Ramblers Drop Zone Action ⭐️ e-News #480 (6-12 September 2021)

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Roger Galito – Completed AFF
Jason Alsop – Completed AFF
Jordi Capdevila – Completed AFF

Ken Navaro – 300th Jump
David Gibson – 600th Jump
Minkley – 900th

Shane Turner – Back to 500 kph + Baby!!
Michelle – Jumped first pack job

Monday 6 th – New student Matthew Tuton did Stage 1 of his AFF CourseJason Alsop and Roger Galito did Stages 3, 4 & 5.

Matt TAFF Stage 1
Roger AFF Stage 3 – doing some turns – Photos by Adrian
Roger flying by himself for the first time – AFF Stage 5 – Photo Robin
Jason AFF Stage 3
Jason loving flying by himself – Photos by Sara

Tuesday – Student Matthew Tuton did Stages 2, 3 & 4 and Jason Alsop & Roger Galito did Stages 6, 7 & 8 of their AFF Courses.

Matt ready to jump AFF Stage 2
Matt AFF Stage 4 – turning well – Photos by OliM
Jason AFF Stage 6
Jason AFF Stage 7 – dive exit looking good
Jason AFF Stage 8 – tracking for days

Wednesday – Students Owen Boltham and Matthew Tuton did Stages 5, 6 & 7 of their AFF CoursesJason Alsop and Roger Galito did Stage 9 – completing his AFF. Congratulations!

Owen AFF Stage 5
Owen AFF Stage 6
Owen backflips Stage 7 – Photos by Sara
Matt AFF Stage 5 – great job
Matt AFF Stage 6 – beautiful forward movement
Matt AFF Stage 7 – backflipping – Photos by OliM
Jason AFF Stage 9 Hop’n’pop
Roger AFF Stage 9 Hop’n’pop – Photos by Sara

Thursday – New students Samuel Thompson, Patrick Rynan, & Matthew Pugin did Stage 1 of their AFF Courses.  Student Dan Mayhew did Stages 7 & 8, and Matthew Tuton did Stage 8 of their AFF Courses. Jason Alsop, and Roger Galito did B-Rel coach jumps.

Dan AFF Stage 6 – smiling at the beautiful views
Dan AFF Stage 7 – tracking hard
Dan AFF Stage 8 – hanging from the 182
Matt deploying AFF Stage 8 – Photos by OliM
Jason having a mad time on B-Rel 1
Roger on B-Rel 1 – Photos by Robin

Friday – Our Tandem today was Joe Langdale.  Student Samuel Thompson did Stage 2 of his AFF CourseJordi Capdevila did Stage 9 – completing AFF! Congratulations! And Jason Alsop did a B-Rel coach jump.

Joe tandem freefall – Photo OliM
Sam all smiles before AFF Stage 2 – Photo Robin
Jordi AFF Stage 9 – Photo Adrian
Jason B-Rel Stage 2 – Photo Robin
Matt doing some flips
Shelby taking some head docks – Photos by Adrian

Saturday – New students Robert Ward, Bethany Smith, Nelson McCosh and Adam Gill did Stage 1 of their AFF CoursesJason Corbitt did Stages 3, 4 & 5! Benjamin Lowe, Samuel White and Alessio Noto did B-Rel coach jumps.

Rob TAFF Stage 1 – Photo MarkS
Bethany TAFF Stage 1 – Photo Sara
Nelson TAFF Stage 1 alti-check
Jason AFF Stage 3 – doing a great job
Jason AFF Stage 4 – doing some turns – Photos by Adrian
Alessio B-Rel 1 – Photo MarkS
Sam B-Rel 1 with Tyla and James
Sam B-Rel 2 with Dom – Photos by Sara

Sunday – Our Tandems today were Joel Bengtsen, and Harry Whaleboat.

Harry tandem freefall – Photo Adrian
Joel tandem freefall – Photo OliM

See ya,

Macca and Team Ramblers.

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Most amazing experience. Staff are all professional, very safety oriented but make the entire time you are there so much fun. First time jumper and we did it at night during their equinox boogie and the atmosphere was brilliant. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to experience an amazing jump.

Kathlyn Wiles

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