Toogs DZ e-News #384 (27 May – 2 June 2019)

Tuesday, June 4, 2019


Todd Pickering – Certificate A
Harrison Carrodus – Certificate A
Brendt Hughes – Certificate B
Benji – 300 Jumps
Ty Fels – Coach Endorsement

Monday 27th May  – A good start to the new jumping week. Sammy K, Matt Drew and Brendan Green got a few fun jumps in, whilst the locals Cory, Ellen, Eddie, Kurt, Aaron, Nick, JanelleOli, Johnny and Cam kept the plane loads full.

Tuesday 28th – Four loads for today, was a little bit windy for the students. Benji worked thru his headup crest with Matt Drew. Few new faces at the DZ today.

Benji Head Up Crest – Photo Drewy

Wednesday 29th  New jumper Jacob Chin arrived for a refresher jumps with us today, unfortunately those westerly winds kept him on the ground. Chris, Kurt, Drewy, Shelby, Johnny, David, Jamie, Jay, Oli and Zeb all got some great skydives in today. Chris Blinks completed B-Rel 4 with local coach Shelby.

Chris B-Rel 4 – Photo Shelby

Thursday 30th  Nevan Murray joined us for a Tandem skydive today. Zeb powered though his B-Rel 3 with Darren and B-Rel 4 with Adrian. A few other fun jumpers were here having fun too.

Nevan tandem freefall – Photo John H
Zeb B-Rel 3 – Photo Doyley
Zeb B-Rel 4 – Photo Adrian

Friday 31st  Funtastic Friday was here. Beautiful weather, blue skies and light winds. Jacob worked on his brel 6 with Adrian, Oli and Johnny helping out. The ‘Boys’ took to the skies for some FreeFly Friday jumps.

Jacob B-Rel 6 with Oli and John – Photo Adrian
Friday Freefly – Photo Drewy
Friday Freefly – Photo Smithy

Saturday 1st June – Winter!  What a great day! We had everything from Students to Starcrests, Hop ‘n’ Pops to Freeflying today. Students Dennis Liew and Todd Dowsley completed Stage 1 of their AFF CoursesZeb and Chris both working on their B-Rel stage 5 and 6 together. Brendt completed his B-Rel training with Sara. Jared completed some B-Rels too. DZ welcomed back Micky for a short visit, check out the photo below. Benji completed his 300th jump today with Drewy, Congrats.

Todd and Dennis Stage 1
Todd TAF Stage 1 with Adrian – Photos by Doyley
Zeb and Chris Bromance B-Rel 5
Zeb and Chris B-Rel 5 with Charmaine
Zeb and Chris 4 point 3 way – Photos by Adrian
Brendt B-Rel 6 with Johnny and Nicole – Photo Sara
Jared smashing through his B-Rels with help from Tim – Photo Anthony
Welcome back Mick
Benji’s 300th – Photos by Drewy

Sunday 2nd – Tricky weather conditions for today but we still manage to get a few loads in. Tandems for today were Mark Kernohan and Shawn Frey, congrats. Students Dennis Liew completed stages 2, 3 &4 of his AFF course with Darren and Adrian whilst Todd Downsey completed Stages 2, 3 & 4 of his AFF jumps with Sara and Tish. Smithy took to the skies for a Hop ‘n’ Pop jump. Thanks all for a great week, see you all next time.

Todd AFF Stage 2 with Tish
Todd AFF Stage 3
Todd AFF Stage 4 – Photos by Sara
Dennis AFF Stage 4 with Adrian – Photo Doyley
Smithy hopping before popping – Photo Drewy
Woody enjoying sunset – photographer credit needed (please email

See ya!

Macca and the Ramblers Team.

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Nevan Murray – Thanks heaps.  Thanks Adrian for a great dive.  I’ll be back.

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