Toogs DZ e-News #400 (16-22 September 2019)

Tuesday, September 24, 2019


Danny Fitzpatrick – 1st Jump AFF
Rosie Dodgsen – Completed AFF
Marcus Bush – Completed AFF
Luke Morley – New Wingsuit

Monday 16th – September. It was a quiet start to the week. We had 5 jumpers who did 3 x 182 loads. They had fun.  On Tuesday our AFF student Rosie Dodgsen was here and did Stages 5 & 6 of her Course.  Again the 182 carried the day for the 2 loads. Numbers increased on Wednesday.  Rosie Dodgsen did Stages 7, 8 & 9  completing her AFF Course. Congratulations!  There were 19 skydivers here and we did 5 loads.

Rosie AFF Stage 8 – tracking for dayz
Rosie AFF Stage 9
Midweek angle with Dave, Vince, Kurt, Michael and Marie – Photos by Adrian

On Thursday  Marcus Bush started his skydiving course and did AFF Stage 1. Welcome aboard!  It was a busy 8 load day.

Marcus Bush TAF Stage 1 with Darren – Photos by Adrian

Friday. Funtastic! We did 6 loads for the day, there were 18 jumpers doing them including Marcus who got stuck into it and did Stages 2, 3 & 4 of his AFF Course.

Marcus Bush AFF Stage 2 tracking with Darren and Adrian – Photo Shelby
Marcus Bush AFF Stage 2 – Photo Doyley

Marcus Bush AFF Stage 3 exit with Darren and Adrian – Photos by Shelby
Marcus Bush AFF Stage 3
Geoff, Ellen, Chris – Photos by Doyley

Saturday.  There were lots of jumpers (34) here for the day. Lots of Tandems too today, including a group from UQ. ‘Damon’ Shengle Wang, Emma Waterworth, Zara Zareadeh, ‘Hani’ Zi Qi Wang, ‘Éffie’ Wanxin Li. ‘Barry’ Hang Ai, JingJing Xu, ‘Belinda’ Beilin Zaeng and Roxana Nae all had a freefall blast!  Marcus nailed Stages 5, 6 & 7 of his AFF Course and Danny Fitzpatrick arrived for the First Jump Course completing Stage 1. It was a fun night at the bar!

In the Pink – Manifest Staff – Collette and Ellen
Team UQ – Effie, Zara, Hani, JingJing, Emma, Damon, Barry and Belinda – Photos by Karen
Damon’s tandem – Photo Doyley
Emma tandem freefall with Doyley – Photo Adrian
Hani tandem – Photo Sara
Effie tandem under canopy – Photo Adrian
Bazza the good banana – Photo Sara
Roxana’s tandem
Bush AFF Stage 6 freefall – Photos by Adrian
Danny TAF Stage 1 – Photo Andy

Sunday was a cruisey.  33 jumpers filled the 6 loads that were done. More people arrived for Tandem jumps. Skydiving legend from Aratula days Wayne Fowler, brought his young sons  Stephen and Lucas for a TandemBarbie’s mate Alexis Dennehy also went for her first skydive. Danny Fitzpatrick did Stage 2 of his AFF Course. Marcus Bush did Stages 8 and 9 – completing his AFF, well done!

Stephen tandem freefall – Photo Adrian
New instructors in training – Johnny, Robin and Oli – Photo Sara

See ya!

Macca and the DZ Team.

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Alexis – Doyle was great.  First jump.  Felt completely safe!  Thank you.
Lucas Fowler – 2nd jump.  Gets better every time.
Stephen Fowler – Wahoo. TYH Hroo.

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