Toogs DZ e-News #410 (25 November – 1 December 2019)

Tuesday, December 3, 2019


Jag Wei – Certificate A
Shane Simons – A Licence
David Purdie – B Licence
Angela Lyons – Certificate C & 100 jumps
Ben Legacy – 200 jumps
John Hamilton – 600 jumps
Oli Morris – Certificate E & Display General

Ayla Monreal – Landed on the target
– 1st 1000th Jump Mug
Eloise – 1000 hours PIC
Skye Marsh – First downsize

Monday 25th   –  Slow start to the skydiving week. Only 3 loads took to the skies, with most of the local residents filling the plane.

Tuesday 26th  – Kenny Zhang returned and completed Stage 8 of his AFF Course.  Patrick flew thru his B-Rel Stages 2, 3 & 4 with instructors Oli and Johnny. Tish Dingle came out and completed a couple of training jumps for speed.

Kenny learning to fly AFF Stage 8 – Photo Sara
Patrick B-Rel 2 & 3 – Photo JohnH
Pat B-Rel Stage 4 – Photo OliM

Wednesday 27th  – A beautiful day for jumping. James Swann brought and old mate Warwick Hodgson for a Tandem skydive with Darren.  Mr Woo returned with students Yihyuk Son and Seuhghu Lee. Both boys completed Stages 1, 2 & 3 of their AFF Courses.

Warwick’s tandem – Photo Alex
Son AFF Stage 1 – Photo Robin
Son AFF Stage 2
Son AFF Stage 3 – Photos by OliM
Mr Lee Jr. AFF Stage 1
Mr Lee Jr. AFF Stage 2
Mr Lee Jr. AFF  Stage 3 – Photos by JohnH
Mr Woo’s Crew Round 2 – Photo Sara

Thursday 28th  – Light winds and no clouds, made for a great skydiving day. Yihyuk Son and Mr Lee powered through Stages 4 & 5 of their AFF Courses. Check out their photos below. Mr Woo and Nippon had some fun in the skies also.

Son AFF Stage 4
Son AFF Stage 5 – Photos by Adrian
Mr Lee AFF Stage 4
Mr Lee AFF Stage 5
Mr Woo and Nippon – Photos by Doyley

Friday 29th  – Tandems today were Koda and Kaylyn Sheather, Angela McDaniel, and Shelley Metcalf – congrats.  New students Kylie Kelly and Trevor Mills spent a day in the classroom with instructor Bill and both completed Stage 1 of their AFF Courses that afternoon.   Yihyuk Son and Mr Lee continued through their AFF Course both completing AFF 6 and 7. Ellen Bingham smashed out B-Rel Stage 6, completing her B-Rel training table.

Koda’s tandem with Adrian
Kaylyn with Darren – Photos by Shelby
Angela’s tandem – Photo Alex
Shelley tandem exit
Trevor TAF Stage 1
Mr Son AFF Stage 6 – Photos by Adrian
Son AFF Stage 7 – Photo OliM
Mr Lee Jr. AFF Stage 6 – Photo Doyley
Mr Lee Jr. Stage 7
Ellen B-Rel 6.2 block turns
Ellen B-Rel 6.3 caterpillar – Photos by JohnH

Saturday 30th   –  Tandems today were Jessica Kelly, Jye Dagani, Nathan Ballard, and Dayle and Jared Morrison – congrats.

Andrew Briskey returned and completed Stages 4, 5 & 6 of his AFF Course and Adam Chow did Stages 5, 6 & 7. Soon Heng Tan did a refresher and jumped that afternoon with instructor Robin.

Shane continued through his B-Rel Stage 4 with Johnny. Todd also completed stage 5 B-Rel with Shelby. Laura worked on her stage 6 B-Rel with Johnny. 16 loads took to the skies today, it was a great effort considering the temperature hit 40 degrees…

Finally it cooled down and the Toogoolawah Skydiving Club had their annual Xmas Party.

Jye’s tandem – Photo Adrian
Dayle’s tandem – Photo Sara
Jared loving freefall – Photo DaveG
Andrew AFF Stage 4
Andrew AFF Stage 5
Andrew AFF Stage 6 deployment – Photos by Doyley
Adam AFF Stage 5
Adam AFF Stage 6
Adam AFF Stage 7 backloop – Photos by Adrian
Heng refresher – Photo Robin
Shane B-Rel 4 – Photo JohnH
Todd B-Rel 5 exit – Photo Shelby
Laura B-Rel 6.2 – Photo JohnH
The Chaps Heading Out – Photo by Skydive Ramblers
Liam is Santa – Photo Sara
Angela Lions about to board Homer – photo by Skydive Ramblers
Claudio – walking back from happiness
Dave Schlatter – Flossy – the rays of the days – Photos by Skydive Ramblers
Ayla in the Pit – Photo by Skydive Ramblers

TSC Christmas Party Jumps

Video & Photos by David Brown & Adrian Bramwell

Sunday 1st   – First day of summer and it was a typical summers day hot and then storms and rain in the afternoon. Irene Davey (Winner of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Fun Run Gift Voucher), Matthew Whitney and Scott Caller all completed a Tandem skydive – Congrats.

Angela Lyons did her 100th jump. Jag worked on her B-Rel jumps with Darren. Then it stormed, with some much needed rain.

Irene’s Tandem with Darren
Hi5 Irene (Winner of the Brisbane Valley Rail Trail Fun Run Gift Voucher) – Photos by Ty Fels
Matthew tandem – Photo Sara
Scott tandem freefall
Adam chasing his mate Scott – Photos by Adrian
Jag B-Rel – Photo Doyley

Get Ready for the Last Learning Curve of the Year!

See ya!

Macca and the Team at Ramblers.

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Warwick Hodgson – Darren was brilliant!  Clear, concise and to the point.  Beaut landing too; awesome experience.  The guys!!

Irene Davey – All good!  Darren looked after me very well.  After the moment of terror as he exited the plane – it was really fun.  Thanks to everybody involved.

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I have been to Toogoolawah for 3 tandem jumps so far. I am trying to make it a yearly event. I love the atmosphere out there in the bush, with the kangaroos around.


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