Ramblers Drop Zone e-News #426 (16-23 March 2020)

Tuesday, March 24, 2020


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 Troy Rigby – Super Fun!
Matt Grierson – Thank you so much. It was amazing.
Lauhlan Watson – Great fun, would do again.
Caine Timms-lucus – Interesting, would do it again.
Jonas Blichfeldt – Absolutely insane experience.
Michael Sonic – Totally amazing experience.
Jonas Lund – AMAZING – loved everything.
Sarah Breeze – Amazing will do it again.
Emma Orchen – Amazing thanks Sara, will do it again.
Madonna Anderson – Best day ever, will be back.
Jason Bale – Most coolest thing I’ve ever done, cheers Darren will be back.

Monday 16th March – Another slow start for the week. The winds were too strong for jumping today. The students stayed on the ground and learnt how to pack a parachute.

Tuesday – Finally we got some good weather. Students Nevan Murray completed Stages 8 and 9. Finishing his AFF Courses – Congrats. Brendon Hunter also did his Stage 9 and finished his AFF. Congratulations! Shane, Reagan, Victor, John, Victoria and Han all fun jumped throughout the day.

Brendon AFF 9 – Photo John
Nevan AFF 9 – Photo John
Victoria B-Rel practice jump – Photo John

Wednesday – Our Tandem for today was Troy Rigby – congrats on your jump, check out his photos below. Nevan continued through his A licence working on his accuracy jumps.

Nevan B-Rel 1 – Photos by Oli

Thursday – Another slow day. Not much happened.

Friday – A beautiful day in paradise. Local jumpers kept the plane turning all day for Funtastic Friday.

Minkley HeadDown – Photo Zac

Saturday – Another good day, and a Saturday as well. Tandems for today were Matthew Grierson, Caine Timms-Lucas, Lachlan Watson, and Sasa Mendoza Flores. Everyone enjoyed their skydive with us. Plenty of fun jumpers kept the plane turning all day.

Andrew AFF 5  – Photo John
Andrew AFF 6 – Photo John
Dave Fun Jump – Photo Oli
Ed AFF 7 –  Photo Robin
Guy AFF 5 – Photo Darren
Guy AFF 6 – Photo Darren
Happy 100th Jim – Photo Cosi
Laughlan Tandem – Photo Oli
Laura and Victor B-Rel 6 – Photo Zac
Matt AFF 3
Matt AFF 4 – Photos by Sara
Caine tandem – Photo Sara

Sunday – And another great day for jumping, the weather was awesome. Our Tandems for today were Sarah Breeze, Michael Sonje, Jonas Blicheeldt, Jonas Lund, Rasmos Stuckert, Emma Orchen, Jason Bale and Madonna Anderson – congrats to all that took the leap. Check out their photos below. Edward Keating completed AFF Stage 8. Andrew Sheenan completed Stages 6 and 7. Fun Jumpers were having fun. It was a nice weekend.

Burkey Leading angle jump – Photo Zac
Coops 400th jump – Photo Ty
Coops 400th – Photo Gio
Jason Tandem – Photo Sara
Donna Tandem – Photo Sara
Donna, Emma, Jason – Photo Sara
Ed AFF 8 – Photo Robin
Emma after landing – Photo Sara
Jarrod B-Rel 3 – Photo Zac
Jarrod B-Rel 4 – Photo Robin
Laura 3way – Photo Susan
Michael tandem – Photo Sara
Sarah exit – Photo Ty
Sarah Freefall – Photo Ty
Rasmos Tandem – Photo Oli
Jonas Tandem – Photo Oli

Monday 23rd March 2020. A day to remember. Especially for our new students for today were Channen Wirrell and Shae Stinson, who both completing their classroom training and did their TAF Stage 1 in the afternoon. Well done you two.

Channen TAF 1  – Photo Sara
Shae TAF 1 – Photo Robson
Victor B-Rel 6 – Photo Drewy


Tandem Skydives: Troy Rigby Matthew Grierson Lauchlan Watson Sasa Mendoza Flores Sarah Breeze Michael Sonje Jonas Blicheeldt Jonas Lund Rasmos Stuckert Emma Orchen Jason Bale Madonna Anderson.

 Nevan – A licence
 Laura – B licence
 Jim Collins – C Licence
 Alex – Head up crest
 Jim – 100th Jump
 Coops – 400th Jump

Monday was a day to remember. It was our last day of skydiving for a while and the Drop Zone had to be closed because of Government advice and rules. I will keep you up to date when more information becomes available and let you know when we will be operating here again. So, ……….,

See ya,

Macca and The Team at Ramblers.

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