Ramblers Drop Zone Action ⭐️ e-News #474 (19-25 July 2021)

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

 Christer Gustafsson – Completed AFF
 Conor Loughnan – Completed AFF
 AlanB Certificate
 Matt Hyland – 1300th Jump
 Skyze – Recurrency after 12 Months
 Georgie Johnston – 1st Wingsuit Jump

 Morgs – First Rig Jump
 Trav – First Pack
 Tracts – Jumped my First Pack 500
 Leigha – Jumped my First Pack Job
 Sarah Breeze (Pilot!) – Busiest Day Yet – 10 Loads!

Monday 19th July The Learning Curve Camp week was off to a good start, lots of people here, 28 in total. Six Caravan loads for the day. Perfect weather. And Chris Gustafsson did Stage 9 of his AFF Course. Well done Chris!

Tuesday was not so good weather-wise, we only managed two loads before the wind stalled the day. Liam O’Brien was back for a Refresher Course. Nineteen skydivers got their knees in the breeze but then the breeze turned into wind!

Jason B-Rel 6.2 – Photo JohnH
Morgan tracking coaching – Photo OliM

Wednesday was quiet, too windy for parachuting.

Thursday was brilliant! Ten loads for the day and 40 skydivers took to the skies. Lots of B-Rels, Angles, refreshers and fun jumps! Our Tandem today was Geoffrey Roscoe.

Sara’s Canopy Couse had 8 parachutists register. The Canopy Piloting Courses with Sara are open to all jumpers with the aim to learn all the basic skills to fly & land in a busy eco-system amongst other canopies: Canopy Skills & Essential Manoeuvres,  Increased Knowledge & Confidence. This event is supported by the APF, SQPC, and WIAS.

Conor Loughnan managed Stages 8 and 9 well, finishing his AFF Course. Congratulations Conor!

Conor AFF 8 – tracking for days
Troy B-Rel 6 with Morgan and James – Photos by Adrian
Liam Recurrency
Skye Recurrency – Photos by JohnH
Canopy Course – Troy, Morgan, James x 2, Rieche, Sabine, Leigha Lee, Sara – Photo OliM
Thursday sunset angle – Photo Adrian

Friday started well but then the rain came along and dampened the day. There were lots of skydivers here but we only managed four loads. Sara’s Canopy Course squeezed 3 jumps in so all was not lost. It was a good LCC week. Harvey’s landing tapes were fantastic as usual. Lots of seminars filled the weather gaps. Lots of fun was had and the fire blazed every night (all day actually!). Thanks to all the Coaches and thanks again Harvey. And thanks to everybody who came along for the week.

Morgan and Troy – Canopy Course
Rieche – Canopy Course
Troy, Morgan, James – Canopy Course – Photos by Sara

Saturday started well. It was our first Saturday of skydiving after 4 Saturdays of not jumping! We managed 7 Caravan loads and 3 x C182 loads before the weather turned. Luckily we jumped our tandems earlier in the day. Brandy Palmer, Ronan Brady, Daryl Warhurst, Eruette (Ed) Puhi, Heremia Simeon, Timothy Toko and Sarah Hathway all took the big leap in Tandem! Our student Hannah Jefferies did AFF Stage 5. It was a beaut day until the weather turned.

Brandy tandem freefall
Ronan tandem exit
Ronan tandem canopy – Photos by Adrian
Ed in freefall – Photo Sara
Heremia smiles under canopy – Photo OliM
Tim calm before tandem – Photo Sara
Sarah tandem – Photo JohnH
Conor B-Rel Stage 1 – Great approaches – Photo OliM
Jannick B-Rel 4
Jannick B-Rel 5 with James – Photo JohnH

Sunday was looking threatening but we managed one load of Tandems. Darshna McKenzie, Allison Voigt, and Santosh Deshande all took to the skies. And that was IT ! Oh well, the grass is green.

Darshna loving freefall – Photo Sara
Allison tandem exit – Photo Adrian

See ya,

Macca and Team Ramblers.

Feedback Email

“Hello Dave,
I’d like to take a moment to say that I had a great first jump yesterday. From the moment we arrived to the time we left, I was very appreciative of how relaxing the environment was. This also helped me get through my nerves, and everything ran very smoothly. Ollie, my instructor, was awesome throughout and made the experience all the more fun as well. The video quality exceeded my expectations and I’d love to jump again with youse very soon. I believe there’s not much to say in terms of areas where you can improve, but I’ll be happy to share if I think of anything.
Cheers again,

DZ Flashback – Blast From The Past

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1979 Otter Boogie Kingaroy – Sitting John Greig – Geoff Holmes – Gunn Knudsen behind Alan Tricky – Wendy Rose – Joe Armstrong – Standing Dave McEvoy – Jim Sparke – x – Geoff Carr behind Blaino – Ross Loughton – Trevor Lucas – Graham Jeffery – Graham Darr – Shane – John van Workem behind Dennis Halligan – Marty Ratia – John Friswell – Kathy Silvestrie – x – Chumley
1980 Otter Boogie, Kingaroy – Photographer unknown (email newsletter@ramblers.com.au for credit)

(to be confirmed…)

I'm a new jumper and it was heaven on earth for me! 
You always get to $14000 feet and you are surrounded by fun jumpers with crazy skill keen to teach. 
If you haven't been go!! To say I love it is an understatement. I'll be back very soon!!

Ande Rogers

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