Ramblers Drop Zone e-News #424 (2-8 March 2020)

Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Jack Judge – AFF completed
Jim Collins – Star Crest
John Hamilton – 1st time in ASM (Skydiving magazine)

Monday 2nd March – Another great start to the week. Students Jensen Bouwer was out and completed AFF 8 and a few fun jumps. Brenden Hunter worked towards his A Certificate accuracy. Two Tandems for today were Ben Wilson and Sharnie Waldron – congrats to both of you.

Ben and Sharnie ready to skydive – Photo Darren
Christian head down – Photo Isaac
Jensen AFF8 – Photo Johnny

Tuesday 3rd  Beautiful conditions for jumping. Sara and Isaac ran a Hop ‘n’ Pop canopy coaching day with Shane, Chanel and Seth. All 3 jumpers having a very productive day with everyone learning a lot. Their landings were great, the exit’s funny.

Chanel Exit 182
Seth Exit 182
Shane Exit 182

Wednesday 4th  Jack Judge returned and smashed out AFF 7, 8 and 9 completing his AFF training, well done! Jason managed to get a few classic accuracy jumps in between the Caravan loads.

Jack AFF7 Backloops – Photo Sara
Jack AFF8 – Photo Johnny
Jack AFF9 – Photo Robin

Thursday 5th  Channel 9 TV joined us for a Tandem skydive. Briana Goodchild and Michael Balk took the leap of faith. Both thoroughly enjoyed their skydives – Congrats. The boys continued with their Hop ‘n’ Pop jumps.

Michael Exit – Darren
Michael – Photo Alex
Briana Frefall – Photo Oli
Briana under canopy – Photo Sara

Friday 6th  Funtastic Friday was here. Robson started his Tandem training today, Robson will be joining the Ramblers Team as a Tandem Master, if you see him onsite come say G’day.  Nevan Murray booked if for an AFF Course. It was a Hop ‘n’ Pop week with the locals running more low altitude jumps today.

Saturday 7th  Andrew Sheehan completed AFF 4. Ed Keating completed AFF 4. Nevan Murray completed AFF 1 and 2. Robert Hensley and Michael Keddie both completed a refresher course after a bit of time away. Jim did a great 8 way Star Crest jump with the local skydivers, good one.

8 way funcrest for Jims Star Crest – Photo Drewy
Andrew AFF4 – Photo Sara
Ed AFF4 – Photo Robin
Mick Refresher – Photo Isaac
Nevan TAF1 – Photo Oli
Nevan before AFF2 – Photo Oli
Robson – Tandem Master training with Darren
Robson – Tandem Master training – Photos by Darren
Zoo dive with Victor, Cozzie and Jim – Photo Toddy

Sunday 8th The forecast didn’t look good. We still managed to get a couple of jumps in. Unfortunately the students didn’t get to jump today due to low clouds. We’ll try again tomorrow.

Robson ready for his 4 tandem training jump – Photo Darren


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 Ben Wilson – That’s living Barry (Will not forget)

 Sharnie Walden – Best thrill

 Briana Goodchild – AMAZING!!! Never thought I’d do it but so so glad I did and I got to do if for TV as a kid’s TV presenter

 Michael Balk – Channel 9 TV Crew: Incredible jump amazing team. Professional, accommodating & great fun. Will be back. Thank You.

See ya, thanks for a great week and weekend.

Macca and The Team of Ramblers.

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Went with them today for my first ever skydiving. It was amazing, exhilarating and exciting. Don't be scared, there's nothing terrifying about it. Once you are out of the plane, it feels like you're flying.


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