Benefits of Becoming a Skydiver

Monday, November 11, 2019

Did you know that many of today’s skydivers never had the intention of becoming full-fledged licensed jumpers? They, like so many others, planned to reduce the length of their “bucket list” by jumping, getting the tee shirt and moving on to the next big thing. What today’s skydivers didn’t expect were the incredible benefits that come from exiting perfectly good airplanes. 

What we’re about to share are truths that resonate with skydivers across the world. These truths are the benefits of skydiving that go well beyond free falling through the sky at 120mph.

Benefit of Skydiving #1: You’ll Feel Happiness

Do you know what feels good? Being happy. Being happy feels good. 

Being happy is essentially what everyone is chasing in life and skydiving provides that emotion on every single jump.You won’t ever meet a grumpy skydiver unless they’ve been on the ground for too long. 

Benefits of Skydiving

Exiting an airplane allows for the “happy” chemicals found within the brain to surge which can transform the greatest cynic into the world’s happiest optimist! Some in society use chemicals to feel this natural high while skydivers get it without any side effects – it’s dopamine, serotonin and adrenaline zinging through our brains as we zoom through the sky! 

Perhaps, if we got the world’s politicians together for a skydive, there’d be world peace… or perhaps that’s our dopamine making us feel a bit too optimistic 😉. 

Benefit of Skydiving #2: You’ll Find Your Tribe

Finding a group where you fit in is an awesome thing. Many people live their whole lives never finding their tribe, and this is one of the great benefits of skydiving – this is a unique group of people living happily while societal norms says otherwise. This tribe is filled with people who are looking for something more in life than the 9 to 5 grind. A touch of rebellion is required to exit “the rut” and live life on your terms and that’s core aspect of this tribe’s DNA. If this sounds appealing to you, then this may be the community you’ve been seeking. It’s often said that many people come into skydiving for the rush (and happy feelings), but stay because of the people. Some of the happiest most generous beings are found amongst us! 

Benefit of Skydiving #3: Stress Relieving

This may seem counterintuitive because sitting in the open door of a plane thousands of feet up can be quite stressful, but once you let go, it’s the equivalent of releasing all that holds you down (puns completely intended). Financial worries, relationship stress, school fees… it all goes away. Once you exit that aircraft, you are living in the moment and nothing else matters! This respite from life’s harsh realities is a welcomed relief.  If there wasn’t a concern for professional liability, skydiving would be prescribed by doctors as it’s so transformational to the psyche. 

Benefit of Skydiving #4: You’ll Gain Perspective

When you’re soaring under your parachute thousands of feet above the earth in silence during sunset, your perspective on life becomes more clear. Below you is a lot of noise that often distracts from seeing what’s truly important. The things that cause you stress are weighing you down and in the scheme of life shouldn’t hold so much significance – skydiving helps you to see that with clarity. Without the distraction of our mobile phones, skydiving gives us peace to think and appreciate how great this life is and that it should be lived to its fullest. 

Night Skydiving Australia

This maybe the greatest benefit of all the skydiving benefits! 

Benefit of Skydiving #5: You’ll Sleep Well. Really Well

This may seem like an odd by-product, but skydiving will force your body to rest – mind and body. Skydiving fatigues you physically (especially if you pack your own parachute) but it also fatigues you mentally. Skydiving forces the use of your brain – to stay present, to manage the emotions of fight or flight, to concentrate on what you’re doing during the skydive. It takes mental strength to  stay in the moment and by the end of the day, you’ll be sleeping really, really well! 

Free Fall is Marketing

On the surface, skydiving markets itself as the most extreme thing in the world which is perfect for adventurists… the greatness of skydiving goes beyond the flash of free fall. The thrilling aspects of skydiving are designed to hook people in because explaining the benefits of this activity is too difficult; it has to be experienced to be understood. If you’ve jumped before then you know everything shared here is true. If you’ve never jumped, then please know that this tribe is waiting for you to show you the benefits that go well beyond what you ever imagined. 

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