Bigways Sports Team Facebook page. 

For all the info visit the website.

For information about Perris 2019:

The website has a yellow tab at the bottom of the page for you to subscribe to our mailing list, if you haven’t already. This website is our Aussie Bigways Community Centre with State Mentor updates, Skill Development information, National Perspective and Captains Log – there is a mountain of written material to assist you in your journey to Perris Valley USA in May 2019.

Karen McEvoy Photography

Ben Nordkamp, Tracey Basman, and Larry Henderson
“The Bigs” briefing
“The Bigs” dirt diving
Formation Loads – 3 Caravans
“The Bigs” coming in to land – Photos by Karen McEvoy

Sponsors – THANK YOU!

A special thank you to our sponsors. There was major financial assistance from the APF and the State Councils (NSWPC, SQPC, WAPC, NQPC & VTPC) and the Toogoolawah Skydiving Club as outlined in our welcoming address and event close out. Without their generous support this event would not have been a reality and we thank you so much for supporting the Aussie Bigways Team.

Thank you to Dave McEvoy and Skydive Ramblers Staff for hosting our event and sponsoring our Coaching Team slots.

There are our Skydiving Supplier sponsors, who also gave generously to our raffle. Thank you all who purchased tickets so we could raise the funds necessary for other event costs not covered by the APF and Councils, such as plane ferry costs, oxygen, etc.

  • Sunpath – 50% off Javelin Rig. Thank you also for our Team Head Socks and goodies!
  • Cypres – thank you for the 50% off a new Cypres and Maintenance giveaway and goodies!
  • iFLY Downunder – your continual support in tunnel giveaways is amazing!
  • Cookie Helmets – thank you for supporting our State Mentors and Voluntary workers along with the raffle helmet giveaways!
  • NZ Aerosports – thank you for the 30% off a new canopy and free line set!
  • P3 Skydiving – thank you for the free P3 Bigway Camp slot!
  • Mee Loft – thank you for the solo Audible and semi stowless d-bag, and goodies!
  • Intrudair – % off jumpsuits, giveaways and goodies for our Goodie Bags!
  • Manufactory – thank you for the Coaches Yellow & Mentor Blue T-shirts!
  • Supercharge – Free Clinic Coaching by Melissa Harvie!
  • Terminal Sports – thank you for the goodies!

Our ‘world’ is run by Volunteers & Talented Individuals

Many thanks to our Volunteers, who gave their time selflessly to ensure the success of this event:
Larry Henderson – thank you for taking the time to come coach our Bigway team to best prepare for our record event in May 2019. You have continued to give assistance and guidance to our Leadership and Mentor team. We all aspire to be as Humble and Happy as Larry!

Local Coaches who invested time & money to be at the event to work with Larry Henderson and coach the team!

  • Ben Nordkamp
  • David Loncasty
  • Greg Jack
  • Alan Mossy Moss
  • Laurence Garceau
  • Stretch

Shadow Coaches who assisted our coaches, attending on their own ticket to learn more about coaching and slotting of Bigways

  • Kelly Brennan
  • Martin Klapper
  • Joe Rummy Clarke
  • Christian Peric
  • Janine Hayes

Camera Crew

  • Steve Fitch – Lead Cameraman
  • Paul Barker
  • Steve Dines
  • David Brown

Event Committee who assisted in the planning and logistics of the event

  • Martin Klapper
  • Ben Nordkamp
  • John McEvoy, Eloise, Liam, Poo Smith – Pilots flying our formation loads
  • Manifest – Jenny, Sara, Karen, Collette, Vicki
  • DZ Accounts – Margaret
  • Darren Doyle – CI & DZSO
  • Ron & Mick – DZ Ground Staff
  • John Macca & Ben Nordkamp – oxygen management
  • Greg Jack – Event Safety Officer and Raffle master
  • Ben Nordkamp – Event Safety Officer
  • Joe Rummy – Social Media
  • Janine Hayes – writing ASM Article
  • Ben Nordkamp & Darren Doyle – Gear Checks
  • Kristina Hicks – Check in, thank you also Stretch for helping out
  • Sandy Nieuwenhoven – Judge assistance and Onsite Judge for Sequential Records
  • Cole Ruthenberg – Onsite Judge for Sequential Records
  • Peta Holmes – Offsite Judge
  • Bob (Guy Taylor) – Selling of Raffle Tickets
  • Kelly Brennan & Jason Lane – Event Video
  • Packers – Ida & Andy, Kim & Kiwi, Enid & Pam
  • Caterers – Brendan Saunders and his catering team. Thank you for fuelling the Aussie Bigways Team throughout the 7 days!
  • Coffee Truck – Thank you Darren and Mum for the coffees and slushes throughout the event!
  • DZ Marketing – Sonja

And many more that helped in so many ways, such as Janine Hayes gathering details about our participants, Paul Barker and Mark Higgins collecting participant information for the display jump, Artour loaning his computer power cord that truly saved the day! Thank you! Apologies if I have missed anyone…so many helped, it was such a team effort!

All the best and see you in the skies soon
Tracey Basman
Aussie Bigways National Events Co-ordinator

This event is proudly sponsored by the Australian Parachute Federation (APF), NSW Parachute Council, Sth QLD Parachute Council, WA Parachute Council, Nth Qld Parachute Council, VicTas Parachute Council, Toogoolawah Skydiving Club, Skydive Ramblers, Sunpath, Cypres, Cookie Helmets, iFLY Downunder, NZ Aerosports, P3 Skydiving, Intrudair, Mee Loft, Manufactory, Supercharge Terminal Sports.

“The Bigs” – Photo by Karen McEvoy

The facilities and equipment are amazing. Pool, bar, plenty of wildlife and the location is just fantastic. The staff are professional, friendly and very welcoming. The local regular jumpers are extremely helpful too so have a chat, ask questions and get involved. Enjoy.


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