Ramblers Drop Zone Action ⭐️ e-News #471 (28 June – 4 July 2021)

Tuesday, July 6, 2021

 Caleb Sibly – A License

Photos from last week…

Travelling Tripfinders – Nick Wu and Grace Sha (27 June)
Travelling Tripfinder Grace on exit
Travelling Tripfinder Grace Sha with Tandem Master Ty – Photos by Adrian seemann

Monday 28th June and Tuesday  – Our Tandems were Jenna Edwards, Paris and Chase Porter. Our regulars and a few visiting jumpers filled the sorties. The week started slowing down, but we still managed to get a few loads in.

And then it was LOCKDOWN TIME until Friday followed by bad weather on Saturday.

Sunday 4th July was beautiful. And skydivers started arriving early. There were lots of intermediate level and quite a few experienced jumpers here. Our Tandem was Billie MacGinley. Jason Cambieras did Stages 4, 5 & 6 of his AFF Course and Matthew Franczak did Stage 7. Max worked on his B-Rels. Masks were everywhere!

Billie lovin her tandem jump – Photo by Sara
Jason AFF Stage 4 doing great – Photos by Sara
Jason AFF Stage 5 – flying by himself for the first time – Photo Adrian
Jason AFF Stage 6 – Photo Robin
Matt AFF Stage 7 exit
Matt AFF Stage 7 freefall – Photos by OliM
Max B-Rel Stage 5 with help of Aaron – Photo Adrian
Max B-Rel 6.1 with help of Aaron and Andy – Photo Shelby
Georgie, Zack, Connor
Zacky and Kurt foot dock
Zacky lovin it – Photos by Josh

Visitor Book Comments

 Chase Porter: “Great experience definitely going again.”
 Paris Porter:  “Thank you for an amazing experience ♡”
 Jenna Edwards: “Amazing and would definitely do it again.”

Feedback Email

“Hello, I just wanted to email you back and let you know my sky dive was AMAZING! From the moment I arrived to the moment we landed everything was just perfect! Ty was just awesome too, perfect instructor to be paired with! Thank you all so much! I’ll be back for sure  🙂 🙂 Thanks Again. Billie MacGinley.

See ya,

Macca and Team Ramblers.

DZ Flashback – Blast From The Past

Visit our Ramblers history webpage for more info…

mid 1980s – Twin Otter doing a BeatUp at the Nationals

(to be confirmed…)

Did my first tandem jump with Sara what an absolute buzz & she made it completely painless highly recommended if you are looking to jump in Australia

Steve Lindley

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