Toogs DZ e-News #353 (22-28 Oct. 2018)

Wednesday, October 31, 2018


Sung Won Kim – Certificate A
Simon Yorkston – Certificate A, B & C
Jamie Davenport – Certificate C
Marie Tardy  – Certificate C
Fabio Guardala – Certificate C
Elise Smith-Bessen – Certificate C
Ryan Murphy – Certificate C & Star Crest
Charmaine Nielsen – Certificate C & Star Crest
Oliver Morris – Star Crest
Jay Cook – Star Crest
Jason Munster – Star Crest
Nigel Hawtin – Star Crest
John Hamilton – Star Crest
Sam Messemer – 100 Jumps

Wing Suit Crest:

Luke Morley
Danny Andersen
Blake Dickson
Ben Lucock
Jason Schloss

First Wingsuit Flights:

Meike Kendall
Basti Bastozaur
Bart Borkowski
Christine & Trevor Collins – (revals)

First Night jump Course completed & jumped:

William Todd
Marc Rochecouste
Bianca Wilson
Fabrice Bernardi
Ashley Robinson
Ryan Murphy
Oliver Morris
Joseph Larkin
Kevin Vassilev
Guilherme Magalhaes

First Night Jump Course completed:

Andrew Fraser-Scott
Fabio Guardala
Nigel Hawtin


Equinox is here again!

Along with all the EQUINOX action we had the following regular events. The Tandems Monday 22nd were Martin Ackerly, Maxine Harman from the band “The On Fires” and Keith Gall.



Max’s tandem – Are you sure you can breathe Doyley? – Photos by Doyley

Martin Ackerly freefalling – photo by Olli D

Student Halei Jai Lopez-Collins did Stage 4 of her AFF Course.

Halei AFF Stage 3 with Olli – Photos by Adrian
Bianca “sit-flying” – Photo John Hamilton
John “sit-flying”
Mason, Craig & Kylie freefly – Photos by Bianca

Tuesday 23rd student Andrew Petrusma did Stage 8 of his AFF Course and Lorenzo Moscatelli did Stage 6.

Andrew AFF Stage 8 – Photo Olli
Lorenzo AFF Stage 6
Rob B-Rel Stage 1
Rob B-Rel Stage 3 – Photos by Adrian
Mitch B-Rel Stage 5 with Aston – Photo Olli
Coops – Photo Irish Johnny
Paul Osborne 6-way – Photo by Marco De Boni (?)

Ben’s 12-way – Photos by (?)
Ben’s 12-way inside view – Photos by Susie Mc

Fitchimages – Equinox Boogie, Day 4

above Toogs…

Photos courtesy of Steve Fitchett –

The Tandem Wednesday 24th was Siew Fern Lim and student Halei Lopez did Stages 5 & 6 of her AFF Course.

Siew tandem exit
Siew tandem freefall
Halei AFF Stage 5 first time flying by herself
Halei AFF Stage 6 – Photos by Adrian
Wrong place Johnny
“Bye bye” camera – Photos by Germain Sieurin

Fitchimages – Equinox Boogie, Day 5

Photos courtesy of Steve Fitchett –

Tandems Thursday 25th were Riley Schatz and Laura Baker.

Natalie B-Rels 2 & 3
Adrian B-Rel 6 with Bev & Aston
Riley loving his tandem jump – Photo by Alex
Laura in tandem with Darren – Photo by Olli D
Laura after landing – Photo by Olli D.

Fitchimages – Equinox Boogie, Day 6

Photos courtesy of Steve Fitchett –

Friday 26th was pretty quiet in the non-NOX stakes.

Natalie B-Rel 5 with John
Smithy & Olli freefly
Ben 8-way roundie  – Photos by ???

Fitchimages – Equinox Boogie, Day 7 – Meteormen!

Photos courtesy of Steve Fitchett –

Tandems Saturday 27th were Karl Presser, Jennifer Powell, Chris Quinlan, Kylie Kelly, Simon Gunn, Martin Powell and Agathe Combemorel. Student Halei Lopez did Stages 7 and 8 of her AFF Course and Tom Roberts did a refresher.

Jenny tandem, under canopy
Chris tandem
Agathe tandem exit
Agathe tandem under canopy – Photos by Adrian
Halei AFF Stage 7 learning the recovery position
Halei AFF Stage 8 with Steve Fitchett filming – Photos by Olli
Natalie B-Rel Stage 6
Wayno going through the hoop backwards
Germain leading the hoop jumps
Sam’s 100th jump
Paul Osborne 6-ways – Photos by (?)

