Ramblers Drop Zone Action ⭐️ e-News #481 (13-19 September 2021)

Tuesday, September 21, 2021

 Ashleigh Smith – 1st Tandem Jump
 Jason Corbitt – Completed AFF
 Matt Smith – 1000th Jump

Qld State Champs:

 Brad Smith – 1st Gold Medal in Skydiving 4-way
 Wayne Gannon – 1st Gold Medal in Skydiving 4-way
 Jag Wei – “Chopsticks” Gold Medal
 Hunter – 3rd in Men’s Speed
 Jayden – 1st Camera Comp
 Laura Johansson – Gold Medal – 1st Place States
 Drewy – Gold Medal
 Luke Morley – 1st Wingsuit Comp

 And Congratulations to all the other TSC members and regular skydivers who competed and won at the Queensland State Championships!

First Night Jump Course:

 Travis McCartin
 Daniel Rojas
 Sam Smith
 Terry Frey
 Lachlan Jensen

Matt’s 1000th with Isaac Johnson, Eduard Nigma and Jamie Coops Cooper – Photo by Matt Smith

Monday 13th September – No jumping. It was not a good start to the week. No jumping at all happened.

On Tuesday Rhonda Duck, Jason Hogarth and Jacqui Kitto came along for a Tandem, and then the winds picked up. No students got to jump.

Natisha Dingle & John Hannan continued their training for speed skydiving for the Qld State Championships happening this weekend. Isaac Johnson was hopping ‘n’ popping as well.

Jay – Photo by Sara

Wednesday – No jumping, too windy.

And Thursday was still a bit windy, but Billee-Jo Hamilton luckily arrived early before the wind got too strong. Billee-Jo Hamilton, who had an awesome Tandem jump for her 30th birthday. Happy Birthday!

And it was the official practice day start of the Queensland State Skydiving Championships and quite a few competitors also braved the winds for some practice jumps.

Billee-Jo tandem canopy – Photo by Adrian

On Friday the Qld State Championships started. The weather was perfect! Lots of competitors arrived and the competitions got into full swing.

Our Tandems today were Alex Menzies, Harry Suthridge and Paige Suthridge.  River Poropat and Elizabeth Bath went for a plane ride.

Student Christian Sutton did Stage 1 of his AFF CourseJay Goodwin and Charles St.Germain did a coach jump. Lots of plane loads of skydivers got done.

Alex loving his jump – Photo by Adrian
Harry all smiles
River loving his plane ride – Photos by Sara

Saturday was even busier. More competitors arrived and both Caravan aircraft were in full swing. And so were our Tandem Masters and Instructors – all day and into the night! Our Tandems today were Ashley Gregori, Edward Thornby, Marcela Badim Rocha Lima, Emily Lang, Maryanne Nottingham, Natalia Povey, Rishi Shonpal, Ashleigh Smith, Corey Birse and Courtney Webb.

New students Brandyn Armstrong, Simone Phelps, Katrina Lee, Saergan Tanton, and Morgan Tighe all did Stage 1 of their AFF Courses. Robert Ward did AFF Stages 2 & 3 and Christian Sutton did 3 & 4,  Michael McCarthy did Stages 5, 6 & 7, Shaui (Derek) Cang did Stages 6 & 7,  and Jason Corbitt did Stages 6,7 & 8 of their AFF Courses.  Plus Alessio Noto and Hannah Jefferies did B-Rel coach jumps.

We were busy! And Oli also organized two loads of night jumps which included Sara and Adrian doing two Night Tandems, Ivan’s mum and sister!

