Toogs DZ e-News #336 (25 June – 1 July 2018)

Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Jeff Teunissen – Completed AFF
Oliver Morris – Certificate A
Zea Elmes – Certificate A

It’s another Newsletter time, it’s from Monday 25th of June, and Day 1 of the Learning Curve Camp. There were quite a few LCC people here including Robbie McMillan, who was running a long weekend long canopy handling seminar. Harvey was also here capturing everyone’s landings. Joshua Large was still here too and did Stages 2, 3, & 4 of his AFF Course. Aircraft Charlie and Marj shared the loads. The daily landing review was a hit and we were off to a good start on Day 1.

Josh AFF Stage 2 landing – Photo Sara
Josh AFF Stage 3 with Olli – Photo Adrian
Josh AFF Stage 4 – Photo Doyley
Harvey filming landings
Fong landing
Benny landing
Darren landing
Dominic and Robbie
Dominic landing
Almost full moon – Photos by Sara
Charmaine, Harry, Barry, Geoff – 4 way practice – Photo Shelby

On Tuesday the weather stayed good and we did good 5 loads including one out of Charlie. Louise Foster returned for Stage 4 of her AFF Course, Anthony Clouting did Stages 5 & 6, Cameron Luck did Stages 7 & 8 and Oliver Morris did his first B-Rel. Other fun jumpers also kept up the pace. Robbie McMillan stayed and carried on coaching to all levels of experience. It was a beaut day and the seminars that night were great.

Louise AFF Stage 4 with Jason – Photo Adrian
Anthony AFF Stage 5
Anthony AFF Stage 6 – Photos by Doyley
Louise flying
Canopy practice with Robbie
Tish landing
Shelby landing
Robbie “The Legend”
Robbie talking canopy skills
Rangry landing
Adrian landing
Geoff landed – Photos by Sara

You guessed it, Wednesday was rained out, and Thursday had low cloud. There were lots of day seminars which were well received so all was not lost. The parties were good too!

After the fog lifted mid morning Friday, the Learning Curve Camp continued with lots of achievements. Some Funtastic Friday fun jumpers arrived and swelled the numbers. The sunset was fantastic, so was the Sausage Sizzle. It was good to finish the LCC on a happy note and congratulations to the achievers and thanks to all the coaches and the staff.

Ollie B-Rel 1 with Olli – Photo Olli
Ollie B-Rel 2 & 3 with Olli – Photos by Olli
Harry, Kurt, Michael, Darren – B-Rel 6
Olli Head Up Crest – Photos by Doyley
Olli landing
Charmaine – Photos by Sara
4-way with Stillie, Charmaine and Barrry – Photo Adrian

Saturday arrived and a hop and pop load broke the ice early. Then it was on with great weather and lots of loads done. Jason Robards and Artur Tylingo were here for a Tandem. Our newest skydiver Jamie Johnstone started the 1st Jump Course did Stage his Stage 1 jump. Skye Marsh did her Stage 4 AFF. Ollie Morris and Jai Seefeld got some training in. Fun jumpers filled the loads all day and a bit of everything was happening; some freefliers were here, “serious” Rel Work was happening, and Star Crests, cannon ball exits and wing suiting.

Artur before his tandem jump
Artur and Sara landed – Photos by Ivan
Skye AFF Stage 4 – Photo Sara
Cameron B-Rel 1 & 2 – Photo Olli
Ollie B-Rel 4 – Photo Sara
Laurence B-Rel 5 – Photo Olli
Luke Head Up coaching – Photo Doyley

There was fog in the morning to greet us on Sunday. It finally cleared and after a shaky start we were off with a couple of loads of Tandems. Friends Mitchell Hauser, Melissa Jeffrey, Alice Newman, Daniel Rogan, Olivia Steele, and Nadelle Fleming all took the leap. Most fun jumpers had left due to the fog but Jake Cole stuck around and did Stage 7. Jeff Teunissen arrived for a couple of jumps and completed did AFF Stage 9 – well done!

Mitchell in tandem with Adrian – Photo Olli
Melissa and Sara in freefall
Melissa landed – Photos by Sara

Alice in tandem with Darren – Photos by Doyley

Daniel in tandem under canopy with Sara – Photos by Sara

Olivia in tandem with Darren – Photos by Doyley
Jake AFF Stage 7 – Photo Olli
Jeff AFF Stage 9 – Photo Adrian
Anton B-Rel 4.1 – Photo Olli

Even with the bad weather periods it was a great week.

Photos Missed From Last Week

Ryan B-Rel 4 – Photo Olli
Tobi in tandem with Birthday Boy Luke Morely – Photo Shelby

Visitor Book Comments

Jason Robards – … laugh, cry, jump for joy.  What mixed emotions for my first jump.  This is the best day ever!!! Thank you!!!

Artur Tylingo – Awesome!!!  Best experience of my life!

Alice Newman – Amazing!!! Best experience + people – Thank You!!

Melissa Jeffrey – So special!

Mitch Hanser – So much fun!! Thank You!!

Olivia Steele – So nervous for my first jump but it was INCREDIBLE!  Thank you so much!

Nadelle Fleming – What a perfect experience thank you!

Daniel Rogan – I am shooketh. Amazing!

See ya!
Macca & Team Ramblers.


Upcoming events

9 July – Solo IAD Parachute 1st Jump Course
14 July – Star Crest Saturday

4-5 August – 30-way Formation Loads
6-11 August – Downunder Dynamics – Foot Fetish
13-18 August – Downunder Dynamics #5
20-24 August – Learning Curve Camp 
25 August – Star Crest Saturday

23 September – Star Crest Saturday
28 September – 6 October – Aussie Bigways Premier Event 2018 with Larry Henderson

8 October – DZ closed (no jumping)
15-19 October – Pre Nox Get Current Learning Curve Camp
20-28 October – EQUINOX BOOGIE 2018 – Freefall & Music Festival 
29 October – DZ closed (no jumping)

3 November – Star Crest Saturday

17-21 December – Learning Curve Camp

Massive Drop Zone. Best place for training by far. Food and accommodation onsite for extended adventures!

Daniel Peberdy

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