Toogs DZ e-News #423 (24th Feb. – 1st March 2020)

Tuesday, March 3, 2020


Todd Dowsley – 200th Jump
Kristina Hicks – 600th Jump
Terry Frey – 1st jump at 18,000ft
John Hannon – 300th Jump

Monday 24th February – A slow start to the week. Not much happened today.

Tuesday. A better day for skydiving. Student Samuel Mason return and completed Stage 2 and 3 of his AFF course. Brendon Hunter completed stage 4 and 5 of his AFF course. The local crew kept the plane full all day.

Brendon AFF 4
Brendon AFF 5 – Photos by John
Ken Birthday Tandem – Photo Sara
Marie Shredding with Zac – Photo Zac
Sam AFF 2 – Photo Oli
Sam AFF 3 – Photo Sara
Sam TAF 1 – Photo Sara

Wednesday was a great day for jumping, the weather was perfect. Student Sam powered though Stages 4,5 and 6 of his AFF course and Brendon completed stage 6 and 7 of his course. Tandem jumper for today was Susan Macrea – congrats on taking the leap.

Kristina B-Rel 3
Kristina B-Rel 4 – Photos by Oli
Sam AFF 4 – Photo Robin
Sam AFF 5 – Photo John
Sweet Johnny’s 300th
Sweet Johnny’s 300th – photos by Zacky
Sam AFF 6 – Photo Robin

Thursday. The two student were back at it again both Sam and Brendon completed stages 8 of their AFF course.

MS Exposed jumpers were back out training to beat the Naked skydiving record, and Tim Davies from the Today Show did a Tandem skydive with Darren for the cause.

Sam AFF 7 – Photo Darren
Sam AFF 7 – Photo Darren
Sam Leaving AFF 7 – Photo Darren
Sam AFF 8 – Photo Darren
Tim Davies on exit for MS Exposed – Photo by Steve Fitchett –
Tim for MS exposed in Tandem – Photo Darren
Tim Davies for MS Exposed – in Tandem with Darren – Photo by Steve Fitchett –
Tim Davies for MS Exposed – in Tandem with Darren – Photo by Steve Fitchett –

Funtastic Friday was here. Lots of skydivers were here for the cheap jumps. We got a lot of loads up today. MS Exposed jumpers were still training very hard for the record jump on Saturday.

Flossy just chilling – Photo Zac
Johnny Sit flying – Photo Marie
Zac and Smithy – Photo Flossy

Saturday was a huge day at the Dropzone. Tandems for today were Jarred, Nicholas, Kaycee, Luciuous, Craig and Lauren – Big congrats too all who jumped. Student Guy Gobourn completed 3 jumps today, Angus Johnson returned and did Stage 1, 2, and 3 of his AFF course. Jack did Stage 2 and 3.

MS Exposed jumpers took their clothes off and took to skies, with 3 jumps competed today, unfortunately they only successfully got 22 into formation (record is 24). All participants will try again tomorrow.

Guy AFF 4
Guy AFF 5 – Photos by Sara
Jack AFF 2 opening
Jack AFF 3 – Photos by Johnny
Angus before AFF 2 – Photo Sara
Craig Tandem – Photo Sara
Luciuous Tandem
Luciuous Tandem – Photos by Wayne

Sunday 1st March. Another beautiful day in paradise. Tandems for today were Juliette, Lindsey, Ryan, Gladys, Leonard and Breearna – congrats too all. Student Guy continued through his AFF course. Jack Judge and Angus both completed Stages 4, 5 and 6 of their AFF course.

MS Exposed gave it another 3 jumps at trying to beat the Naked Skydiving record, but fell short again.

Angus AFF 4 – Photo Oli
Angus AFF 6 – Photo Johnny
Jack AFF 4
Jack AFF 5 – Photos by Johnny
Jack AFF 6
Lindsay Tandem – Photos by Sara
Leonard Tandem – Photo Tibor

See ya, thanks for a great week and weekend.

Macca and The Team of Ramblers.

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Ken Caesar – Thanks Sara, great place, great people.

Susan MacRae – That was Awesome! Thanks so much Sara you made the experience so  much better, can not wait to show everyone what we did. Thanks again.

Craig Avenell – I’ll B back soon. Thanks!

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My experience of a tandem skydive was for my 40th Birthday. I could not imagine possibly enjoying myself any more than what I did today. Thank you to my tandem guide and the video guys. Instructions were very clear and thorough about what to do, what to expect and I got a great tour guide experience up in the air. I look forward to doing it again.


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