Toogs DZ e-News #407 (4-10 November 2019)

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Corey Waldron – AFF Completed
Robin Spedding – E Licence
Peter Sampson – Head Up Crest
David Purdie – 1st Pack Job


Corey AFF Stage 9 – Photo Robin

Monday 4th – A slow start to the skydiving week. Only 4 load took to the skies today with most of  our resident jumpers filling the plane.

Tuesday 5h – Not a good day for jumping. The wind sock stayed horizontal all day.

Wednesday 6th – Yet again we were blown out by the westerly winds. Only one brave soul took to the skies – Chris Blinks.

Thursday 7th – Todays weather is looking better, blue skies and finally no wind. New student Jag Zhi Jun Wei completed  Stage 1 of her AFF Course with Darren and Chanel Sousa completed Stages 2 & 3 of her AFF course. Adam was back after taking a break and completed  a refresher jump.

Chanel exit – Photos by Skydive Ramblers
Adam Refresher – Photo Adrian

Friday 8th Funtastic Friday was here! The winds were back today and the students had to stay on the ground. 7 loads of experienced jumpers took to the skies all filled with happy skydivers.

Saturday 9th   – Blown out yet again!! It was even too strong for the experienced jumpers.

Sunday 10th  – Finally a break in the winds. Tandems today were Dion Murray, Brendon Lane, Peter Shaw, Zowi Shaw, Mickila Parsons, and Ashley Soffe – Congrats too all who took the leap!  Students Adam Chow, Elliot Eisentrager, Kristina Truesdale and Victor Rudolfsson completed Stage 1 of their AFF Courses and Jag Wei completed Stage 2.

Dion tandem – Photo Sara
Brendon tandem exit
Brendon tandem freefall – Photos by Adrian
Zowi’s tandem
Adam TAF Stage 1 – Photos by Sara
Kristina TAF Stage 1 – Photo Andy
Victor TAF Stage 1 – Photo Sara
Dayne B-Rel Stage 2 – Photo Robin
Peter Tandem – Oli
Peter Tandem – Adrian
Ash in tandem with Adrian – Photo Charmaine
Elliot TAF – Photo by Alex
Jag Stage 2 with Oli – Oli

See ya!

Macca and the Team at Ramblers.

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Ash Scott – Adrian is the man.  Best jumper company.

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