Ashley Gregori tandem – Photo by OliM
Ed enjoying his jump with Sara – Photo by Dave Brown
Emily steering canopy with a smile – Photo OliM
Corey tandem freefall – Photo Adrian
Courtney super happy – Photo Sara
Simone concentrating on her TAFF Stage 1 – Photo OliM
Katrina TAFF Stage 1
Rob AFF Stage 2 – Photos by MarkS
Rob AFF Stage 3 with Adrian and Fisch – Photo Fisch
Christian AFF Stage 3
Christian AFF Stage 4 – doing some turns – Photos by Adrian
Michael AFF Stage 5 – turning well
Michael AFF Stage 7 – backflips like a champ – Photos by OliM
Derek hi five in freefall – AFF Stage 7
Jason AFF Stage 6 – Shaka Bra!
Jason diving into AFF Stage 7 – Photos by Robin
Allessio B-Rel 2 & 3
Hannah B-Rel 5 with Fisch and Tyla at Sunset
Hannah, Georgi and Fisch – Photos by Fisch
Fred Ray exit with Dom and Matt Finlayson – Photo by Sam Smith

Night Jumps

“After a couple of months break night jumps were back on Saturday 18th!
 An excellent turnout with 13 jumpers, 4 first timers and 3 Night Tandems. Conditions stayed beautiful, with a really bright moon illuminating the landing area, and not a breath of wind.
 Cooperation was really great with everyone, so despite an incredibly busy day we managed to stay on schedule and sent two loads! 
A massive thank you to Ben Nordkamp for running the night jump briefings, thanks to John for his excellent flying as always, and to the Tandem Masters for working late!
Dates for the next night jumps to be announced, keep an eye on social media!

Thanks again,
Oli 🙂”

First timers were: Travis McCartin, Daniel Rojas, Sam Smith, Terry Frey, and Lachlan Jensen. Congratulations!

Sunday was “back to normal”. We had some more Tandems today. Benjamin Lothian, Finn Reid, Justine Reid, Taj Reid, Media Nosrati, Victoria Rose and Ashleigh Smith all took to the skies – and then Ashleigh jumped again!

New students from yesterday; Morgan Tighe did Stages 2 & 3, and Brandyn Armstrong and Saergan Tanton, did Stages 2, 3 & 4 of their AFF Courses.  Jason Corbitt did Stage 9 – completing his AFF Course – well done mate. Guilherme Rodrigues Pinto and Ben Parker did B-Rel coach jumps.

The week started slow but sure finished with a bang. And now it’s Learning Curve Camp week –yahoo!

Finn read to jump with Ty – Photo Sara
Justine tandem freefall
Brandyn AFF Stage 4 – doing some turns – Photo Adrian
Morgan AFF Stage 3 – having fun – Photo Adrian
Brandyn ready for AFF Stage 2 – Photo Sara
Brandyn AFF Stage 2 – Photo MarkS
Brandyn AFF Stage 4 – doing some turns – Photo Adrian
Saergan AFF Stage 3 – turning well
Saergan AFF Stage 4 – awesome arch – Photos by OliM
Ben B-Rel Stage 4 – Photo Robin

2021 Qld State Championships

There were disciplines suitable for A licence holders & above, with no competition experience necessary to participate. The Disciplines were: FORMATION SKYDIVING (4 way Blast: A, AA, AAA; 8 way Inter & Open; and 2 way), VERTICAL FORMATION SKYDIVING (2 way (Inter) VFS, and 4 way VFS), SPEED SKYDIVING, CANOPY (Classic Accuracy, Sport Accuracy, and Canopy Formation – 2 way & 4way), ARTISTIC (Freestyle & Freefly), and WINGSUIT PERFORMANCE.

“What an exiting few days it has been, out here at Skydive Ramblers Toogs for the 2021 Queensland State Championships. Many records were broken and new Goals set for Nationals.  Thank you for everyone who participated, thank you to the Pilots, the Manifest, the Judges, The Camera people, our Sponsors and everyone behind the scenes who made this event possible. You guys rock.”

Qld Parachuting Association – NQPC and SQPC.

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My experience of a tandem skydive was for my 40th Birthday. I could not imagine possibly enjoying myself any more than what I did today. Thank you to my tandem guide and the video guys. Instructions were very clear and thorough about what to do, what to expect and I got a great tour guide experience up in the air. I look forward to doing it again.


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