Ramblers Drop Zone e-News #424 (2-8 March 2020)

Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Jack Judge – AFF completed
Jim Collins – Star Crest
John Hamilton – 1st time in ASM (Skydiving magazine)

Monday 2nd March – Another great start to the week. Students Jensen Bouwer was out and completed AFF 8 and a few fun jumps. Brenden Hunter worked towards his A Certificate accuracy. Two Tandems for today were Ben Wilson and Sharnie Waldron – congrats to both of you.

Ben and Sharnie ready to skydive – Photo Darren
Christian head down – Photo Isaac
Jensen AFF8 – Photo Johnny

Tuesday 3rd  Beautiful conditions for jumping. Sara and Isaac ran a Hop ‘n’ Pop canopy coaching day with Shane, Chanel and Seth. All 3 jumpers having a very productive day with everyone learning a lot. Their landings were great, the exit’s funny.

Chanel Exit 182
Seth Exit 182
Shane Exit 182

Wednesday 4th  Jack Judge returned and smashed out AFF 7, 8 and 9 completing his AFF training, well done! Jason managed to get a few classic accuracy jumps in between the Caravan loads.

Jack AFF7 Backloops – Photo Sara
Jack AFF8 – Photo Johnny
Jack AFF9 – Photo Robin

Thursday 5th  Channel 9 TV joined us for a Tandem skydive. Briana Goodchild and Michael Balk took the leap of faith. Both thoroughly enjoyed their skydives – Congrats. The boys continued with their Hop ‘n’ Pop jumps.

Michael Exit – Darren
Michael – Photo Alex
Briana Frefall – Photo Oli
Briana under canopy – Photo Sara

Friday 6th  Funtastic Friday was here. Robson started his Tandem training today, Robson will be joining the Ramblers Team as a Tandem Master, if you see him onsite come say G’day.  Nevan Murray booked if for an AFF Course. It was a Hop ‘n’ Pop week with the locals running more low altitude jumps today.

Saturday 7th  Andrew Sheehan completed AFF 4. Ed Keating completed AFF 4. Nevan Murray completed AFF 1 and 2. Robert Hensley and Michael Keddie both completed a refresher course after a bit of time away. Jim did a great 8 way Star Crest jump with the local skydivers, good one.

8 way funcrest for Jims Star Crest – Photo Drewy
Andrew AFF4 – Photo Sara
Ed AFF4 – Photo Robin
Mick Refresher – Photo Isaac
Nevan TAF1 – Photo Oli
Nevan before AFF2 – Photo Oli
Robson – Tandem Master training with Darren
Robson – Tandem Master training – Photos by Darren
Zoo dive with Victor, Cozzie and Jim – Photo Toddy

Sunday 8th The forecast didn’t look good. We still managed to get a couple of jumps in. Unfortunately the students didn’t get to jump today due to low clouds. We’ll try again tomorrow.

Robson ready for his 4 tandem training jump – Photo Darren


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 Ben Wilson – That’s living Barry (Will not forget)

 Sharnie Walden – Best thrill

 Briana Goodchild – AMAZING!!! Never thought I’d do it but so so glad I did and I got to do if for TV as a kid’s TV presenter

 Michael Balk – Channel 9 TV Crew: Incredible jump amazing team. Professional, accommodating & great fun. Will be back. Thank You.

See ya, thanks for a great week and weekend.

Macca and The Team of Ramblers.

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