Fitchimages – Equinox Boogie, Day 8

It was a great Equinox Boogie. Thanks to our major sponsor – the APF Fi Fund proudly supported this event.

A big shout out to all participants and coaches – Mason Corby, Sébastien Chambet, Tayne Farrant, Vince Cotte, Ben Lucock, Chris Byrnes, Luke Rogers, Scotty Paterson, Michael “Woody” Smart, Ben Nordkamp, Paul Osborne, and Rob Kendall. And good on Germain Sieurin for volunteering and doing a great job at load organising.

Good on all camera flyers & photographers – Steve Fitchett (, Archie Jamieson, Wayne McLachlan, and Marco De Boni; and of course cheers to the amazing pilots John McEvoy, Eloise Tyler, Liam Burrell, and Mick Tilley. Thanks to the packers – Alex Lay & Roeland, and rigger Sandor Molnar (Paragear Doctor). Hat off to Robin and our cleaners – Bruce, Chris, Ildy, and Lesley, and of course our volunteers – Viv Oakes, Blaino, Harvey, Jimmy, and Ray.

Bravo to Chief Instructor Darren Doyle and all our Drop Zone staff & instructors, DZSO Robbie McMillan, Margaret Andersen and the office & manifest team – Sara Apalais, Jenny Winton, Collette Hansen, Vikki Girvin, Karen McEvoy, Lynette Hughes, and thanks to Sonja Bruss (PR).

Thanks to Kylie Cowling & Jimmy Budgen + Will Todd & Taco for putting on the Skysounds Music Festival and thanks to all the brilliant bands & entertainers – The Amanda Emblem Experiment, The On Fires, Kill Pill, Pepper Jane, Riff Raiders, Gary Bradbury, Troy Troutman, Bertie Page Clinic, DJ Teags, Skye Marsh, and Bear!

Cheers to Brendan Saunders & team for the very yummy catering, and Ali Raynor for running the Calypso Bar.

Thanks to all sponsors & supporters – Job Connect, Larsen & Brusgaard, Cookie, Intrudair, Parachutes Australia, Airtec / Cypres, Sunpath, Aerodyne, Flysight, Deem Flywear, WeArePHNX, Corporate & Group Xperiences, LVN, Australian Skydiver Magazine, Australia Zoo, Anaconda for their contribution to the raffles, and good on Ego Pharmaceuticals for donating sunscreen. Thanks to the TSC & SQPC. Cheers to the Somerset Regional Council, the IGA (Esk District Co-op society), and all the local Toogoolawah Businesses for their great support.

Good on EVERYBODY who made Nox great!

Thanks to the cave – Elad Berger (High Speed Productions) & Ryan Brawley (Not For You Films) for the great movie productions and hilarious skits – you truly make Ramblers “Famous For Fun!”.


To watch all Day Tapes, follow our Vimeo Channel.

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Check out the latest news & lots more photos on the Equinox Facebook event page.

Tandems Sunday 28th were Krystal & David Bagnall.  Student Tom Roberts did Stage 8 of his AFF Course.

Tom AFF Stage 8 – Photo Adrian
Krystal in freefall with Darren – Photo by Alex
Krystal after her jump – Photo by Alex


Jumps – 2488
Skydivers – 219
Plane Loads – 173
Cartons – 184

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See ya!
Macca & Team Ramblers.


Max Harman, Melbourne – LOOOOOVED my tandem jump.  Second time is even better than the first.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Marty Ackerly – MIND BLOWING. ADRIAN was awesome. This time was better than the first. Both jumps here at this magnificent place.  LOVED IT!!!

Siew Fern – Great experience, lovely people.  Thank you Ramblers!

Upcoming events

3 November – Star Crest Saturday
4 November – Blast 4-way Skills with Kristina and Alex

17 – 21 December – Learning Curve Camp

26 – 31 December – Xmas Feelgood Time

18 – 22 February 2019 – Learning Curve Camp
15 – 19 April 2019 – Learning Curve Camp
10-14 June 2019 – Learning Curve Camp
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7-11 October 2019 – Learning Curve Camp
9-13 December 2019 – Learning Curve Camp

Ramblers is a great club and a great drop zone. It was 39 years ago and it is now. I have just gone through the photos of my tandem jump with Darren and relived the whole exhilarating experience again - even my husband was impressed. Congratulations to Dave McEvoy for such a fantastic venue.

Robin Armstrong

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