Ramblers Drop Zone Action ⭐️ e-News #473 (12-18 July 2021)

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

 Jensen Brouwer – First Angle
 Pat Yardley – Nudie Boo
 John Hamilton – New Canopy – 1st Cross Braces

Monday 12th July Our two Tandems today were Alice Miller and Tamara Yardley. And our newest student Christopher Gustafsson did Stage 1 of his AFF Course.

Alice tandem under canopy – Photo OliM
Tamara loving freefall – Photo Sara
Chris TAFF Stage 1 – Photo JohnH

More Tandems on Tuesday. Talia and Neil Ramsay took to the skies! Chris Gustafsson continued on with Stage 2 of his AFF Course. Jason Camperias got some B-Rel stages done. Travelling skydivers and to locals jumped on the loads.

Talia loving freefall  – Photos by Adrian
Chris TAF Stage 2 – Photo JohnH
Jason B-Rel 4 – Photo Adrian

On Wednesday  Chris did two more jumps. Oli took Jannick for a B-Rel 2 and Sara took Jason for B-Rel 5.

Chris ready for AFF Stage 2 – Photo Sara
Chris AFF Stage 2 – Photo JohnH
Jannick B-Rel 2 doing some awesome leg turns – Photo OliM
Jason B-Rel 5 – Photo Sara

Thursday was a bit quiet but Chris did Stages 3 and 4 of his AFF Course.

Chris AFF Stage 3 – Photo JohnH
Chris AFF Stage 4 – getting the hang of turns – Photo Adrian

Friday blown out. And Saturday was also weathered out for the 4th weekend in a row!!

Sunday saved us again (for the 4th weekend in a row!) Lots of Tandems were here. Stephanie De Wit, Jai Coffison, Luke Hill, Calvin Mukerji, Peter Cai, Monika Barbaresco and Saxon Spillett all got their knees in the breeze.

Our new students Siddharth Beswami and Roger Flores-Ore did Stage 1 of their AFF Course. Hannah Jeffries did Stage 4, and Chris Gustafsson did Stages 5, 6. 7 & 8 of his AFF Course. And the fun jumpers who stayed for the day filled all the loads.

Stephanie tandem freefall – Photo Tyla
Jai tandem – Photo Andy
Luke tandem freefall
Monika tandem exit
Monika tandem freefall – Photos by Adrian
Roger TAFF Stage 1 – Photo Andy
Hannah AFF Stage 4 – doing some awesome turns – Photo Adrian
Chris AFF Stage 5
Chris AFF Stage 6
Chris AFF Stage 7
Chris AFF Stage 8 – Photos by JohnH
Rieche on B-Rel Stage 1
Jake B-Rel Stage 2 – Photos by Fisch
Max B-Rel Stage 6 exit
Max B-Rel Stage 6 with Rosie and Georgie – Photos by Adrian
Corey B-Rel – Photo Robin
Josh, Victor, Zac – Sunset Angle – Photo Georgie Johnston

Look out for Learning Curve on now!!!

See ya,

Macca and Team Ramblers.

DZ Flashback – Blast From The Past

Visit our Ramblers history webpage for more info…

1982-ish: Jim Spark landing his round reserve (with line twists) after an “in-flight transfer” (opening his reserve and then cutting away his good, open main), into Lang Park at the QRL Grand Final. Note the main pilotchute about to land in front of the grandstand!

(to be confirmed…)

"Thank you Skydive Ramblers for providing me with an amazing experience. This was my first tandem skydive. All staff are friendly, professional and highly experienced. The environment felt like being apart of family, so thank you again. Highly recommended..I’ll be back again 🙌"

Anita Moore

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