Toogs DZ e-News #335 (18-24 June 2018)

Tuesday, June 26, 2018


Oliver Morris – Completed AFF
Zea Elmes – Completed AFF
Jon Blessing – Completed AFF
Jai Seefeld – Completed AFF
Sam Nield – 200 Jumps
Natisha Dingle – Certificate E
Mariska Folley – Certificate E

In future if you have any other achievements – especially those not processed by us –
please let us know!

Monday 18th June. Our newest AFF student Oliver Morris continued with Stage 2 of his course. We also had three new people start their 1st Jump Course but it was classroom only as the weather turned against us after the first load.

Ollie AFF Stage 2 – Photo Sara

Tuesday was a repeat of yesterday: one load before the winds took over. However not before Jai Seefeld did Stage 1 of his AFF Course from yesterday and Oliver Morris did Stage 3.

Ollie AFF Stage 3 with Robbie – Photo Adrian

On Wednesday the weather came not just good but beautiful. We managed five Caravan loads all packed with students. Jon Blessing & Zea Elmes commenced their training in the morning and did Stage 1 that afternoon. Anthony Clouting & Louise Foster returned after Monday and did Stages 1, 2 & 3.  Jai Seefeld did Stages 2, 3 & 4, and Oliver Morris did Stages 4 & 5 of his AFF Course. Phew!

Jon TAF Stage 1 with Adrian – Photo Alex
Anthony TAF Stage 1 – Photo Doyley
Louise TAF Stage 1 – Photo Andy
Anthony AFF Stage 2
Anthony AFF Stage 3 – Photos by Sara
Louise AFF Stage 3 – Photo Doyley
Jai AFF Stage 2 – Photo Sara
Ollie AFF Stage 4 with Olli – Photo Adrian

On Thursday the good weather continued and so did our new jumpers. Jon Blessing & Zea Elmes did Stages 2, 3, & 4, Anthony Clouting did Stage 4, Jai Seefeld did Stages 5 & 6, and Oliver Morris did Stages 5, 6 & 7.

Zea AFF Stage 2 – Photo Doyley
Zea AFF Stage 3 – Photo Sara
Jon AFF Stage 4 with Robbie – Photo Adrian
Anthony AFF Stage 4 with Ollie– Photos by Adrian
Jai AFF Stage 5 – Photos by Doyley
Ollie AFF Stage 5
Ollie AFF Stage 6
Ollie AFF Stage 7 – Photos by Sara


Jai’s AFF Stage 6 – Photos by Doyley

Funtastic Friday lived up to its name. Fun Jumpers arrived, Tandems arrived and our students thrived! Our Tandems were Tobi Grimshaw, Jessica Elmes, Hayden Steicke & Taylor Flanagan.

Tobi in freefall with Birthday Boy Luke – Photo Shelby

Taylor’s tandem – Photos by Doyley

Jon Blessing did Stages 5, 6 & 7 of his AFF Course, Zea Elmes did Stages 5, 6 & 7, Jai Seefeld did Stages 7 & 8, and Oliver Morris did Stages 8 & 9 – completing his AFF!

Jon AFF Stage 5
Jon AFF Stage 6
Jon AFF Stage 7 – Photos by Doyley
Ollie AFF Stage 8 – Photo Adrian

The weather behaved all day and the sausage sizzle and evening bonfires keep everybody happy and warm.

We had some more Tandems Saturday. Troy Bunter and father Adam took the big leap. So did Madeline Hartung.

Troy’s tandem – Photo Olli
Adam’s tandem with Sara

Jai Seefeld did his Stage 9 and Zea Elmes and Jon Blessing did Stages 8 & 9, all three completing their AFF – well done and congratulations!

Zea tracking on AFF Stage 8 – Photos by Sara
Zea AFF Stage 9
Jai AFF Stage 9 – Photos by Adrian

There were a ton of Fun Jumpers here, and a lot of Tish’s friends arrived to jump and party at her 30th birthday party Saturday night (all night!).

Mariska and Monique’s sit jump – Photo Tish
Tish’s Wagon Wheel jump – Photo by Anthony
NaTISHa’s 30th Birthday Wagon Wheel exit with Bianca, Sam & Danni – Photo Sara
Tish’s Wagon Wheel jump – Photo by Anthony
Tish’s Wagon Wheel jump – Photos by Anthony
A couple of frogmouths tuning in to “Radio Ramblers” – Photo Sara

The good weather continued on Sunday. Our only Tandem was Haylee Malcolm, she loved it!

Haylee in tandem with Darren

Joshua Large started training and did Stage 1on the last load.

Josh’s Stage 1 exit with Darren – Photos by Doyley
Sam’s 200th – Photo Sara
Another Sam 200th shot by Josh

It was a great student week. It was a sort of busy Sunday. Robbie McMillan’s swoopers were hard at it. The 182 did as many loads as the Caravan. There were over 30 jumpers here. Quite a few stayed and we went to the pub to watch the footy, which we won’t discuss!

Bring on Learning Curve!!!

See ya!
Macca & Team Ramblers.

Visitor Book Comments

Tobi Grimshaw – Thank-you Adrian for being so cool, calm & collected!  I had every  confidence in you!  It made the whole experience amazing, the views sublime.

Adam Bunter – Awesome! Thanks!

Troy Bunter – Great first time!

Haylee Malcolm – Great first jump!

The DZ is amazing. Awesome plane which brings you to 14000 ft in the blink of an eye. Friendly staff who feel more like family.


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