Toogs DZ e-News #341 (30 July – 5 August 2018)

Tuesday, August 7, 2018


Jacob Buchanan – Certificate A
Aaron Andrews – Certificate A
Andrew Fraser-Scott – Certificate B
Blake Dickson – Display General
Mr Woo – Coach Rating

On Monday 30th Lee Atkinson did a refresher course. The westerly winds stopped us from jumping

Tuesday student Jacob Buchanan did 2 jumps towards completing his A Licence. Big welcome back to Karen McEvoy.

Jacob B-Rel 3

Wednesday 1st, Thursday and Friday were pretty quiet.

Dave B-Rel 1 Friday – Photos by Doyley

Tandems Saturday were Luke Duncan, Sharon Jeuken & Fred Schatten.  Student Laura Kan did a First Jump Course, and Jacob Buchanan did more jumps towards his A Licence. We farewelled Mr Park and Mr Oh see you both next year. Ben Nordkamp organised an excellent Formation weekend – photos to come from Steve Fitch.

Luke Duncan’s tandem with Sara – Photo Sara
Sharon lovin’ her tandem
4-way B-Rel Alex & Kenneth

Our Tandems on Sunday were Jayden Ballinger, Brodie Schoenfisch, Kasey-Lee Connors and Cameron Connors.  Students Trent Wyvill, Mitch Williams and Laura Yuck did refresher Courses. The flatflyers kept on doing their formation loads.

Brodie rockin’ his tandem – Photos by Doyley
Kasey lovin’ her tandem – Photo Sara

Cameron on exit and in freefall – Photos by Adrian
Mitch’s refresher jump – Photo Doyley
Laura’s refresher jump – Photo Sara
Paul B-Rel 1 – Photo Adrian
Josh Head Up training – Photo Doyley

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Bring on Downunder Dynamics – Foot Fetish!

See ya!
Macca & Team Ramblers.

Visitor Book Comments

Luke Duncan – INSANE feeling when jumping out of the plane
Brodie Schoenfisch – Great! Would do it again.
Cameron Connors – Adrian is awesome and deserves a Raise!!
Kasey Connors – Was amazing thankyou Sara!  xo Absolutely amazing.

Toogoolawah Skydivers CARTON Log

Karen McEvoy – Just Happy – Back Jumping
Mr Oh – Good time Korea 40degrees
Spotdog – Oli pants me
Oli Morris – Spotdog beat me at Jenga
Macca – 1.8.18! Good Year
Declan Brownee – 1st jump at Ramblers
Macca – 1st To plat NEW piano
Shelby – New Canopy
Ben Nordkamp – 1st Herc Jump
Dan Evers – Beer Line
Alex Carlsson – Landing in closed area
Andrew Fraser-scott – Got my B Licence
Robbie Stewart – Found a ‘Creek’
Natisha Dingle – 1st Formation Load
Mick Tilly – 1st Solo Caravan load
Jonny Tan – 1st Time at Toogs
Ryleigh Hunt – ‘Bridge’

Upcoming events

6-11 August – Downunder Dynamics – Foot Fetish
13-18 August – Downunder Dynamics #5
20-24 August – Learning Curve Camp 
18 August – Star Crest Saturday

23 September – Star Crest Saturday
28 September – 6 October – Aussie Bigways Premier Event 2018 with Larry Henderson

8 October – DZ closed (no jumping)
15-19 October – Pre Nox Get Current Learning Curve Camp
20-28 October – EQUINOX BOOGIE 2018 – Freefall & Music Festival 
29 October – DZ closed (no jumping)

3 November – Star Crest Saturday

17-21 December – Learning Curve Camp

We spent eight days at Skydive Ramblers and had great time. Awesome DZ, awesome friendly staff, great airplane and facilities. Accommodation on premises was great and very reasonably priced. We also enjoyed after jumping socialising at the bar on DZ and great food both at DZ and in nearby Toogoolawah town. Skydive Ramblers are wingsuit friendly and there is plenty of landing space around DZ.
Highlight of our trip was incredible kangaroo action at landing area - we did literally land on kangaroos and it was great fun :-) There are also wild koalas in the area.

Alexander Safonov

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