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Thursday, September 12, 2019

What was the main motivation for you deciding to Skydive?

My motivation to start skydiving came from John Friswell. I went to a careers expo when I was 15. He encouraged me to be a tandem master and gave me a $25 voucher. I worked everyday after school, so I saved enough money and went to my mum and asked if she would drive me to the drop zone to complete my first jump. She said YES, how awesome is that. I don’t think she knew what she was in for.

It was my first time in a plane so I was enjoying the view, until the door opened. What an experience completely opened my mind and I’m glad I experienced it at such a young age. I went back at 16 and went solo with some mates from school.

Then I returned at 19 and did another tandem with Bear, I still remember her telling me to go solo I had already done it once!!! I was a second year refrigeration mechanic at the time so as you can imagine my finances weren’t great. John encouraged me to continue by offering me a job in manifest on the weekends. This paid for my A license and my first 100 or so jumps. When I started competing he sold me his personal rig as my second rig for training at an amazing price. Shout out to John for your continual support throughout my journey.

Major highlights and achievements?

I love skydiving with my friends, learning and growing together. This is what kept me coming back time and time again. I enjoy competing and progressing.

My first time competing in 4 way was team Pullout. We share the Australian record in intermediate with team Impulse. Both teams scoring 25 points in time. I also had my first malfunction at 366 jumps on round 10! This competition put a fire in my belly to continue, nationals is an amazing event where the best in Australia encourage and support the people coming through. Following this competition the opportunity arose for Mariska and I to be coached by Grant Christie and Gary Nemirovsky in a two on two format. We were lucky enough to be put in contact with Joey Jones and he also coached us in this time. We decided to stay in intermediate and learn the foundations of 4 way and work on our personal flying skills. In our next competition team Eminence holds the intermediate Australian record of a 17.3 average. Mariska and I have definitely been on some adventures together travelling to Arizona and London to train with Joey and Grant. We flew Joey over here to do two training camps as well.

Training at this intensity comes with mental and physical challenges. I will be forever grateful for the opportunities and personal growth it has given me. I was also apart of the 45 way 2 point sequential formation. I am proud of all of these achievements and continue to strive for personal excellence. I have started training in speed skydiving and look forward to what the future holds.

How important is Skydiving in your life?

Skydiving had been in my life for half of my life and I plan on jumping until I’m 100 or physically capable (hopefully longer). I love the atmosphere at the dz, the people and community. I have been an AFF instructor for almost 3 years and I absolutely love being able to share my passion and pass on the skills I have learnt. I believe being calm is key to successful skydives and I try to pass this energy to my students.

Where to next?

I would love to represent Australian at a world meet in the future. There are so many disciplines in this sport(something for everyone). I am very approachable so feel free to ask me any questions when you see me around the DZ.

Hi everyone, if anybody is thinking of skydiving, Skydive Ramblers is the perfect place! They have awesome and experienced instructors. You can complete a number of courses or just came for a tandem jump. The area is amazing!!!!


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