DZ e-News #302 (30 Oct. – 5 Nov.)

Monday, November 6, 2017


Jamie Simpson – Certificate A
Shelby Du Moulin – Certificate A
Thomas Plevnik – Certificate  A
Geraldine Martins – Crest Application

Photos missed in last issue:

Mr. Leaving / Ruy Okada – Photos by Darren

The story continues. It’s Monday 30th of October. We did a few loads.

Tuesday was better. Shelby was back for a couple of fun jumps. Luke Moxham did  3, a couple of them B-Rels.

Luke B-Rel 4
Luke B-Rel 5 with help from Tim

Connor Klein did Stage 4 of his AFF Course.

Connor AFF Stage 4 with Sara – Photo Adrian

Matteo also cranked out a couple B-Rels.

Matteo B-Rel 1
Matteo B-Rel 2 – Photos by Sara

On Wednesday 1st November things hotted up. Over 10 female skydivers were here warming up for the girls only C 17 jump. Shelby also got stuck into her B-Rel training. So did Niki and Tim. We did several loads.

Shelby B-Rel 2 – Photo by Adrian
Niki B-Rel 2 & 3
Tim B-Rel 6 with Amanda and Linday
Tim B-Rel 6 (3) 7 points with Amanda and Laura – Photos by Sara

Thursday was back to normal. Newcomers for a tandems were Sarah Logan; and Steven and Andrew Freeman.

Sarah Logan in tandem – photo by Wayne McLachlan

Steve’s tandem – photos by Darren

Wind Tunnel Freefall student Elise Smith-Bessen did Stages 3, 4, & 5 of her AFF Course and Marlies Stanek did Stage 6 of her Course.

Elise WTS 3
Elise WTS 4 – Photos by Sara
Elise WTS 5 Track
Elise WTS 5 – Photos by Darren

On this Thursday, 2 November 2017, a C-17A Globemaster III transport aircraft delivered around 100 skydivers to RAAF Base Amberley in support of the Women in Adventure Sports initiative.

Gem, Jessie, Kelly, Katrina, Tess, Kylie, & Sheila.
Skysister at the RAAF Base Amberley- Photos by Steve Fitchett
Ready, Set,…
…Go the WIAS! C17 exit – Photos by David C. Brown

Chantelle Collett arrived on Friday for a tandem.

Chantelle flying – Photos by Doyley

So did our newest student Thomas Yeo, who completed Stage 1 of his AFF Course.

Thomas TAF 1 with Sara – Photo Adrian

It was a big day. Over 70 skydivers were here warming up for the C 17.

Saturday was a very big day with two hundred skydivers jumping out of the Amberley Air Base’s C17 for Legacy.  There were also a six tandem jumps made available for Legacy kids, relatives of Defence Force personnel killed in military service. Rebekkah Thompson, Courtney Borthwick, Taylah Green, Shaira Keys,  Brianna Andersen,  Shane Thomas, Karen Furner all had a blast out the back door of the C 17, and then their tandem. Good on them.

Claire Hughes also did a tandem. Julie Norton came by for a Birthday tandem, and there were surprise tandems for Madison Colburn, Daniel Colburn, Shona Miller and Jett Girvin.

Julie’s Birthday tandem

Legacy Formation
Legacy Star
C17 load photos by Steve Fitchett –

Watch the C17 Bigway for Legacy footage – Video by Steve Fitchett:

Watch Brianna Andersen’s Legacy Tandem Skydive Video compilation:

Legacy Tandem landing after C17 jump – Photo by Ali

We got a few loads in between the C 17 sorties and after the second C 17 sortie things were close to being back to normal.

Student Thomas Yeo did Stage 2 of his AFF Course.

Thomas AFF Stage 2 – Photos by Sara
Geraldine Head Up Crest – Photo Doyley

And WOW, the C17 was just unreal. It’s passing flyby was amazing! The after party was good.

Photo by Ali
How low is that monster?! Photo by Ali
C17 Globemaster Fly by – Photo by Steve Fitchett –
C17 flying by – Photo by Annette Schimke (Framed Forever Fotos)

Then it was Sunday. It was perfect weather but the party was over. We had the drop zone back and it was a great little day. Our student Thomas Yeo did Stages 3 & 4 of his AFF Course. We did a few Marj loads and they were all filled with new, keen skydivers.

Thomas AFF Stage 4 with Sara – Photo Adrian

See ya, Macca and the Ramblers Team and plus some!


Visitor Book Comments

Steve Freeman – Overall amazing experience.  Thanks Darren, going again.

Sarah Logan – Amazing experience, they make me feel safe.

Anonymous – Cool Bra.

Julie Norton – Amazing tandem, awesome lady (Sara) who did it for me. Thx to my husband “Awesome B’Day Present”.


Great experience, absolutely unforgettable, staff are all friendly and professional Making the whole experience easy, worry free and exhilarating. 100/10 experience worth visiting worth doing. : )

Kiara Kirby

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