Student Action Video @ Toogs DZ (October 2019)

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Congratulations to all our new skydivers!

Aileen, Adam, Adrian Brad, Clinton, Corey, Frank, Helen, Ivan, Jarrod, Kenny, Luke, Rob, Shane, Shane, Shirley, and Yi.

Welcome to skydiving. When you finish AFF, don’t forget to apply for your AFF Stage 9 $100 rebate from South Queensland Parachute Council, and keep jumping!

Funding & Rebates 

Thanks to Fiona L McHugh for another great video compilation.

Music: Riff Raiders – American Fiction

I have been to Toogoolawah for 3 tandem jumps so far. I am trying to make it a yearly event. I love the atmosphere out there in the bush, with the kangaroos around.


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