Toogs DZ e-News #422 (17-23 February 2020)

Tuesday, February 25, 2020


Todd Dowsley – 1st 18,000ft jump
Bryan Jones – 1st jump on own pack
Bryan Jones – Koala Crest
Ashley Bolt – 1st Jump at Ramblers
Ellen Bingham – B Licence
Nellie Moody – 40th B’day

Monday 17th February A new start to the skydiving week, the sun was out and shining bright. The local jumpers Ellen, Adam, Matt, Todd, John, Michael, Isaac, Bryan, Ninette, Nellie, Luke and Michael kept the caravan full.

Luke Puxley Brel 6.3 with Isaac, Todd and Michael – photo Isaac

Tuesday  Another beautiful day in paradise. Two Tandems for today were Sally Robinson and Steven Belthouser (Skip) who celebrated their anniversary by jumping out of a plane – Congratulations. Victoria was back and she worked towards here accuracy landings and also got a B-Rel jump in as well. Kristina compelted B-Rel 1&2. We managed to get 5 caravan loads in for today.

Kristina Brel 1 with Johnny – Photo Johnny
Kristina Brel 2 with Sara – Photo Sara
Sally and Skip ready for their skydive – Photo Sara
Sally freefalling – Photo Sara
Skip ready to jump – photo Sara
Victoria B-Rel 1 with Johnny – photo Johnny
Victoria Photo Shoot – Photo Oli

Wednesday A slower day today, it was a very humid day, we still managed to get a few loads in. Then it stormed. And it was a great storm, it even blew a tree over.

Fallen Tree – Photo Sara

Thursday New student for today was Brendon Hunter who is booked in for a 20 jump package. Brendon completed his Stage 1 that afternoon with Darren. The local jumpers kept the plane turning.

Brendon TAF1 – Photo Oli
Chanel B-Rel 2&3 – Photo Johnny
Sweet Johnny – photo Nellie
Zach and Nellie exit – Photo Oli

Friday  Funtastic Friday was in full swing. Total of 9 caravan loads took to the skies today, lots of happy faces on the DZ. Tandem today was Donna Hewer, this was Donnas 2nd Tandem – Congrats. Brendon Hunter completed Stages 2&3 of his AFF Course and Guy Gobourn returned and completed Stages 1&2 of his AFF Course. A total of 50 jumpers were here today, yee-ha.

Brendon AFF2 – photo Johnny
Chanel Brel 4 with Darren – Photo Darren
Chanel B-Rel 5 wih Isaac – Photo Isaac
Donna ready to jump – Photo Darren
Guy AFF2 – Photo Oli
Lachlan Refresher – Photo Robin
Maria B-Rel 6.1 with Isaac  – Photo Isaac
Todd ready for Angle Jump – Photo Isaac
Sunset angle with the Boys – Photo Robson

Saturday  New students for today were Sam Mason and Jack Judge, both boys are booked in for the full A licence course. Both Sam and Jack completed Stage 1 in the afternoon. Brendon Hunter and Guy Gobourn competed Stage 3 of their AFF Course today.

MS Exposed naked skydive crew were at it again for their last training weekend before they go for the record attempt on the 29th Feb. A total of 10 fun filled caravan loads today. Another great day of jumping.

Brendon AFF3 – Photo Darren
Shirley Brel 6.3 with Darren and Matt – photo Darren
Guy AFF3 – Photo Sara
Jack TAF1 exit – Photo Ty
Jack Landing – Photo Ty
Sam TAF1 exit – Photo Robson
Sam TAF1 freefall – Photo Robson
MS Exposed Undress Rehearsal – photo by Steve Fitchett –

Sunday   Hmmmm….Not the best skydiving weather today, scattered clouds and light rain. Everyone persevered and we still managed to get a few loads in. Unfortunately the students had to stay on the ground. Darren ran a few seminars in-between the loads which kept everyone updated and informed.

Nudies hit ice on exit!!! Photo by Steve Fitchett –
Nudies hit ice on exit!!! Photo by Steve Fitchett –
MS Exposed Undress Rehearsal – Photo by Steve Fitchett –

See ya,

Macca and The Ramblers Team.

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Sally Robinson and Skip Belthouser – Fantastic experience. Will do it again

Donna Hewer – Darren was amazing. LOVED IT! Thank you

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This is the place for your AFF Skydive Course! It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life and in no small part due to the great people at the Toogoolawah dropzone. I highly recommend this place for those considering learning how to throw themselves out of a perfectly good airplane. You won't regret your decision.

Sean B.

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