Ramblers Drop Zone Action ⭐️ e-News #477 (16-22 August 2021)

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

 Breanna Smith – Completed AFF
 Joshua Powell – Completed AFF
 Robin Spedding – 900 Jumps
 Anna van der Vlugt – New Gear

Monday 16th August  – New students Joshua Powell and Cameron Waite successfully completed Stage 1 AFF. The week was off to a good start.

Josh at the start of his skydiving journey – Photo Oli
Cameron Stage 1 AFF

On Tuesday Joshua and Cameron got stuck into it and did AFF Stages 2, 3 & 4. Benjamin Wright and Andre Floquet did a coach jumps with Oli, and Alex Simmons did a coach jump with Kristan Fischer (Fisch).

Cameron all ready for AFF 2 – Photos by Sara
Andre B-Rel 1 – approaching nicely
Ben B-Rel 1 – concentrating on the dock

Wednesday – Our Tandem today was Anne Garton.  Our newest student Alonso Gonzales started the AFF training, completing Stage 1. Cameron did Stage 5 and Joshua did AFF 5, 6 & 7. It was a great little jump day. Local fun jumpers filled the loads.

Anne tandem freefall – Photos by Oli
Alonso TAFF Stage 1 – Photo Sara
Josh AFF Stage 5 – flying on his own at last – Photo Oli
Josh doing some turns – AFF Stage 6
Josh deploying Stage 6

On Thursday  Alonso powered through did Stages 2, 3 & 4, and Joshua Powell did Stages 8 & 9 completing his AFF Course. Congratulations!

Alonso AFF Stage 4 – getting in some turns – Photos by Adrian
Josh AFF Stage 8 freefall – Photo Oli
Josh AFF Stage 9

Friday – Funtastic Friday was here and it turned out to be a great day of jumping. Our Tandem today was Natan’el Schuster. Alonso Gonzales did AFF Stages 5, 6 & 7.  Jasmine Zhao did a coach jump with Oli. Lots of fun jumpers turned up and we had a busy day.

Alonso AFF Stage 5 – flying buy himself for the first time
Alonso AFF Stage 6 – doing some turns
Alonso AFF Stage 7 –  backflips – Photos by Adrian

Saturday was a cracker of a day. Fun jumpers everywhere, teams were training for the Queensland Champs and lots of loads were done. Another big day, both Caravan aircraft took to the skies.

Our Tandems today were Jimmy Chave, Madonna Chave, Tifffany Edwards, Alina Harnchan, Lanita Harnchan, Paul Kerr, Rory Kerr, Penny Moran, Jake Pimpson and Simon Victory. Phew!

New students James Guthrie, Jonathan Pinardi started their AFF training and Michael McCarthy was back for Stages 1, 2 & 3 of his AFF Course.  Mitchell Gowland was also back for Stage 2 and Breannna Smith did Stage 3 today.  Max Ambrose was here for a coach jump with Emily, and Ben Lowe did a coach jump with Oli.

Alina all smiles – Photo Sara
Lanita mid scream – Photo Oli
Paul and Adrian ready to jump
Rory loving freefall – Photos by Sara
Penny tandem freefall – Photo Oli
Michael TAFF Stage 1
Michael ready to go AFF Stage 2
Mitch ready for AFF Stage 2 – Photos by Sara
Bree AFF Stage 3 – big smiles
Bree AFF Stage 5 – doing some turns
Bree AFFStage 7 – flips for days
Bree AFF Stage 8 – tracking – Photos by Adrian
Ben B-Rel 3 freefall – enjoying the view – Photo OliM
Drewy and Zack
Tiwai exitting
Drewy, Joshy, Kurt having fun – Photos by Matt
Zacky, Drewy – Photo Josh
Macca, Victor, Isaac, Kurt – Sunset track

Sunday was almost as busy as yesterday; lots of fun jumpers and teams training. Our Tandem today were Paris Glasby, Marcos Antonio Olazabal Diaz, Kelly Williams, Shauna Hack and Dean Carver.

Student James Guthrie, Jasper Winter, Edward Winter all did AFF Stage 2, and Mitchell Gowland did Stage 3. Hannah Jefferies did a coach jump with Ben. It was a terrific weekend’s skydiving and a great end to the week.

Paris tandem freefall with Ty – Photo Adrian
Jim TAF 2 Delta – Photo OliM
Jasper AFF Stage 2
Mitch AFF Stage 3 – doing great– Photos by Sara
Benny’s first head up jump in 4 years
That’s better Benny – Photos by Zea
Starcrest Sunday – Photo Lenny

See ya,

Macca and Team Ramblers.

Visitor Book Comments

 Jimmy Chave: “First time and made easy with excellent guidance by Ollie (sic).  Thanks for making it easy mate.”

 Madonna Chave: “Tandem jump was fantastic.  Mark (sic) was excellent.  Clear instructions made me feel safe.   Loved it!”

 Rory Paul: “So awesome!!  Will be back soon.”

 Paul Kerr: “My 3rd tandem after jumps at Gold Coast and New Zealand.  Ramblers is definitely the best!!  So cool!!  Can’t wait  to do it again 😊”

 Bree Smith: “Absolutely unreal weekend!  Completed Stage 9 with a lot of help and guidance from Adrian. Thanks so much for everyone making me welcome!”

 Kelly Williams: “What an amazing experience!  Had a blast & would definitely recommend!!  Thanks!!”

 Carol Browne: “Tandem jump with Sara (sic).  Absolutely fabulous.  WOW WOW WOW.  Fabulous day to fly”


DZ Flashback – Blast From The Past

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late 1980 – Ramblers Rapids in full flow

(to be confirmed…)

They helped me overcome all my fears! It was INCREDIBLE!

So last week I did a tandem jump!!!!! Was such a mad time! 🤯🤪🤩😮🤗 I've never wanted to skydive before but was asked to do it for work, so I really quite nervous. But the team at Ramblers Toogoolawah were so professional and cool that they made it such an undeniably EPIC and INCREDIBLE experience! Would even do it again! Highly recommend jumping there.

Briana Goodchild – Channel 9 Today Show

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