Toogs DZ e-News #386 (10-16 June 2019)

Tuesday, June 18, 2019


Daniel Parkins – Certificate A
Julian Morris – Completed AFF & Certificate A
Tim Minghay – Certificate A
Georgina Johnston – Certificate B
Angus Chambers – Certificate B
Costa – Certificate B & Certificate C

Rocco Murray – 1st Night Jump
Eddie – 1st Night Jump
Burkey – 1st Night Jump & 400 Jumps
Chris Murphy – 400 Jumps
Robin – 500 Jumps
Dominic – Signed off on Caravan

Monday 10th  June. The Learning Curve Camp started. It was a bit weather affected but good day time seminars were the go. Our newest student Alfred Zhe Xi Ng did Stage 1 of his AFF Course, while Julian Morris did Stage 8.  There were 3 loads for the day with a few fun jumpers and novices progressing through the B-Rel jumps.

Alfred tandem freefall – Photo Oli M
Julian AFF Stage 8 sunset track – Photo Adrian
Jim B-Rel 3 – Photo John Hamilton

Tuesday  Alfred kept at it with AFF Stages 2 & 3.  It was a beaut LCC day with 5 loads and 24 jumpers here to fill them. Harvey’s landing shots were well received at the evening seminar.

Alfred AFF Stage 2
Alfred AFF Stage 3 Nice Photo –  Photos by Sara
Riley Cyrus backflying – Photo Drewy
Learning Curve angle with Dave, John and Chris

Wednesday  Julian Morris got Stage 9 done – completing his AFF!  It was a good day, there were 4 loads and 16 jumpers still hoping for slightly better weather.

Julian AFF Stage 9 ready to let go – Photos by Adrian

On Thursday  it was a better day. As well as the LCC jumpers here Hannah Billington dropped by an a Tandem.  Also we had two new students. Amanda Jones and Glenn Dudley did Stage 1 of the AFF Course.  There were 5 loads and 9 jumpers.

Hannah tandem freefall with Adrian – Photos by John Hamilton
Mandy TAF Stage 1 freefall – Photo Oli M

Glenn TAF Stage 1 – Photos by John Hamilton
Byron’s first time exiting the 182 – Photo Drewy
Harvey’s camera work – Photo Harvey H
Harvey filming someone

Friday  was a beauty, right through to the evening seminars. More people arrived for the last day of the Learning Curve Camp. The bonfire fired up and there were 6 loads done and 22 jumpers here doing all sorts of jumps.

Adrian coming in
Blaino – Photos by Sara & Ellen
Charmaine and Johnny – Photo Shelby
Friday afternoon angle Olli, John and Macca
Olli freeflying
Shelby Head Up – Photos by Adrian
Where did he go? – Photo by Sara or Ellen
LCC attendees get a briefing on Monthly Gear Maintenance from CI Darren Doyle

Saturday  was a “mixed weather day”! Our only Tandem was birthday girl Ella Rheinberger who came all the way from Warwick and was rewarded with a break in the weather. Night jumps were scheduled for the evening and two loads ended up taking off in beautiful clear night skies. More than 40 jumpers enjoyed the day and the bonfire and jumps that night.

Ella in freefall – Photo Oli M
Claudio B-Rel 1 & 2
Tim B-Rel 5 with Angus – Photos by Sara
Robbie Stewart
Miles and Froggy
Night jump briefing
Scott Perkins
Ash Robinson
Cory and Eddie – 1st Night Jump

Watching the night loads
Packing up for the night – Photos by Sara & Ellen

Sunday was a bit of a slow one. Again the weather was a bit disheartening. There were 4 Cessna 182 H & P loads. Then, just as the afternoon storm clouds rolled in the only Caravan load of diehards went up and helped Burkey and Robin do their 400th and 500th jumps. Great way to end the week!

See ya!

Macca and the Ramblers Team.

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