Ramblers Drop Zone Action ⭐️ e-News #472 (5-11 July 2021)

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

 Jason Cambieras – Completed AFF & A Certificate
 Ben Wright – Completed AFF
 Jamesy Boi – B Certificate
 Kevin Young – Wing Suit Crest
 Jayden – One Year Skydiving ♡
 Jayden – 400th 😃
 Nellie Moody – 600th

Monday 5th July – Another Monday, another Newsletter. It was a nice Monday. Two new students started their skydiving training. Benjamin Wright did Stage 1 of his AFF Course. Jason Cambieras was still around and did Stages 7 & 8 of his AFF Course. And Elyes Merritt did a Tandem. Other regular fun jumpers made up the thee Caravan loads.

Elyes Tandem – under canopy – Photo OliM
Jason AFF Stage 7 – backflips
Jason AFF Stage 8 – ready to go

Tuesday – We were busier today by one Caravan load. Another new student Leung Tsung (Marco) Lam did Stages 1 of the AFF Course. Benjamin continued on with Stages 2, 3 & 4 and Jason Cambieras was still here and did Stage 9 – completing his AFF. Congratulations Jason!

Ben AFF Stage 3 with John – Photo Adrian
Ben AFF Stage 4 – Photo JohnH
Jason AFF Stage 9 – Photo Sara
Georgie and John angle exit – Photo Adrian

We had another Tandem on Wednesday. Erin Bromley was up for it! Ben Wright did Stages 5 & 6 of his AFF Course. It was all about students today. We did three light loads.

Erin and Oli – Photo JohnH
Ben AFF Stage 5 flying by himself for the first time
Ben first unlinked exit AFF Stage 6 – Photos by Adrian
Jason B-Rel Stage 1 – Photo John

Thursday was a little busier, four Caravan loads again for the day. Ben Wright was on three of them and did Stages 7, 8 & 9, completing his AFF. Congratulations, “A”Certificate next!

Ben AFF Stage 7 tracking for days – Photo Adrian
Jason B-Rel 2 exiting backwards
Jason B-Rel 3 freefall – Photos by OliM
Tyla freeflying
Jensen, Georgie and Travis open accordion – Photos by Adrian

Friday was quiet. The winds were getting up. There was only a C182 load early and one Caravan load at sunset when  Blake Singer arrived for a Tandem. (Thanks Blade, it was a beaut sunset jump!)

Blake tandem freefal smiling into the sunset

Saturday started out bravely. It was the start of the “Freefly and Angle Load Organising with Drewy“, and the experienced RW gang was here. The westerly winds were threatening but we managed four full loads before the day was called. Hannah Jefferies and Dan Mayhew spent the day in the classroom and doing landing rolls off logs. Again there were lots of fun jumpers and intermediate people here. The fire was popular that evening.

Sunday was beautiful! Lots of skydivers were here and we did 16 loads using both Caravans. A bit of everything was happening. Drewy’s angle jumpers got stuck into it, topped of with a great de-brief at sunset.

Our Tandems were Riva Delisser, Matthieu Etchegaray, Camille Etchegaray and Alain Etchegaray.

1st Jump Students from yesterday, Dan Mayhew and Hannah Jefferies did Stages 1, 2 & 3 of the AFF Course and Matthew Franczak did Stages 7 & 8. It was a good weather, busy day – for the third Sunday in a row! Thank goodness for Sundays!

Canille tandem under canopy after an awesome freefall – Photos by OliM
Dan TAFF Stage 1 – Photo Adrian
Hannah TAFF Stage 1
Dan, Fisch, Hannah ready to jump AFF Stage 2
Dan AFF Stage 3 – Photos by Sara
Matt all smiles after completing AFF Stage 7
Matt solid track on AFF Stage 8 – Photos by Weaver
Alex recurrency – Photo JohnH

Freefly and Angle Load Organising with Drewy

“19 loads on a Sunday!!! That’s epic by any standard. Thank you to everyone who came out to jump over the weekend. Saturday was pretty challenging conditions unfortunately but it was impressive to see so many people stick it out through the weather day and charge hard Sunday. Its great to see the progression in everyone with each jump. You all definitely proved there is a lot of interest for these events. Good news is this won’t be the last so for anyone I didn’t get the chance to jump with watch this space.

Big thank you to Skydive Ramblers, Toogoolawah Skydivers Club Inc, Queensland Parachuting Association – NQPC and SQPC for all your support, Adrian Seemann for getting the ball rolling and everyone who helped out during the day!”

Matt Drew.


 Matthieu Etchegaray: “First time jumping and I had the best of time.  It was so much fun, I can’t wait to do it again!”

See ya,

Macca and Team Ramblers.

DZ Flashback – Blast From The Past

Visit our Ramblers history webpage for more info…

1990s late – David Junior McEvoy and Martin Hutchinson off for a freefly skydive – Both started their skydiving at Toogs and went on to get their Tandem ratings – Photographer unknown (please direct message us)

(to be confirmed…)

As an experienced skydiver, I took my whole family to Ramblers to introduce each of them to a tandem jump. Ramblers is an awesome experience for tandems and for fun jumpers.

Erin Gillespie

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