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Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Chris Tennie – Completed AFF
Dayne Ingram – Completed AFF
Luke B – Jumped Own Rig
Glenn Dudley – Certificate C
Matt Ranken – Certificate C
John Hamilton – 1st Coach Jump

Monday 26th – A beautiful start to another skydiving week. New students for today’s classroom were Dayne Ingram, Chris Tennie. Dayne and Chris completed Stage 1 of their AFF Courses that afternoon. Refresher for today was Jarrod Stahlhut.

Dayne TAFF Stage 1 – Photo Eric

Chris TAFF Stage 1 – Photos by Sara

Tuesday 27th – Dayne Ingram and Chris Tennie powered through there stages 2 & 3, of their AFF Courses. Lars Fischer returned and he completed Stages 6, 7, and 8 of his AFF Course.  Jarrod Stahlhut got back into the skies with Darren for a refresher jump.

Dayne AFF Stage 3
Chris AFF Stage 3 – Photos by Fisch
Lars AFF Stage 6
Lars AFF Stage 7 backloops
Lars tracking AFF Stage – Photos by Sara
Jarrod refresher – Photo Doyley

Wednesday 28th  – Dayne Ingram and Chris Tennie were still at it today and they both completed Stage 4 of their AFF Courses. Paul Skender was back after many months away and he completed a refresher theory course with coach Robin. Luke Bullivant did a few jumps working on his accuracy.

Dayne AFF Stage 4
Chris AFF Stage 4 – Photos by Sara

Thursday 29thChris Tennie and Dayne Ingram are still here working hard on Stages 5 & 6 of there AFF Course. Coach Robin took Luke Bullivant on  B-Rel 1. Michael Robinson returned for a refresher course.

Chris AFF Stage 6 – Photo by Doyley
Dayne AFF Stage 5 freefall
Dayne AFF Stage 6 deployment – Photos by Adrian
Luke B-Rel Stage 1 exit and freefall – Photos by Robin

Friday 30th    –  Funtastic Friday was upon us. It was a great turn out. Brothers Scott Pont and Brenden Pont along with friend Jarrod Potter started there AFF Course today with Adrian. All 3 boys completed  Stage 1 of their AFF Courses that afternoon.  Chris Tennie and Dayne Ingram powered through Stages 7, 8 of there AFF Course, Chris competed AFF 9 later that afternoon – Congrats Chris. Paul Skender and Robin took to the skies for Paul’s refresher jump. Luke Bullivant completed B-Rel 4 with coach Johnny.

Scott TAFF Stage 1 – Photo Doyley
Brenden TAFF Stage 1 – Photo Adrian
Chris AFF Stage 7 – Photo Doyley
Dayne AFF Stage 7 backflip – Photo Adrian
Dayne AFF Stage 8 – Photo Doyley
Paul recurrency jump – Photo Robin
Luke B-Rel Stage 4 – Photo John H

Saturday 31st  – Refresher for today was Aiden Cuming who also brought his little brother Liam Cuming for a Tandem skydive. Aiden completed his jumps later that day with coach DarrenJarrod Potter, Brenden Pont and Scott Pont powered through Stages 2 & 3 of their AFF Courses. The usual crew keep the plane loads filled.

Liam’s Tandem with Sara
Scott AFF Stage 2
Brenden AFF Stage 3 – Photos by Sara

Sunday 1st  –  Another great day for skydiving . 8 Tandems for today, they were Branden Godfrey, Alan Jayaratne, Jason De Beus, Samuel Cottee, Blake Earl, Tevin Chap, Jeremy Bentick, and Andrew Walker all come out to celebrate Branden Godfreys Birthday – Congrats to all.   Dayne Ingram completed Stage 9 of his AFF Course – completing his AFF. Luke Moller worked on getting his accuracy jumps for A licence.

Branden tandem freefall – Photo Doyley
Alan tandem – Photo Andy
Jason’s Tandem – Photo Adrian
Sam’s Tandem – Photo Sara
Blake’s Tandem – Photo Adrian
Jerry’s Tandem – Photo Andy
Andrew’s Tandem – Photo Sara
Branden Godfrey’s Birthday group of Tandems

See ya!

Macca and the Team at Ramblers.

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Liam – Amazing jump. Had an amazing time.

Samuel Cottee – Sara was a gun!  Yeow  BiG ReD

Branden – Thanks for a wicked time.

YA MUMS YA DAD – I’m just blessed to be here.

Myles – Man I’m so hungover ???????????????????????????????

Hunter Hardy – Thank you for having us, they all enjoyed it so much.  Thank you for helping me make memories. You’re all so lovely.

Blake Earl – Was lit!

Alan – Absolutely amazing experience.  Great crew.

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