Toogs DZ e-News #398 (2-8 September 2019)

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Cain Bryan – Completed AFF
Seth Gilson – Certificate A
Luke Moller – Certificate A
Andre Santos – Certificate B
Alby – Certificate C
Ashley Robinson – Certificate D

Monday 2nd – no jumping today . Packing Lessons took place .

Tuesday 3rd – Student Cain Bryan did Stage 9 of his AFF Course. Four 182 loads five jumpers . Luke Moller got in 4 jumps – pretty good there.

Cain’s AFF Stage 9 …Congratulations Cain & Welcome to Skydiving

Wednesday 4th – 3 loads 5 jumpers. Luke Moller got in 2 Hop ‘n’ Pops – getting right into it. Michael Inkley back in the Air with some H&P’s as was – Silas Barnes – Shelby & Adrian.

Thursday 5th – 3 loads ( 2 caravan ) 8 jumpers .The Tandem today was Chanel Sousa. She enjoyed it immensely. Tuan did a refresher jump. Tuan was visiting us from Vietnam & enjoyed getting back into the swing of jumping – getting in 3 jumps for the day. We welcome back Marie Tardy getting into jumping & packing.

Chanel’s tandem – Photo’s by Adrian

Tuan’s refresher jump – Photos by Doyley

Friday 6th – 1 182 load 3 jumpers. Shelby : Glenn Dudley : Anthony Ivory : all did a Hop ‘n’ Pop before the wind blew in.

Some new signs for down on the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail were put up – artist in residence ‘ Sara Bear ‘ if you are down that way – check out the Bikes in Trees trail to the DZ : we are now a ‘ Land for Wildlife ‘ corridor to protect the Koalas’ Kangaroos’ Birds’ Gliders’ that make the Drop Zone their home.

Saturday 7th – Blown out …. That wind – has made for some hot dry conditions with fires in the surrounding districts. We hope all have been safe.

Sunday 8th – Blown out again …. It’s been a windy old week that has kept us more on the ground than in the Air.

See ya!

Macca and the Team at Ramblers.

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