Toogs DZ e-News #362 (24-30 Dec. 2018)

Tuesday, January 1, 2019


Giovanni Pitzalis – Completed AFF
Chris Blinks – Completed AFF
Andrew Cook – Completed AFF
Adam Frankel – Completed AFF
Mathew Lee – Certificate A
Bryan Cale Conerly – Certificate B

Angus Robertson – Head Up Freefly Crest
Mick T – I’m back
Dave Girvin – Didn’t manifest AFF jump!
Alvaro (Venezuela) – First tandem video
Oli Morris – 200th Jump

Monday 24th December, our last Newsletter for 2018. It was a fairly quiet Christmas Eve jump day however Suzie Berryman, Bailey Parsonage and Steven Mejias were here a pre Christmas Tandems. Other “orphan” skydivers were here for the Big Day and got a few jumps in.

Monday angle exit – Photo Doyley

Tuesday 25th Christmas Day we rested and ate too much! 🎄

On Wednesday, Boxing Day, it was business as usual. Tandems were Ben Hester, Cloie Harris, Quintin Carey-Ross and Mark Bryant..  New students Chris Blinks and Max Palonen did Stage 1 AFF. Fun jumpers rolled up for the Christmas break.

Mark’s tandem – Photo Sara
Just landed
The other tandems on the day
Macca and Sara with the Bryant family – Photos by Ali
Max TAF Stage 1 – Photo Sara

Thursday was busy. Lots of loads and lots of jumpers had a great day. Tandems were Thomas & Camille Vasseur, Chou-Chi Chin, Jeremy & Aurelie Priem and Kristina Kolekova. Chris Blinks did his AFF Stage 2 and Giovanni Pitzalis did Stages 6, 7 & 8.

Thomas in tandem
Camille tandem freefall star – Photos by Marie
Chou-Chi tandem
Jeremy tandem freefall – Photos by Oli M
Aurelie tandem freefall – Photo Marie
Gio AFF Stage 6 looking great
Gio AFF Stage 7 backflips
Matt doing great job on B-Rel 2 & 3
Caleb B-Rel 3
Oli M Hop n Pop

Friday was even busier. More Tandems were here for their big jump. David Hendersen, Luke Moller & Kylan Petit-Jean all took to the skies. Dylan Jones arrived for a refresher. New students Claudio Manganiello, Taine Davidson, Benjamin Lowe, Joel Kindred, Matt Ranken and Sian Almond all did Stage 1 of their AFF CoursesByron Birch did Stages 2 & 3 of his. Marc Dunlop did Stage 4, Chris Blinks did Stages 4 & 5. Adam Frankel, Andrew Cook, and Adrienne Murray all did Stages 6 & 7 and Giovanni Pitzalis did Stage 9 – completing his AFF, congratulations.

Lukes tandem with Darren
Dylan refresher jump – Photos by Sara
Ben TAF Stage 1 – Photo Andy
Byron before AFF Stage 2 with Tish
Byron and Tish in the air on Stage 3 – Photos by Sara
Marc on AFF Stage 4
Andrew AFF Stage 7 – Photos by Doyley
Adrienne AFF Stage 6
Gio AFF Stage 9 YEOW! – Photo Sara

Saturday was big.  Our Tandems today were Aleisha Bearcroft, Paula Mortimore and Ana Maria Paiva.  Sian Almond did Stages 2 & 3 of her AFF Course, Jhock Corong did Stage 3. Matt Ranken and Taine Davidson did Stages 2, 3 & 4. Claudio Manganiello did Stages 3 & 4, Byron Birch did Stages 4, 5 & 6, and Chris Blinks did Stages 6, 7 & 8. It was a big day of student activity plus a big day of jumping in general.

Aleisha tandem – Photo Andy
Sian AFF Stage 3 – Photo Sara
Matt AFF Stage 6
Taine AFF Stage 3
Taine AFF Stage 4 – Photos by Emily
Claudio AFF Stage 2 – Photo Tish
Chris AFF Stage 7
Chris AFF Stage 8 – Photos by Doyley


Cal and Cale B-Rel 6 – Photo Tish

Then it was Sunday and it was just as busy as Saturday. We had students everywhere! Plus lots of fun jumpers. Plus some new Tandem jumpers who were Carla Barbereau and Nicholas Piovesana. Visiting French skydiver Amine Badry did a couple of leaps. AFF students Sian Almond did Stages 4 & 5, Matt Ranken did Stages 5 & 6, Claudio Manganiello & Taine Davidson did Stages 5, 6 & 7.  Byron Birch did Stages 7 & 8, Adrienne Murray, Adam Frankel & Andrew Cook did Stages 8 & 9, & Chris Blinks did Stage 9 – completing their AFF, again Congratulations! What a day, what a week and what a good pub night.

Sian AFF Stage 4
Sian AFF stage 5 with Alex
Matt AFF Stage 5 – flying by himself for the first time
Matt AFF Stage 6 – Photos by Adrian
Claudio AFF Stage 5
Claudio AFF Stage 7 – Photo Doyley
Taine AFF Stage 5 – Photo Adrian
Taine backloops AFF Stage 7 – Photos by Sara
Byron AFF Stage 7 – Photo Rangry
Byron AFF Stage 8 – Photo Adrian
Adam AFF Stage 9 – Photo Sara
Andrew AFF Stage 8 – Photo Doyley
Chris AFF Stage 9 – Photo Sara
Matt B-Rel 4 – Photo Emily

See ya! And Happy New Year from all of us here at the Drop Zone.

Macca & Team Ramblers.

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David Henderson – It was the best time of my life – better than any ride at Dreamworld.  Thanks to Dave and all the staff for a great day… 😃

Luke Moller – Best day of my life period.

Kylan Petit-Jean – Great team, awesome people.    A day to remember for sure.

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