Toogs DZ e-News #392 (22-28 July 2019)

Wednesday, July 31, 2019


Mark Graham – Cert B and Cert C
Ryan Biggs – Cert A
Tiago – Cert B and Cert C
Chris Blinks – Cert B
Kristina Hicks – 500th Jump
Blake Dickson – HeadUp Crest

On Monday 22nd JulyAvinav Peshwani spent a day in the classroom with instructor Sara learning how to skydive. Avinav completed his stage one in the afternoon. The local fun jumpers Matthew, Rafael, Ty, Benny, cuddles, Oli, Irish Johnny and Tiago kept the plane turning. 6 loads took to the skies. It was a great start to the week.

Avi TAFF1 Freefall- by Oli M

Tuesday 23rd Another beautiful day for skydiving today. Avinav powered through AFF Stages 2,3 and 4 today with instructors Sara and Adrian. Seth Worked towards his A Certificate accuracy jumps. Once again the resident jumpers kept the plane in the skies all day.

Avi AFF2 about to board photo by Sara
Avi AFF3 photo by Sara
Avi AFF4 photo by Sara

Wednesday 24th How good is this weather, great day for skydiving. 6 fun filled loads took to the skies again today. Avi Completed Stage 5 and 6 with instructor Sara. Seth completed Stage 2 B-Rel with Adrian. Rafael smashed out 3 B-Rel jumps with coach Oli. And the fun jumpers filled the loads.

Avi AFF5 with Sara – Photo Sara
Avi AFF6 with Sara – Photo Sara
backflying with irish Johnny – Photo Sara
Rafael B-rel 6.1 photo Oli
Rafael B-rel 6.2 photo Oli
Rafael B-rel 6.3 photo Oli
Seth Brel 2 Photo Adrian

Thursday 25th Another good day. 5 full loads took to the skies. Glenn Dudley worked on his B-Rel 6 with Adrian. Darren took Kurt through his Headup Crest. Once again the resident jumpers kept the plane filled.

Glenn BREL 6.1 Thurs by Adrian
Kurt HU Crest1 exit Thurs by Doyley
Kurt HU Crest1 freefall Thurs by Doyley

Friday 26th Funtastic Friday was upon us. The weather was beautiful for skydiving today. 6 Caravan loads went up all filled with jumpers. New student Justin Price spent the day in the classroom with Instructor Darren. Justin completed his Stage 1 that afternoon.

Justin TAF1 photo by Oli
Friday angles with Adrian, Irish Johnny,Shelby, Kurt photo by Oli
Friday Angle with Adrian, Irish Johnny – Photo Shelby

Saturday 27th What a great turn out for Kirstina Hicks speedstar camp, check out the awesome photo below. Tandems for today were James Anderson and Nicholas Raftopoulos, congrats. Justin powered though his AFF course, smashing out Stages 2, 3 and 4 today. Jared Completed B-Rrel 6 with coach Anthony. Kristina did her 500th Jump today she celebrated it with a 2 plane formation 18 way YAY. 15 loads today all packed with happy jumpers.

James in Freefal – Photo Adrian
James under canopy – Photo Adrian
Nick on exit – Photo Adrian
Nick under canopy – photo Adrian
Justin AFF2 with Darren – Photo Darren
Justin AFF4 with sara and Adrian – Photo Sara
Jared Brel 6.1 linked exit help from Jett and Shai – photo anthony
Jared B-Rel 6.2 all smiles help from Taya and john Hamilton – photo Anthony

7way speedstars – Photo s by Oli
Kristina 500th Formation Sat by Oli M
Kristina 500th High Five by Kristina

Sunday 28th Still a busy day with 10 loads today. Tandem for today was Zabian Dunn, congrats. Justin carried on working through Stages 5, 6, and 7 of his AFF course. Many fun jumpers were still here jumping hard as usual. And the clubhouse fire kept the Drop zone warm every night.

Justin AFF5 with Darren – Photo Darren
Justin AFF6 with Sara – Photo Sara
Justin AFF 7 with Darren – Photo Darren
Justin AFF 7 with Darren (2) – photo Darren
Zabian Tan with Adrian – Photo Adrian

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Did my first tandem jump with Sara what an absolute buzz & she made it completely painless highly recommended if you are looking to jump in Australia

Steve Lindley

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