Toogs DZ e-News #391 (15-21 July 2019)

Friday, July 26, 2019


Kieran Hebron – Completed AFF
Seth Gilson – Completed AFF
Fred – 1st Jump own pack / 4 way Comp
Georgie – 1st Comp
Rangry – 4W4E / Gold Medal
Alex Cattaneo – 1st CRW 4 Stack

Monday 15th – A blow out. The westerly winds arrived. Ailin, Seth and Kieran sat by the cosy fire and worked on their A licence Exams.

Tuesday 16th   – A better day. Tandems today were Ryojun Higa, Christiane Ventura and Rebecca Wigan, congrats.  Students Kieran Hebron and Seth Gilson completed Stages 5 & 6 of their AFF Course, and Ailin Shao powered through her Stages 5, 6 & 7. Coach Oli took Glenn Dudley through a few B-Rel jumps. There were 5 loads and 15 jumpers.

Ryojun tandem exit
Ryojun tandem feefall – Photos by Adrian
Rebecca tandem freefall – Photo Sara
Kieran AFF Stage 5 – first time flying by himself
Kieran AFF Stage 6 – leaving his instructor hanging for a high five
Seth AFF Stage 5  – first time flying by himself
Seth AFF Stage 6 – unlinked exit almost working out
Seth AFF Stage 6 freefall – Photos by Adrian
Ailin AFF Stage 6
Ailin AFF Stage 7 backloops – Photos by Sara
Glenn B-Rel Stage 4
Glenn B-Rel Stage 5 – Photos by Oli M

Wednesday 17th   – Another beautiful winters day at the Drop Zone. Students Seth Gilson and Kieran Hebron completed Stages 7, 8 & 9 of their AFF Courses – completing their AFF! Silas worked on his B-Rel Stage 5 with coach Oli. Dave, Phil and Marietta took to the skies for a mid week angle.  3 loads 14 jumpers.

Kieran AFF Stage 7
Kieran AFF Stage 8 – Photos by Sara
Kieran AFF Stage 9
Seth AFF Stage 7 exit
Seth AFF Stage 8 tracking for days
Seth AFF Stage 9 – Photos by Adrian
Silas B-Rel Stage 5 – Photo Oli M
Midweek angle with Dave, Phil and Marietta – Photo  Adrian

Thursday 18th  – Only 2 loads for the day, The winter westerly’s were back. Phil, Kieran, Oli, Marietta and Tiago jumped before the winds picked up. 2 loads 5 jumpers

Friday 19th   –  Another Funtastic Friday was upon us. 7 loads caravan loads took to the skies for an awesome skydiving day. Ellen completed Stage 5 B-Rel with coach Matt Drew. The boys got a few angles jumps in too, check out the photos.

Ellen B-Rel Stage 4 – Photo Shelby
Friday angles exit with Drewy, OlliD, Coops and Flossy

Friday angles with Flossy, OlliD, Coops, Drewy and Tiller – Photos by Adrian

Saturday 20th – Student Cain Bryan was back and completed Stages 5 & 6 of his AFF Course with Darren and Sara. “Four-Ways for Everyone” (4W4E) ` ran very well with 6 teams. CReW Training with Alex Cattaneo and Oli Morris. David completed B-Rel 4 with Adrian. There were 16 loads 81 jumpers.

Cain AFF Stage 5.2 – Photo Doyley
Cain AFF Stage 6 – Photo Sara
David B-Rel Stage 4 – Photo Adrian

Sunday 21st – Tandems were Lauren Boyle, Kylie and Matthew Robinson, and Lachlan Kennedy, congrats. Todd completed B-Rel 3 with Sara, Claudio completed B-Rel 3 with Adrian. The CRW pups got a 4 way stack in. YEOW!! check out the photos. There were 8 loads and 40 jumpers.

Lauren tandem with Dad Gavin – Photo Sara
Kylie and Matthew
Kylie’s tandem – Photos by Doyley
Matthew tandem exit
Matthew tandem canopy – Photos by Adrian
Lachlan tandem freefall – Photo Doyley
Todd B-Rel Stage 3 – Photo Sara
Claudio B-Rel Stage 3 exit – Photo Adrian
Claudio and Adrian B-Rel Stage 3 – Photo Sara
3-Way Stack CRW – Photo Brendan

Macca and the Team at Ramblers.

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Lauren Boyle – It was so much fun.

Kylie Robinson – Kilcoy – Awesome!  Staff were so good at taking the nerves away, well, as much as possible anyway!

Matt Robinson – Kilcoy –  Fantastic experience. All staff were great.  Adrian was a great Instructor.  Made it fun.  Thank you!

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Best thrills and chills going, nice people great instructors, I'd recommend you go to Ramblers all day. Very professional.

Benny Canavan

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