Toogs DZ e-News #411 (2-8 December 2019)

Tuesday, December 10, 2019


Chanel Sousa – Completed AFF
Mr Son – Completed AFF & Certificate A
Mr Lee – Completed AFF & Certificate A
Ayla Monreal – Certificate B
Georgie Johnson – 100th Jump – Certificate C and Star Crest

Matt Ranken – 200th Jump
Robin Spedding – 600 Jumps & Display General
Shelby du Moulin – 700 Jumps
Ty Fels – 700th Jump

Monday 2nd  –  New student for today was Tara Vakil who started her skydiving course and Damien Sweetman who returned after a few years and completed a refresher course. Not much else happened as it was very windy to jump today.

Tuesday 3rd  – Tara Vakil competed Stage 1 of her AFF Course. Shelby celebrated her 700th jump with Minkley and Adrian – Congrats. The local jumpers kept the plane load full until the westerly winds halted jumping for the day.

Shelby’s 700th with Minkley – Photo Adrian

Wednesday 4th  – Finally the winds disappeared and we got a full day of jumping in. Salim Khangan and Matt Ramlan completed Stage 1 of their AFF CoursesKristina Truesdale returned and completedher TAF jump.  Tara Vakil powered through Stages 2, 3 & 4 of her AFF Course.  Seungho Lee and Yihyuk Son completed Stage 9 of their AFF Courses – completing their AFF. Congratulations!

Salim TAF Stage 1 – Photo OliM
Matt TAF Stage 1
Kristina TAF Stage 2
Tara getting ready for AFF Stage 2 – Photos by Sara
Tara AFF Stage 2
Tara AFF Stage 3 – Photos by JohnH
Tara AFF Stage 4 – Photo OliM
Mr Lee AFF Stage 9 exit
Mr Son AFF Stage 9
Going for a track with Minkley – Photos by Sara
Paul Hi Five – Photo Robin
Mr Woo, Son and Lee – Darren – Come back again – Photo Skydive Ramblers

Thursday 5th  – Shaun Healy completed a Tandem skydive and loved it so much he did another jump the same day.   Kristina Truesdale returned and completed Stage 2 of her AFF CourseMatt Ramlan did Stages 2 & 3 of his AFF Course, and Tara Vakil did Stage 4.  Then the westerly winds returned and once again stopped our skydiving fun.

Shaun tandem exit
Matt chasing Shaun
Shaun tandem freefall – Photos by Adrian
John Hamilton with Shaun under Tandem in the background – Photo Skydive Ramblers
Kristina AFF Stage 2.2 – Photo Doyley
Matt AFF Stage 2 – Photo JohnH
Matt AFF Stage 3 – Photo Adrian
Tara AFF Stage 4.2 – Photo Doyley

Friday 6th  – Tara Vakil continued though her AFF Course with Darren. The local residence kept the plane turning all day.

Saturday 7th  –  Well… was a very hot day, temperature reached 42 degrees, but that didn’t stop anyone from jumping. New students Lee Fritz and Jamie Chalkley spent the day in the classroom learning how to skydive and later that day both completed Stage 1 of their AFF Courses. Jake Christie completed Stage 2 with instructor Oli. Tara Vakil did Stage 5 with Adrian. Chanel Sousa powered though her Stages 6, 7 & 8, and Adam Chow did Stage 8 with Darren.

Sara ran her Basic Canopy Course  on Saturday and Sunday with a great turn out and big improvements made by all. Emily coached Star Crests with a few gaining their crests over the day.

Lee TAF Stage 1 – Photo AndyP
Jamie TAF Stage 1 – Photo JohnH
Jake AFF Stage 2 with OliM – Photo Robin
Tara AFF Stage 5 – first time flying by herself
Chanel AFF Stage 6 – Photos by Adrian
Chanel A FF Stage 7 – Photo JohnH
Chanel AFF Stage 8
Adam AFF Stage 8 – Photos by Doyley
Hybrid – Photo OliM
Sara’s Canopy Course with Rosi, Reaghan, Ben, Shane, Glenn, Luke (at back), Seth, Sara, Michael, J.T., and Todd
Tish with Nata in background
Matt Ranken and the Moon – Photos by Skydive Ramblers

Star Crest Saturday

“Champion effort by Star Cresters Georgie, Ayla and Michael and their helpers today in 42°C ☀ completing their Star Crests. 🎉”

Thanks to Tish, Kristina, and Emily Hatfield for organising these events – proudly sponsored by the APF Fi Fund, SQPC and Ramblers.

Photos by Kurt Cooper

Earning your ‘Star Crest’ allows you to skydive with groups of 10 or more people. Learn more about earning your Star Crest and performing well on larger flatfly formations in the APF guide.

Sunday 8th  – A beautiful day for skydiving, and it was a little cooler then yesterday. The Tandem today was Morgan Stewart – congrats.  Jamie Chalkley completed Stages 2 & 3 of his AFF Course. Kristina Truesdale returned and completed Stage 3.  Ramon Postalli did Stages 4 & 5. Adam Young did Stages 7 & 8 and Chanel Sousa did Stage 9 – completing her AFF. Congratulations!

Morgan tandem Sunday – Photo Doyley
Jamie AFF Stage 3 – Photo JohnH
Kristina AFF Stage 3 – Photo Doyley
Ramon AFF Stage 4 with OliM
Ramon AFF Stage 5 – Photos by JohnH
Adam AFF Stage 8 – Photo Robin
Chanel AFF Stage 9 – Photo Adrian
Happy to go skydive – Photo Skydive Ramblers

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Shaun Healy – Amazing – going again now.

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